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  1. Fernando Torres

    Yeah its almost like he is trying too hard to prove his quality, when it would be better to just pass to his supporting players.
  2. Mikel John Obi

    I think its harsh to say he has had one good game. I remember last year after his father was kidnapped he had several good performances and was greatly applauded. What frustrates me with Mikel is that he can go through a game not making any mistakes and putting in a decent performance but then in one moment he will have a lapse in concentration that can cost us games. We saw it against QPR and we saw it again against Juve. Defensively he did well despite clearly being outnumbered in midfield, but that pass was pathetic and then rather than trying to fight to win it back he stood motionless. I'm still not clear where i stand on Mikel; I'm not one of these fans that wishes to remove him totally from the squad, as his role is important in our team, but at the same time i do not think we can afford these lapses in concentration nor do i understand why Romeu is not played despite being a very technically gifted player. If Romeu was given game time and then not perform at least it will get some people off RDM's back and if he were to perform then we would have a stronger starting eleven.
  3. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    I have to be honest i wasn't paying much attention, but, apart from a couple times where Toure out sprinted him, I can't remember a mistake he made. He didn't do anything spectacular but held the shape well and added a balance to the team, I don't think its a coincidence that city scored as soon as he went off. I particularly liked it when he ordered Marcelo to drop back as Marcelo had positioned himself on the half way line, when city were setting up to attack in their own half and the rest of the Real defence had dropped about 15yards from halfway.
  4. Fernando Torres

    Totally agree. The argument that a striker is not performing because goals are not laid on a plate for him is frankly pathetic. I'm sure even Mikel could score too if he was passed the ball right in front of goal. Torres' movement needs to improve in order for him to get better opportunities, I'd prefer it if he implemented more passing movements as he did against Newcastle rather than trying to take on players which frequently results in lost possession.
  5. La Liga Thread

    I don't see how UEFA can not give them their prize money as then they can use that money to pay off debts. At the moment they owe money so why don't UEFA pay the prize money to those they owe. Im not going to feel too sorry for them though, this might help us get Falcao.
  6. La Liga Thread

    I can see Atletico doing very well this, they seem to have a pretty tight set up there, judging by early season form.
  7. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    cheers pal.
  8. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Sorry what is HIP?
  9. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Perhaps someone can enlighten me, but i still don't really understand what happened at Hillsborough. Why was there too many fans in the stand that caused the tragedy and why did no-one recognise this rather than continue to let people through the gate? Surely there was a set amount of tickets for that particularly stand, I don't understand how the situation arose. Surely the people would entering would notice that there was an issue? I've heard there were 800 police officers at the ground, this should be enough to monitor the situation rather than allowing it to continue and what about the players and stewards around and on the pitch, why did they not open the gates to allow the fans onto the pitch? There are so many questions about this event, its a disgrace that it has taken this long for them to be answered. I know the families of the 96 want justice, but i can't see what justice they can get, would the officials that allowed it to occur be punished? I've heard mentions of a police cover up, surely those involved in this will be punished? Tragic day for football, that hopefully won't occur again.
  10. Juan Mata

    I agree that he makes errors but he more commonly makes errors when he is played on the wing. When playing centrally he doesn't try any extravagant skill or crosses and his passing is close range, which he is good at. Marin has had only a couple of good seasons, he was poor at Bremen last year. If played in the right position Ramires is consistent, Marin has to prove himself at Chelsea also, although I'm sure he could do a great job on the right wing. He is still yet to prove himself in my opinion.
  11. Juan Mata

    I think you're being a bit harsh on Ramires. He is the engine of our team and popped up with crucial goals last season. I agree we would be much better having either Marin or Moses on the right wing and allowing Ramires to play centrally, as when we play him right we lack width.
  12. Frank Lampard

    Proved it once again tonight.
  13. Eden Hazard

    If benteke was so poor why did the coach not bring Lukaku on? surely he would of made a difference?
  14. Oscar

    It is only china though, i feel a bit sorry for them. Brazil had a point to prove after their game against South Africa.
  15. Oscar

    Maybe Brazil should try a similar tactic to Spain, but instead of not having an out an out striker, they could take away the keeper and play five in midfield haha. A good rebound from a strange game against South africa.