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Aesthetic Relic

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    Photoshop is something I enjoy using, always have been quite arty. I'm no expert..........yet..lol

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  1. Mugshots

    Decided to take it off, as you can see I look ten years younger
  2. Mugshots

    Me - Prior to getting absolutely shitfaced last weekend
  3. Mugshots

    That would be my 13 year old nieces room.......give me some credit ffs
  4. Eden Hazard

    I have to admit, I'm absolutely blown away by this young lad. I'd heard all the hype, but now I've seen him actually play a couple of games the hype doesn't do him justice. We've scored 6 goals and he's already got 5 assists, that's just mind boggling
  5. Mugshots

    Drugs are bad kids.........
  6. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Pictures of the aforementioned hot girl.....I don't believe you
  7. Islam Feruz

    Celtic FC: Embarrassed by nothing, offended by everything
  8. Islam Feruz

    Nice to see the great unwashed are taking this well. Also the police are investigating the abuse aimed at the young lad since his departure from those jolly craicsters in the green and grey.
  9. Ryan Bertrand

    PVA would be ahead of Bertrand in the pecking order imo, so it would only be natural to see RB loaned out.
  10. Ryan Bertrand

    Few rumours scooting around (Talksport/SSN) that he could be going to Rangers on loan after a conversation between AVB and McCoist/Durrant who are quite close to him (AVB) due to their time together while taking their coaching badges. Apparently Super inquired about the possibility of taking some fringe players off his hands.
  11. Michael Essien

    He signed a 2 year extension last year to keep him here till 2015
  12. The Pre-Season thread

    Just posted that link up on the Follow Follow site Ollie....you may reach your target afterall
  13. The Pre-Season thread

    Few rumours flying around several Rangers forums that Chelsea will be going back to Ibrox on August 6th ? Any truth in that ? EDIT - Confirmed....Get in....I'll be going to this
  14. Thanks....I've just had my hands full with the Mrs back and forth to the hospital the last lot of months

  15. hey hope all is well with you!! We've missed you