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  1. Stoke 0-4 Chelsea

    Well he still doesnt have a 24inch cock
  2. West Brom 0-1 Chelsea

    Honestly, Idk if we will win this. But we will def become champions at some point...
  3. Chelsea 3-0 Middlesbrough

  4. The English Football Thread

    Wait, Wenger announced he is staying?
  5. The English Football Thread

    Yeah, I have been saying they wouldnt go with 13 wins in a row for quite some time. We were one of the few advocating this! Jason has poisoned everyone else with his pessimism lol. Imo we will become champions because its not hard to win twice in four matches when we have 3 home fixtures, but it would be way cooler to become champions before Spurs even play...
  6. The English Football Thread

    Im having way too much fun with all the memes and gifs, but I agree Spurs didn't bottle anything. The only reason we arent already champions is because they had a pretty unexpected perfect stretch. I dont know why people were expecting two 13 wins in a row on the same season!
  7. Chelsea 3-0 Middlesbrough

    I told yall
  8. Just because they changed the name it doesn't mean it is a new competition. It makes 0 sense.
  9. Hmmm not true at all...
  10. Nope, tactics didnt work because the game plan was piss poor. This notion that a team can only lose because the players arent giving their all is absolutely stupid. If you google the amount of km ran or tackle attempts from Atleti, you will see it being the same as their previous wins. The difference is their midfield was dominated by Modric - Casemiro - Kroos. It has nothing to do with intensity! Of course there are times where the problem is lack of desire or dissatisfaction (like us with Jose), but more often than not the problem revolves around footballing reasons rather than "the players arent giving 100%"... P.S: this is not a dig at you man, its just an overall hatred because this excuse gets thrown in a lot and it makes me mad lol
  11. Typical bs overreaction after a loss. Why everyone blames "the players not playing for the manager" after every single football failure? I guess its easier to label it like that instead of trying to understand the actual tactics and football reasons to why something isnt working...
  12. Chelsea 3-0 Middlesbrough

    If we win 2/4 we will become champions. I still believe Spurs will lose once...
  13. The English Football Thread

    I meant to say tomorrow lol. Either way we both won
  14. The English Football Thread

    I dont know why but I think both spurs and us will lose today