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  1. Sig Requests

    Hello. I've made two logos, and I've sent them in a private message to you.
  2. Other Clubs Kits 14/15

    It's cool... I like it (better than our away kit...).
  3. Last Film You Watched

    Tropic Thunder (imdb) 8/10 (among the comedies) I watched this film yesterday evening. Ben stiller is too much, but Robert Downey Jr is brilliant. Earlier I've thought that it's a boring film, but now I think it was a pleasant and funny movie.
  4. Last Film You Watched

    The Raid: Redemption (imdb) 8/10 (at least) This is a very good action movie from Indonesia. I think everybody, who loves the real action films, they have to see it. It has meant a very pleasant 100 minutes to me.
  5. Hulk

    It's obvious and if we can't sign him, we have to look for someone else, who will be here before pre-season.
  6. Hulk

    I think we already have a plan B, if Hulk doesn't come. Just we don't know it yet.
  7. Chelsea Kits 2018/19

    Yes, you're right, this kit would look better with white socks - and without this blue stripe. But it's, so we have to love this...
  8. Last Film You Watched

    Intruders (imdb) I saw this film today afternoon... I have to say that I don't recommend it to anybody. In my opinion it was boring and poor...
  9. Hulk

    You forgot Man.City... If we almost buy a player, and we are in hours to sign somebody, they try to steal him...
  10. Hulk

    Yes, it's true. Probably he'll pay back his price this way or that way. This is another thing. That's football. But I think no man is worth so much money, this is nonsense. But it's true, there are and there will be these kind of cases and we, ordinary people can't understand it, because probably we will never have so much money. This is football. But this is another thing, we can't discuss it here and now. End of OFF, sorry.
  11. Hulk

    I think it's a good sign, but I still say that we shouldn't pay over 40 million... :S
  12. Hulk

    I've seen it then... This is also ridiculous... But yes, if Abra gives so much money for a painting, Porto can request this price justifiable.
  13. Hulk

    I think he also isn't worth. He is a great player, but I think these amounts in football are ridiculous recently...
  14. Hulk

    This is lots of many,,, It isn't worth it. No one isn't worth much money...
  15. Chelsea Kits 2018/19

    Yes, like a cycling jersey... :S But yellow is a recurrent colour, and black, too.