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  1. 24. Gary Cahill

    ChaosCahill is a ladder
  2. Danny Rose

    Omg if we manage to pull off rose and chamberlain in this window, we go from average transfer window to the best.
  3. João Cancelo

    I have a feeling we'll sign him. He's in our profile of achievable targets, especially considering this late in the transfer window. Other targets are in big clubs (psg, Arsenal or Juventus) and are more difficult to deal with. He's fast, can dribble, can cross and is OK defensively (mainly because of his recovery speed) The only issue I have is he's a right wing back, which means that this experiments I've been seeing in pre-season with Moses or Azpilicueta playing Left wing-back sometimes is very possible (most likely Azpilicueta if we're moving to a back four in some games)
  4. 9. Álvaro Morata

    I came here to comment but this post already lays it out. Morata played far better than batshuayi imo and because he missed a penalty, he's been crucified. People are acting as if he didn't play while we're with ten men. He made runs off the ball like costa and in his presence and running, we created more chances than when batshuayi was playing. He won more headers than batshuayi and Costa combined and could be a genuine aerial outlet for us. And most importantly, he wasn't losing the ball and passing it to the opponent like costa did in the second half last season. Hazard takes our penalties anyway, so I'm not worried if he's poor at them.
  5. Chelsea 1-1 Arsenal

    Hopefully we win. I'm still not confident against big teams, especially without hazard. If we can't surprise arsenal with an in-game formation change, then we'll be predictable in our 3-4-3 (everyone knows how we play and who plays where) and we could see the FA Cup final repeat. But hopefully Conte pulls something out of the bag because we have no player who can be the X factor available.
  6. General Transfer Talk

    If we get a fast, defensively sound wing-back that can play on the left, and a backup midfielder, we'll be okay imo. The injuries to hazard, Bakayoko and pedro has reminded us how lucky we were with injuries last season.
  7. General Transfer Talk

  8. General Transfer Talk

    Exactly how I'll put our current situation. LWB is a huge priority and then midfield cover. Hopefully Bakayoko and Morata turn out to be great for us if not we'll be entering the season weaker than last season with extra champions League matches on top of that
  9. 15. Victor Moses

    When I said Azpilicueta should take over from Moses in the RWB role, my friends keep telling me Moses is better in the wingback positions. Everyone says Azpi can't play there and I think it's a baseless suggestion. Just because Azpilicueta is so good in the RCB role doesn't mean he can’t do better in the wingback role, just because he was good at LB for mourinho doesn't mean he can’t be better in the right back position. Azpi got more assists last season than Moses from centerback and similar goals even.
  10. Kylian Mbappe

    Honestly I don't think he'll leave. Madrid fans love him and he's Spanish so it'll be difficult to get him. I think we should bid 70Mil for Ousman Dembele of dortmund and get him. Whatever it takes to get him do it. He has the potential of Hazard/Neymar and I have no doubt he'll get to their level easily. With Madrid snatching mbappe, he's the only other talent on that level and we have ageing right wingers. It will be sad to see him at any English club that isn't Chelsea
  11. General Transfer Talk

    We badly need a left-footed wing-back. It's a huge priority. Alonsos speed will be targeted (both offensively and defensively) every single time by big teams, he can get away with it against the smaller teams but his presence causes a tactical flaw for us. See how many times Alonso was left in space when we had the ball, because they knew that they can easily cover him if we pass to him. We have to fix this or it could be a short champions League campaign next season.
  12. 19. Diego Costa

    Thanks for the Seasono
  13. The Conte Thread

    Yeeeesssssss!!!!!!! Now I can breathe asigh of relief... At least if we're suffering in signing players because of the stadium, we still have Conte who is a serial league winner and uses average players like vucinic, llorente, asamoah, matri, Moses, and co to win against the best league teams.
  14. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    I'm beginning to accept that he could just be our main striker next season. We've struggled to sign anyone more than £38mil and even with the increased Premier League revenue we still can't. People can say we tried but all I see is excuses and putting in bids when we know that a deal is not possible anymore (haggling over 10mil for months, then matching Everton's lukaku request after manutd has already come with the offer, haggling with Juventus for Sandro for months then their league rival comes in and takes their vice captain without much hassle then we put in €70mil to save face etc) we suck at convincing players to push through the transfer and demand to come to us. So we might have to make do with batshuayi because no decent striker costs less than £60mil in today's market. And we have a 6 years barrier we haven't crossed.
  15. The Board

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