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  1. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Squad decisions for next year Gk - Kepa, Caballero, Blackman - Need to decide on Kepa in next few weeks if we want to keep him or not, to replace him dont think we will get someone like donarumma or oblak without spendimg a kepa like fortune. Blackman can be our backup keeper and we can have a youth player as 3rd choice Rb - Reece, Azpi - Sorted Lb - Alonso, Emerson, Azpi, Maathsen - Hopefully Telles to replace alonso and emerson Cb - Zouma, Rudiger, Tomori, Cristeansen, Ampadu, Azpi - Someone like Romagnali hopefully to replace zouma 3 midfielders - Kovacic, Jorginho, Kante, Rlc, Gilmour, Gallagher, Ampadu, Mount, Ziyech, Barkley - Sell Barkley and only buy if we end up selling Jorginho or kante Wingers - cho, ziyech, pulisic, mount - buy one winger since mount and ziyech may play on the midfield to get the best out of them Strikers - Tammy, Batshuayi - sell bats and buy another striker and promote another youth player to fill the ranks In short we need a cb, lb, winger and a striker so thats 4 quality players and maybe a gk and a midfielder as well
  2. General Transfer Talk

    Why sms We have gilmour Spend money in other areas of pitch
  3. Alex Telles

    Seems a year or 2 late...should have bought him when we bought emerson
  4. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Gk - Oblak 40m+kepa (Maybe more) Rb - Reece Cb - Romagnali 50m Cb - Rudiger/Tomori Lb - Telles 35m Cm - Kante Cm - Kovacic Lm - Sancho 120m Rm - Ziyech Ss - werner 25m St - Tammy Thats a team that can challenge for trophies Which is 5 more new starters at 270m cost Not going to happen, maybe 2 players will come in and rest we will settle for mediocre crap in search of the next bargain
  5. Chelsea 0-3 Bayern Munich

    Current squad, the only starters i can see are Ziyech, Reece and maybe Abraham We need 8 new players
  6. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    No self respecting player would want to join us after yesterdays defeat...ziyech would be cursing his luck
  7. Chelsea 0-3 Bayern Munich

    Both and azpilicueta as well
  8. Chelsea 0-3 Bayern Munich

    Have so much i want to say but then again just realise its just not worth cribbing...out of cl at home in first leg...waiting for our next defeat in pl
  9. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    That way we just let the scouse build a team to dominate the next decade...we dont have the pull right now...we will have to throw a bit of money to attract top talent
  10. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Just show him some love Activte the buyout right now Give him a 150k a week plus signing bonus Also to sweeten yhe deal put an additional clause that if he wins the bundesliga with RB or wins golden boot then he gets another 2mn or something He is worth atleast 100m in todays market...25m is robbery
  11. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.football.london/chelsea-fc/transfer-news/timo-werner-transfer-boost-chelsea-17806118.amp 25mn as per this new report
  12. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Werners release clause is just effing 25mn...we should buy him right now
  13. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Depends on how well rlc has recovered..if he turns out to be like cho then we may need a midfielder as well, maybe retain jorginho
  14. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Nothing better to do till summer comes
  15. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    BUY/Recall/Retain (380Mn spends) Donnarumma/Dean Henderson - 60mn (Kepa seems out of favour with Lampard) Romagnali - 50mn (Need to have a defensive lynchpin to sturdy our leaky defence) Chilwell - 70mn (Not the ideal choice at LB but Lamps seems to want him) Sancho - 120mn (Team catalyst, owns the Right wing for years to come) Werner - 60mn (Goals guranteed and can operate in the left forward role next to Abraham) Chalov/Good backup striker - 20mn (Backup to Tammy) Sell (372.5Mn in sales) Kepa - 50mn after initial loan (Bilbao can be an option for the loan, sale can happen a year later) Zouma - 30mn (Everton were ready to buy for 40mn, guess 30mn is value) Alonso - 25mn (Conte boy - Inter please bid) Emerson - 20mn (Sarri boy - Juve can take him) Barkley - 20mn (Someone like Aston Villa will definitely be interested if they lose Grealish) Bakayoko - 25mn (If he doesnt sell then just recover the 25mn in loan fees over the next couple of years) Pasalic - 12.5mn (Done i guess) Kante - 100mn (We need the money, if Real are willing to still buy him despite injuries then please make this happen, he can source the Sancho purchase) Jorginho - 60mn (Sarri wants his boy back, can have him for the right price, Kovacic is playing extremely well so we wont miss Jorginho) Drinkwater - 10mn (Someone please buy him) Batshuayi - 20mn Willian, Pedro and Giroud - Contract expired Sale of other loanees will be over and above 25 man Lineup GK - Donarumma, Cabellero Rb - James, Azpi Lb - Chilwell, Maathsen Cb1 - Rudiger, Tomori, Cb2 - Romagnali, Cristeansen, CM1 - Kovacic, Gilmour, Van Ginkel CM2 - RLC, Ampadu, Tino Anjorin AMF - Ziyech, Mount, Gallagher RW - Sancho, Pulisic LF/LW - Werner, CHO CF - Tammy, Chalov Lots of players who can play in multiple positions giving us options throughout the pitch Just need to clear our club of all the deadwood, we can have a breakeven window while making world class signings....highly impossible scenario but just my dream summer