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  1. The English Football Thread

    I dont know why but I think both spurs and us will lose today
  2. Chelsea 4-2 Spurs

    Best thing we could do to prepare for Saints was to have that win. It will ne huge for our confidence going forward. Our team spirit was diping lately...
  3. It baffles my mind why one has to always be denigrated in order to praise the other. Neymar and Hazard are both great players and there's no need to create a rivalry where it doesnt exist. But to your point, the same way Neymar was shit yesterday, he was spectacular against PSG. So it's easy to pick and choose which games to rate him by. When taking everything in consideration, I honestly think Neymar is better than Hazard. He is a more complete player and more of a threat because he dribles better. However, that doesnt mean I want him at Chelsea and not Eden.
  4. The English Football Thread

    Exactly. But if they dont, then all we can do is congratulate them because it will be well deserved. However, I still maintan my belief that winning all our 4 home matches will de enough to win the league. Meaning Spurs will have to lose only once in the next 6 fixtures!
  5. The English Football Thread

    He is nothing like Scolari, holly hell lol. Doesnt mean he wont fail, but he couldnt be different from Big Phill.
  6. The English Football Thread

    Chelsea fans are the only people who can find pessimism when we are up 7 points with 7 matches remaining. Chill out and enjoy the ride. If we go on a perfect home form, the title will be ours. Spurs wont have a perfect run. We dont even need to beat Manure or Everton. Relax!
  7. The English Football Thread

    Dont make promises you cant keep
  8. Thats because some outlets dont count the extra time as an official playing minute so they make all first half goals count as 45' and second half, 90'. But in reality the goals were scored on the 88th, 91st and 95th minutes...
  9. PSG fans know how I felt in 09 now
  10. Its all true and I completely agree UEFA does give importance to the European market in general. However, in those specific changes, Europe isnt their focus at all. The main reason is that no matter what format, teams or kick-off times, you guys will continue to watch it. So, none of those changes will affect UEFA's bottom line. On the other hand, if a kick off 2 hours earlier or a match between more traditional clubs make Asia ratings go up by 10%, thats a huge gain. Which is what I believe UEFA is betting on.
  11. It has nothing to do with being casuals or not. It is about the will to stay up late to watch it or not (like Greavsise explained with the NFL). Take Porto vs Juventus for example. If you are in Asia and doesnt root for either teams, do you think the majority of the football fanbase stayed up late on a week day? Or if you are in the USA where its in the middle of the work hours, do you think many people watched it? However, if we had more clashes between big traditional clubs more people worldwide would go out of their way to watch it and that is what UEFA is trying to do. They are not trying to create to the hardcore fans who are already tuning in every round because no matter who is playing they will watch it anyways... Just to be clear, I am not defending the changes. Only trying to explain the thought process behind it.
  12. You are correct UEFA base their decisions on increasing revenue and television appeal but where you are completely wrong is that the source of those interests come outside of Europe. There is no agenda to make Russia a top league or anything because UEFA simply doenst care about the European market. UCL isnt big because europeans watch it. It is big because all other countries do and the biggest overseas revenue from UEFA comes from Asia and South America. Actually, only 35% of all tv quotas UEFA receives are from European countries, the rest come from all sorts of different places. So, for those markets, the size of the clubs participating in a match directly influences the tv ratings, no matter if such clubs are going through a good phase or not. Clubs like ManUtd, Milan, Inter and Chelsea (all out of UCL atm) bring way more public interest than the likes of Atletico Madrid, Borussia, Monaco, etc. Even if those clubs currently have the better teams/players. AND THATS WHATS THE FOCUS OF THIS NEW POLICY. UEFA is trying to appeal to more people by giving more seeds to the popular clubs. For instance, right now a match between PSG and BVB would be much better to watch than ManUtd vs Milan. However I can guarantee you the majority of overseas fans would prefer the latter because they dont know better. They dont follow European Leagues that closely to know those clubs are way past their prime so the historic background and past legends counts a lot. The ratings would easily be twice as high.
  13. Verrati, Matuidi and Rabiot owning the game. What a 1st half performance!
  14. The English Football Thread

    It really isn't. We have a comfortable enough lead that we definitely dont need to win our next 6 matches no matter what... Of course it would be ideal to make 18/18 points due to the quality of the teams we will face, but we are 9 points ahead of second place and we can easily get away with a Stoke loss or an upsetting home draw.