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  1. Michy Batshuayi

    while he shares some similarities to wilfried bony i think batsman is faster, more mobile, likes to use his strength and dribbles more. I also see similarities to obafemi martins, the nigerian striker formerly at inter milan and newcastle united. But batsman has more finesse and composure
  2. Oscar

    ^^^Still injured
  3. Oscar

    I think he will also be one of the players to benefit the most from pedro signing. His goals and assists will surely increase. Willian however will be an important option in away games especially or when oscar is tired or not in good form. Any update on his injury?
  4. Oscar

    you may pick out the comas and full stop from my posts but many still believe had drogba not been sent off in ucl final against manutd and played john terry's penalty which he would have done we would have won that game, so giving an important player of your opposition a red card in a big game is ofcourse a big impact usually but my main point is that for his age such stat is a B+ or more when you look around the league and see that arsenal have not scored us in 2 seasons(2 yrs.) and man united have scored us only 2 goals in that period.....so i say yes bcoz some will do most things to have such stats in big games even without considering his age.
  5. Oscar

    2 goals and a superb performance for a 20 yr old against a great juve midfied isn't bullocks. Others include a goal and 2 assists against spurs, 3 assists against manutd, 2 goals against arsenal, a goal and 2 assists against liverpool, won a penalty against PSG and also got Ibra sent off in UCL. All these in the last 3 yrs and while he is only 23 yrs and below in the toughest league in the world. I think his career is actually just starting. If no one criticizes or talks about you that means you are nobody....criticism is very welcome.
  6. The Mourinho Thread

    Mourinho only wants one more signing, a defender...according to sky sports news
  7. The Mourinho Thread

    I think some people don't have a total view of how good our team is....fortunately Mourinho does. Bringing big name signings that are not really needed can only disrupt the flow of this already great squad. A central defender, a left back if luis goes, a high scoring right winger plus a quality central midfielder are all that we need. But we are not desperate by any means so we only replace when somebody leaves and mourinho knows this because looking at the profile of our team which is still young we don't need older players to come in and disrupt our growing team so naturally as a result of being proactive these days we have a young scoring forward in traore, a young midfielder in loftus-cheek, and we are working on stones for CB and also baba for LB if luis leaves which fits perfectly with the profile of our young and improving team and doesn't cause any disruption. Mourinho already knows this is a great team that can improve a lot because they are young but they are f****** great because we lost only two games in EPL (not counting westbrom because we were already champions) and a record four losses in all competitions beating the record set by the greatest man utd team ever and winning two trophies to show for it. Compared to three seasons before, our team is in heaven but still young with mourinho willing to go through the rigours of training them and making the best out of them to last for a decade rather than buying experienced mercenaries for short term. I have to say am in love with mourinhos football brain. I hate it when people use madrid as a template and if people were really humans they would see that madrid are now like the proverb all that glitters is not Gold....mostly spoil and ungrateful fans booing their legends when ever they have a bad spell...surely even Sir alex ferguson would have been sacked as madrid boss especially with player power and politics that thrive there hence the 3rd season syndrome some posters are suggesting is merely phantom and as mourinho stated earlier this is the first time in his career he is building for the long term he therefore requires long term strategy while delivering achievable success at the present. This project is different for him and so far I'd give him an 8/10.
  8. Oscar

    And if he doesn't perform according to your godly standards what would you do? Break his legs??
  9. Oscar

    ^^^Are you haterz the new coach or the board or a f****** legend like pele who this lad has his respect and even spends time with.Stop overblowing your amateur opinions for too long it spoils this forum.
  10. Oscar

    The kid has grown a beard. He is a unique player and I hope to see him develop further this season.
  11. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    If we can add falcao, Gundogan, Douglas costa and an experienced CB that would be next to perfect for me.
  12. Oscar

    Save your strength for this sort of explanations have been posted on several threads including this one but haters will always be. I think this hatred from some people started because mata was sold and they blame it on mourinho's like for oscar which is quite juvenile as mata was sold because he did not fit mourinho's profile of a no. 10. Instead of some fans to be happy that we incorporated oscar in our team at the tender age of 20 which is the next best thing to having a player from our academy being upgraded into our team which has rarely happened instead they want mourinho to sell him when he is obviously our most established young outfield player below 24 years and that's really silly because we could be making the same mistake man u did with pogba, madrid with morata. As a chelsea fan I will love to see him stay until he is at least 25 years. But as a fan of oscar I know he will be so good at juventus if he goes there and right now juve are a stronger team than chelsea. Its a win win situation.
  13. Eden Hazard

    I've always said hazard is a great dribbler but scoring isn't his only lesser strength, for all his creativity his assist numbers are also not special. In the last 2 or 3 games it has been more of him at the end of things (mostly misfiring) than actually creating for others. May be he is actually a midfielder because he doesn't put in crosses regularly like a winger should nor does he score as much as a forward. I think its time we utilize his dribbling in a four man midfield with a good defensive work rate he would be superb. ------------Courtois----- Iva------Cahill----Terry-----Azpi Oscar/willian--Cesc--Matic--Hazard ----------Remy/schurrle------- ------Diego Costa---------
  14. Eden Hazard

    I predict hazards very best moment will come when he is 27, at an age where he becomes a man and a very experienced footballer with natural improvement in his finishing i see him as being phenominal at that age. Hopefully he will still be at chelsea by then.
  15. Oscar

    That's why i said i disagree in terms of football qualities that involve the use of the brain. For example when hazard picks up the ball his first instinct is always to dribble where ever he is even when he is near our goal but when oscar gets the ball he thinks of a lot more possible options. Also when oscar isn't playing well his work rate is still good but when hazard isn't at his best he completely disappears and doesn't even want the ball until he has what i call a "Hazard moment" like he did vs everton this season, hazard disappears when he plays badly so how can he misplace passes when he doesn't even want the ball in such situations especially in the first 20 minutes of such games. I also like to think our team plays far better when oscar is in form (e.g vs palace, vs leciester 2nd half) while hazards brilliance doesn't affect the entire team as much as an in form oscar(e.g vs arsenal and vs maribor away). Creating balance is a talent and I am patient enough to wait and see the new influence this kind of talent which oscar has will have on our team when it completely matures. Along with cesc and matic our midfield will become like a DNA playing well in each game for a very different reason from the next. Someone said our team is as adaptable as water look no further than our midfield which is core to see why.