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  1. 30. David Luiz

    I think he's been far better defensively than he was a few years ago. But recently he's having far more defensive lapses since February. He's the only one among the back three and wingbacks who has significantly been lower in his performance level. Hopefully he picks up his concentration.
  2. 30. David Luiz

    When Luiz was at his best, our defense was impenetrable. But since Luiz has lost form, we can't keep a clean sheet to save our lives. Carragher explained this extensively on Monday Night Football and it has been for a while now. I just hope Luiz isn't playing through pain or injury. With Luiz losing a little form at the back and Costa destroying our linkups and goalscoring upfront, it's no wonder we're struggling to win narrowly these days.
  3. Kylian Mbappe

  4. Thomas Lemar

    Most chances created in the Champions League knockout rounds: Thomas Lemar (14); Marcelo (14); Toni Kroos (12); Arjen Robben(12)
  5. The Conte Thread

    Our weakness is pressing. Chase our defenders, force them to go long into costa. Costa can't win any headers so that guarantees you the ball. Prevent any passes from getting to hazard and hope costa is playing on the same level as torres and we have no attacking threat. Like I said in another thread, we have the worst ball playing footballers in the top six so high intensity pressing is our weakness, and I fear that Spurs will show us this in our next match.
  6. The English Football Thread

    The only reason why they look so good or more entertaining than us, is because of Costa. If Costa was playing at the level he was before the China debacle, hazard wouldn't be the only one carrying our attacking threat. Their defense was always better than ours, especially their wingbacks, but we always had the edge in attack with hazard and Costa, but it clearly isn't the case anymore. Not while costa can't control a ball or can't shoot.
  7. The Mourinho Thread

    I think he's probably trying to say we defend as a team. But sometimes you can't help but get suspicious after he said a few negative things about us this season: Even Gary Neville and Carragher noticed it
  8. The Mourinho Thread

    Just like Jose has been trying to paint us like a defensive team, Mourinho has somehow managed to con everyone into thinking that manutd has the worst quality of players in the top six. I'm not buying this... Ibrahimovic scored 50 goals last season in all competitions Mkhitaryan was German league player of the year with the highest assists in Europe last season Pogba was in the shortlist for best players in Italy and everyone knows his qualities then Martial scored 17goals in all competitions last season under boring vangaal and almost won the best young player in Europe. Mata is quality and a lot of Chelsea fans will still have him over Willian right now. How can Mourinho have this attack and still complain of firepower is beyond me. Comparing this manutd players with tottenham last season: Could anyone say that Kane was better than ibrahimovic who scored 50goals for PSG last season? Could anyone say that Son is better than martial last season? Could anyone say last season that Alli was better than Mkhitaryan who was Germanys league best player ahead of lewandoski, robben etc Could anyone say Erickson was better than Mata when he was at Chelsea? Could anyone say that dembele was better than Pogba who was entering champions League final with Juve and Euro finals with France and was even in the world best eleven in Europe? I thought valencia was the best right back, did kyle walker suddenly become better overnight? Even Degea was in contention for Premier League best goalkeeper and now he suddenly is talked about like he's a mid-table goalkeeper. How did Mourinho convince everyone that his squad is so bad? From what I can see, he has reduced the quality of his players with terrible tactical coaching, they have even scored less goals than under vangaal. No wonder hazard looked like he was in shackles. Mourinho can fool all those gullible fans but he isn’t fooling me. Another quality manager will be second comfortably with his team.
  9. Andrea Belotti

    Damn £100 million for an eighteen year old,
  10. Andrea Belotti

    The guy is a very energetic, intense striker, reminds me of tevez. Doesnt loose his ball easily. Fights for every ball in the air. But €100 million is expensive as hell. Mbappe = Plays like Henry. €50-60mil Andrea Bellotti = Plays like Tevez but is also a monster in the air. €100mil Who to choose???
  11. Politics & Stuff

    Condolences to the families of the people killed by Islamic extremists in Egypt. Ordinary people going about their lives and killed because someone thinks he'll get some reward after death. ISIS have obviously infiltrated the refugee program of Europe. Now any truck you see can change course and kill bystanders. There is practically no solution to this, all security forces can do is to forcefully put cameras in religious centers (Christian or Islamic) and make sure their leaders are not spreading hate or inspiring people to commit terror.
  12. The English Football Thread

    Tottenham and Chelsea are the best two teams in the league. They have the better defenders, we have the better attack. But with Alli scoring 13 goals in his last 15, son scoring freely and Costa more interested in quarrels instead of goals, I'm beginning to think tottenham have the better attack. Only Hazard is tipping the attack scale in our favor
  13. 28. César Azpilicueta

    I thought he did well in the wingback position. Got an assist and looks a decent crosser
  14. 19. Diego Costa

    Costa was our best player in the first half of the season. But now, he's absolute dogshite. Sorry There was a time in the first half when we had a dangerous counter, hazard was one on one with the centerback and instead of Costa to run forward and support play, he pulls the defender down off the ball and it became a mancity freekick. I wished I could put my hands through the TV that moment and give him a slap. He no longer cares about scoring. He doesn't have the hunger of a striker, it's as if he's turned on by having physical contact with defenders instead of avoiding them and trying to score. What in the world is wrong with him? Our gameplay heavily depends on the holdup play and runs of the striker and Costa has been shite in holding up any sort of ball. In a big match like this, when the opponent is giving our midfield pressure, he's supposed to be the outball, but he doesn't win any headers, Pedro and hazard are even better than him in winning air balls. All costa wants is to be fouled so that he can complain to the referee Against Palace, he didn’t make a single run in the box to the near post to get to one of the numerous dangerous crosses and ended up costing us the game. We need another striker to replace him when he gets on his poor second half of the season form yet again next season.
  15. 19. Diego Costa

    Poor game, especially in the first half. He is the major reason why we are not winning games comfortably again by giving the opponent back the ball almost all the time