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  • Memory Chelsea Barca CL match 4-2 !! And Chelsea thrashimg Man U 5-0 in 1999 :)
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  1. Stamford Bridge thread

    I understand why certain supporter's would be against the idea of moving. Maybe if i were born and brought up in London visiting matches on a weekly basis from the Shed End, I may have that affection towards Stamford Bridge as well. But since I have been following the club from afar for more than a good 10 years, I do not maybe realize that special bond towards our current stadium. To me it is high time we moved to a bigger and better stadium. Of course, they would need to take fan's feedback through every part of the new plan. Like Bruce Buck said, we are potentially missing out on 35m+ pounds on our yearly revenue or to put it simply, we are missing out on an Aguero every year. Not sure of the specifics of the CPO plan and what they gain from this deal. But if and when we move, it should be with the blessings of the hardcore home supporter's who spend their hard earned cash on a weekly basis to cheer the team through each and every match...
  2. Gaël Kakuta

    Perfect win-win-win situation. Good for all parties concerned. Would be interesting to see what position Coyle plays Kakuta in. As a no. 10 or a winger or support striker.
  3. Juan Mata

    Like we saw in the Norwich game, he is given a free role. Pretty much like Silva in Man City. They roam around everywhere - left, right, center, deep - he was everywhere. The pass that released Nico for the 2nd goal from the counter attack was a classic. He almost found Ramires with another brilliant long punt on another counter attack.
  4. Salomon Kalou

    I say, Give him + Yossi + Kakuta (2 yr loan) to Lille for Eden in exchange !!
  5. Romelu Lukaku joins Chelsea

    Just hoping he can fulfill all the talked about potential !!! Finally a player who truly loves the club signing fr us... EXCITED
  6. Facebook & Twitter

    I know PVA does.. and dint he get into some trouble earlier this year ?!?!
  7. Lucas Piazón

    Why would you want him to speak italian ?!?! I had be happy if he can speak English though
  8. Gaël Kakuta

    Is it just me or has he grown that mustache recently..... the lads growing up !!!
  9. Gaël Kakuta

    I hvnt followed chelsea news for a while... but wassnt Gael's contract ending this summer? Has he extended? Any news on this?