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  1. 19. Diego Costa

    At least now we know who has been causing the commotion in Chelsea is the immature costa and not Conte like Henrique and Co want us to believe
  2. Virgil Van Dijk

    I'll be very happy with that. Remember when we were all complaining about the slow trio of MATIC-ALONSO-CAHILL on one side? Seems like Conte noticed it too and is trying to improve all 3 players there. Hazard will have better players on his side after years if we pull all these transfers off.
  3. Alex Sandro

    Exactly. We should be getting physical players who are good on the ball, energetic(stamina), quick and can dribble. It is annoying when we buy players who don't possess these five qualities in the past. I used to wonder what the heck our scouts do all day, are these types of players so rare to get for a team of our level? But it looks like Conte is fixing that now. After all, someone who spotted vidal, Pogba, Bonucci, Cheilini and wanted Sanchez, Morata while in Juventus knows exactly the type of players who elevates a teams quality.
  4. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    Conte has to change the formation. 3 in the middle against big teams has to be the way to go 3-5-2. But if he wants the kante-Bakayoko midfield, then we have to play 4-4-2 /4-2-4 like Juventus to become deadly on the counter. Conte has to make us ready to play 3 formations if necessary to keep the opponent guessing. Having only 3-4-3 as the only option last season, made other teams start working solutions against us.
  5. Alex Sandro

    Here's me thinking for a moment that a transfer with an Italian club will go quickly. Not!
  6. Alex Sandro

    Whoops! I always thought it was the Italian leftback lol
  7. Alex Sandro

    best free image uploading site Is it happening?
  8. Alex Sandro

    What I really like is that we are linked with players who are good 1 on 1 dribblers. So many times against the big teams, only Hazard can make something happen. If we have players like that in many positions on the pitch it is a huge plus. Madrid have marcelo, carvajal, modric, Isco, Bale, Ronaldo and even benzema who are all dribblers in the starting line-up. We have hazard, Moses (I'm pushing it here) and Willian when he comes from the bench. We need more of these types of players who make things happen on their own in tough matches were we have been marked out of creating chances.
  9. Alex Sandro

    The problem isn't the board bidding. The problem is can the Chelsea Fc board close a deal that is more than £35mil ?? The stones, Koulibaly and other sagas say otherwise.
  10. Alex Sandro

    This is exactly what I want. Azpi must start because of his captain like qualities and spirit. But I don't want him in the centre back position, mandzukic, ronaldo and many other players in champs lge will crucify him with aerial duels. Azpi is already a better crosser than Moses will ever be and has more assists than Moses from centerback and scored similar amount of goals anyway. So it's only Moses dribbling we'll miss but we won't be a defensive liability in the wingback positions anymore. Azpi and Sandro will be such an upgrade defensively and Sandro alone is a better attacker than Moses and Alonso combined. I just hope that the board fully support Conte and land his targets. I don't care if we have to spend €250 million to do it. Looking at players we're linked with, Conte is clearly trying to improve that Matic-Alonso-Cahill triangle which we complained about a lot this season. We could be looking at having instead Bakayoko-Sandro-Christensen all are better passers than what we currently have, all can dribble and all are better defensive. Instant improvement for Hazard. We're also looking to be tactically flexible and change between 3-4-3, 3-5-2 and 4-4-2 during the match like Juventus did in the champs lge. In 4-4-2 Bakayoko-Kante will cover the middle and Sandro with his energy will provide width in the wings. That's why their signings are crucial. We can't be flexible without their qualities.
  11. The Conte Thread

    It's not time to panic. It's a concern that so many reporters are saying Conte isn't happy but when panic mode will set in is a week or two after the Nike deal kicks in and we haven't announced anything. Until July 10th, I'll still give our board the benefit of a doubt.
  12. The Conte Thread

    Okay, this is beginning to concern me now. I thought it was just metro and dailyfail trying to cook things up.... Hope this isn't happening and we're just waiting for the Nike deal to kick in
  13. James Rodríguez

    I guess I wasn't the only one who has noticed this 32m£ cap ever since we signed torres. With incredible consistency we never go above that lol 😁
  14. The Conte Thread

    I thought we were waiting for the Nike deal to kick in before officially announcing any deals. So that adidas doesn't get any free advert when the new signings hold up the Chelsea shirt.
  15. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    The best video I've seen of him. If you want to see how he does against pressing, watch from 40secs If you want to see his tackling, watch from minute 4.30 or so If you want to see his passing range, and accuracy watch from minute 8.40 If you want to see his aerial strength, towards the end of the video He's a better passer than I thought. He obviously doesn't have the vision of Fabregas or even Tolisso, but I thought he just used to give short passes here and there. But watching this he clearly attempts to make a lot of long range passing to the Monaco wingbacks easily and even his teammates try to make runs behind once he raises his head to pass (a sign of teammates confident that he can find them, like Pedro does when Luiz is on the ball) His weakness is obviously his passing after making a longdrive/dribble through the middle. He probably gets tired after taking on so many people, but he should improve that in time since he's just 22. He's better than Matic in passing, dribbling, winning aerial balls, strength, and he's not one footed (a huge advantage in a midfield) He could be better than Matic in tackling, because Matic hasn't been the same since Barnes injured him years ago. All in all, he's going to offer more than Matic, especially in the big games where hazard will be targeted. So having a driving force from midfield (Essien type) will be crucial.