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  1. Chelsea 0-2 Man Utd

    Play kante in dm and cho in rw This team will be hard to beat ..................Kepa Azpi..Rudiger..christeansen ..................kante .........jorginho......kovacic ...............loftus cheek Cho.............................hazard ...................higuain And then sell players in summer to rebuild
  2. Chelsea 0-2 Man Utd

    Sarri please leave and take your toy jorginho with you
  3. Man City 6-0 Chelsea

    Lampard for manager
  4. Elseid Hysaj

    If hysaj is being bought to replace azpi then i just hope the board has sense to replace sarri with super lampard before that... One trick pony sarri...and apparently that one trick is also not working so half a trick pony. .
  5. Leandro Paredes

    Just buy f***ing Coutinho and be done with this crazy window
  6. Gonzalo Higuain

    This signing has Sarri's resignation written all over it... Too bad i was loving the free flowing football at the start of the season...
  7. General Transfer Talk

    Christensen is a home grown player, losing him will be disastrous given the current scheme of things. Belotti was a one season wonder, dont think we need another gamble in the striker department...we need someone proven.. Pulisic is still raw and him alone will not help our beloved Chelsea become champions, unless us as fans and the board have started setting lower expectations like Arsenal.
  8. General Transfer Talk

    We need a big rebuilding job by the summer (Considering we might get a 2 season transfer ban), especially if Eden Hazard has decided to leave. He has been carrying the team the past few seasons and without him we will be a Europa League standard team to be honest. We need to move the deadwood by the summer like Fabregas, Cahill, Giroud, Morata, Willian (please chines clubs), Zappacosta, Alonso (Slow as Mertasacker), Drinkwater, Caballero, Piazon, Batshuayi, Bakayoko, Moses and other lesser quantity academy players. Kovacic may go back to Real, good player if we can get him on a permanent basis but will cost a lot i guess. David Luiz is a disaster and seeing him just doesn't instill confidence We need to buy quality right now in Jan and start replacing one outgoing player at a time if we want to keep Eden Hazard Going forward this can be our team if Eden decides to stay... GK - Kepa, Green, xxx RB - xxx and Reece James LB - xxx and Emerson CB - Rudiger, Azpi, xxx, Christensen, Ampadu CM - Kante, Jorginho, RLC, xxx LW - Hazard (Please stay), CHO (Groom him as Hazard replacement) RW - xxx, Pedro (Need some experience in team), Musonda CAM - xxx, Barkley, Mount ST - xxx, xxx (Worst position in our team currently), Tammy Considereing we may sell upto 5 HG players, we need to buy 3 HG players as well considering Moujnt and Tammy come into the fold Buy GK - Any backup english player(HG) RB - Hysaj (Sarri favorite) LB - Alex Sandro (May become available if Marcelo gets his dream move), Alex Telles (Only if Marcelo stays at Madrid) or hold on to Alonso for a year more CB - Ake (HG) CM - Someone in the Kante mould like Ndombele for backup RW - Pulisic or Nicolas Pepe or Leon Bailey or Ousmane Dembele CAM - ISCO (Must buy player to get us to the next level) ST - Icardi (May come in Jan if reports can be believed) ST 2 - Callum Wilson (HG) Turbulent times ahead, if we as supporters can see the doomsday, hope the board is awake and see the threat looming over us as well. If Hazard goes then we have to settle for mediocrity I guess with someone like Asensio taking his place and us fighting for top 4 instead of title year on year
  9. General Transfer Talk

    Just buy Timo Werner, Hirving Lozano and any one of Ousmane Dembele/Pulisic/Bailey... Our attack will be sorted for years to come..
  10. General Transfer Talk

    Am happy with the window Held onto hazard Got world class courtois replacement Kovavic and jorginho complete our midefield Just needed to sell some deadwood like cahill, baka, drinkwater, luiz, giroud Dream deadline day signings would be a martial willian swap and possibly fekir or bailey
  11. Jan Oblak

    Waste of a thread...our board is not ballsy enough for this move
  12. General Transfer Talk

    Liverpool had a massive window after finishing as cl finalists City dominated last term and still got mahrez to better the squad Jorginho is a great signing no doubt but he cant be the only one We need to kick out the bang average/old/unintersted players like courtous, willian, drinkwater, baka, morata, giroud, fabregas, pedro, cahill, luiz, cabarello and moses Thats 12 friggin players who we should sell maybe at a bit of a loss cause no one wants to buy our fat salary players
  13. General Transfer Talk

    Marina should quit In a window where we needed massive rebuilding We are literally screwed I love Hazard and now i think he should go to be the best...he deserves a bigger club with more ambition Sarri is naive as a coach and aint got the winning club mentality...he is the person who is like ill do best with what i got...aint gonna work in the prem
  14. General Transfer Talk

    Can we like sell david luiz Like right now No money needed
  15. General Transfer Talk

    Ideal summer Little bit fifaesue but quite possible HOLD ON TO HAZARD ANYHOW, OFFER 350K A WEEK SALARY IF NEED BE Sell willian n pedro if we are getting silly money like 55mn and 20mn...reinvest that money plus some more in fekir and bailey Sell courtous if he is not signing a new contract and go for donnadruma Buy rugani for cb1 Sell deadwood like giroud, drinkwater, cahill, luiz, zappacosta, bakayoko and buy milkinovic savic for crazy money Gk - Donnadruma/Cabalerro Rb - azpi/moses Cb 1 - rugani Cb 2 - christeansen/rudi/zouma Lb - alonso/emerson Dm - Kante/kante Cm1 - jorgingo/fabregas Cm2 - milkinovic/rlc/barkley Lm - hazard/musonda/odoi Rm - Fekir/bailey St - morata/batshuayi/tammy Seems impossible within the 3 week window...