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  1. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Doctor had patients, Chelsea young player should not have patience. Chelsea Manager is precarious, Sarri cannot predict how long he can stay in Chelsea as manager. How does Sarri and the club give any promise for his playing time?
  2. General Transfer Talk

    I know why Conte must fail in this season : Both Emenalo and Groanvskaja don't want any Chelsea manager has success in 2nd consecutive years! Otherwise, their power will be replaced by the coach! So, they sell out most of youth players and use first-out-then-in policy! It is obvious both Emenalo and Groanvskaja let Conte fails in this season! http://football.fanpiece.com/footballmatter/球會分析-為何總監和CEO上台後-車路士教練總不能長治久安-c1292629.html
  3. Robert Lewandowski

    It doesn't happen. Lewandowski just wants to stay in Bundesliga and uses Chelsea rumour for salary raise in the next contract renewal.
  4. Romelu Lukaku

    I believe that Emenalo receives return commission for Lukaku deal!
  5. Mikel John Obi

  6. Nathan Aké

    4-3 Liverpool yeah!
  7. Mikel John Obi

    Frankly speaking, if Mikel Obi is good enough, why Chelsea FC buy Matic and Kante in 2014 and 2016 respectively? As bench substitute, Mikel Obi can't satisfy the need for Chelsea future ambition in both EPL and UCL.
  8. Mikel John Obi

    Hope that he has no contract renewal! Chelsea FC cannot have much more inefficient substitute on bench, otherwises, it will damage Chelsea's chance to win EPL and UCL in future. Then Costa, Hazard and Courtois may leave!
  9. Frank Lampard

    Many Chelsea fans wants L8 to return to Chelsea as player. (Some hate him because he joined Man City.) I have no objection if he returns as player. However, if there are more senior players (It refers to how long the player has served for the club), will it cause bad impact on Conte? If L8 returns as player and claims starter position. And both Mikel and Ivanovic claim contract renewal as the same time, Conte's reform must fail.
  10. Frank Lampard

    If Lampard returns as player, the better time should be after the club sending both Mikel and Ivanovic out.
  11. John Terry

    Three most longest serving players - Terry, Mikel, Ivanovic! We can only keep one! This is a cruel fact but we need to face! Mikel - will be out in next summer due to contract expiry, no contract renewal. Terry and Ivanovic - both contracts will also expire in the next summer, only one of them should have contract renewal. Generally we should renew Terry's contract because of his club-trained status!
  12. Mikel John Obi

    I think that Mikel usually finds an excuse to stay in club. Like last year, he claims that he need to stay in U.K. longer for applying U. K. Passport via neutralisation. He keeps good relationship with teammates and have special relationship with Abramovich and Emenalo. I am worried that he can luckily earn a new contract renewal.
  13. Mikel John Obi

    No contract renewal for him is OK. Then he must leave Chelsea at the season end!
  14. Mikel John Obi

    I don't think Mikel is useful now! Mikel Obi never wants to leave Chelse (correctly London), he refused Galatasaray for several times. He just wants to luckily have contral renewal under helping by Emenalo.
  15. John Terry

    If both Mikel Obi and Ivanovic really leave Chelsea in the next year, Terry should have one year contract renewal!