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  1. Chelsea v Arsenal

    Getting nervous now.
  2. Chelsea v Arsenal

    Yep. I cover us to win to zero from 1-0 to 7-0 on most games. I bet on us to win 7-0 the game we won 8-0 last game of the season a few seasons ago...
  3. Chelsea v Arsenal

    As well as £2 on 7-0 @ 1000/1 I also have: £2 on 6-0 @ 540/1 £2 on 5-0 @ 160/1 and £4 on 4-0 @ 60/1 I promised the girlfriend a free holiday if it is 7-0 !
  4. Chelsea v Arsenal

    I have £2 on us to win 7-0 @ 1000/1 !! Any chance ??
  5. Funny Picture and Video Thread

    Would you rather be fishing ?
  6. The Mourinho Thread

  7. The Basketball Thread

    Basketball playing dog !!
  8. Funny Picture and Video Thread

    RVP, still makes me smile ...
  9. Funny Picture and Video Thread

    Baby Vs Cat ...