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  1. General Transfer Talk

    I see panic buys in the next few days...another failed window...we deserve 5th place in all honesty
  2. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Play cabelero next game ffs..he cant be this bad
  3. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Just playing pes 2020 master league with chelsea After 2 transfer windows have bought werner havertz and sancho to support tammy upfront Have jorgingo and bought milkinovic savic Bought telles koulibaly and ake to play in defence with reece Next window will sell kepa and try to go for donnarumma or oblak Why cant it be so simple in real life
  4. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    As of now we just have tammy reece and probably jorginho who fit the team long term..mount was good at start of the season post which he is playing casual football We need 8 new players over next 2- 3 windows to make our team competirive again Out of 8 atleast we need to buy 1 more starter in this window
  5. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

    Didnt even get angry or upset when we lost for the first time in 12 years...is this what lowering our expectation means (am i having gooner syndrome)
  6. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

    Waiting for bayern to just kill us...mason needs to play some u21 footie for a while
  7. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Just wish i could become Marina for the rest of the month...more than half window gone and we are still bargaining here and there with no effin clear targets set If i were her I would just get sancho even if it costs us 130m...sancho gets 6 months of transition and takes over from willian in the summer Pedro is good as backup but can leave in the summer Somehow try and sell barkley to west ham and give billy gilmour more mins Finalize giroud sale and keep batsman as backup...no point taking dembele for a short term fix and then be stuck with the guy like anelka...sell batshuayi in summer and get a better player like werner (dreams) or someone else and also a backup like Chalov Sell alonso now and play azpi there for the rest of the season..buy chilwell or somone good in the summer...sell emerson in summer and promote maatsen Cb we can wait till summer when we sell cristansen and zouma and need to buy 1 dope starter like skriniar and 1 young one like issa diop The most contentous one would be to sell kante in the summer and starts negotiations with real right now... buy soumare now to bleed him into the team Lastly sell deadwood like moses bakayoko drinkwater etc All this just involves planning and not much of net spend Our team post summer would be dope like below Gk - Kepa (Cabellero) Rb - Reece James (lamptey) Lb - chilwell (Maathsen) Cb 1 - Skriniar (Tomori) Cb 2 - Rudiger (Diop) Cm 1 - RLC (Soumare) Cm2 - Jorginho (Kovacic) Am - Mount (Billy gilmour/Gallagher/werner) Lw/Ss - Werner (Cho) Rw - Sancho/Pulisic (Sancho /Pulisic) St - Tammy/Werner (Chalov)
  8. 7. N'Golo Kante

    If we can get 120m for him in the summer..think we should let him go so that we can reinvest in more long term players...
  9. General Transfer Talk

    Get lemar on loan Buy werner and sancho for 150m and loan them back in pulisic style...dont think we can buy them in summer with the likes of madrid barca around Buy Telles for 30m and buy a cb for christ sakes Sell a lot of deadwood and recoup losses At least we can fight for pl next yr
  10. General Transfer Talk

    Our ban should have held...have a feeling this winter transfer window will do more harm then good...crap players available at exhorbitant prices...
  11. General Transfer Talk

    Sold michael hector for 8m Emerson linked to inter for 25m Danny d being loaned to aston villa with a compulsary option to buy hopefully if they stay up But yet instead of the werner and sanchos of the world, we are primed to complete fedor chalov transfer...he can be a good backup to tammy but i think our first team needs more attention atm
  12. General Transfer Talk

    Buy Werner 50m Sancho 120m Ake 40m Chilwell 70m Sell Christeansen 30m Giroud 10m Pedro 10m Batshuayi 20m Barkley 15m Alonso 25m Emerson 20m Total spends 280m and income 130m End up spending within our 150m budget and get 4 wc starters while removing a lot of deadwood
  13. General Transfer Talk

    Liverpool was nowhere near the level they are right now when van dijk signed...if we wanted him we would have got him...we baulked at 60mn and paid 30mn for rudiger... Post our change in style we have signed jorginho kovacic barkley bakayoko amongst others...kova and jorginho are good but can we compete with them in champions league...not a chance...that too we paid almost 90-100mn for the 2 combined Dont think we have been investing wisely with a long term in mind, constant changes in managers has badly impacted it. Youth is semi-delivering atm but we cant compete even for prem league (let alone cl) with the team we have even in next 5 yrs when all our young players mature...
  14. General Transfer Talk

    What we could have been if we had true sense of talent... Salah and de bruyne still in the team Mbappe running our right flank having been rejected while he was s teenager Neymar from santos for 30m was almost done when he was not in the limelight but we managed to give up Alisson could have been at chelsea had we not dragged the courtois situation till the end of the window Van dijk was considered too expensive at 60m and we settled for rudiger These are just the ones i remember Also we have bought the likes of drinkwater, bakayoko, etc Just recapping to highlight how crucial it is for us to have a good couple of window else we are screwed for the next decade...judgement of talent seems to be so bad at our club, its shambolic
  15. Chelsea 0-2 Southampton

    We have good players but not Chelsea quality players...our team would be perfect if we were everton or west ham...bit we are Chelsea and this is sub standard...before we as fans settle for who we have become and just be happy with mediocrity, we need to buy some world class players in multiple positions in next 2 windows