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  1. Fernando Torres

    Some of you are beyond repair. Let's log off here and head to The Shed End. Wouldn't be surprised if half of you so called supporters will stop following our club if we do a "Leeds". There should be age restrictions on the Internet.
  2. Fernando Torres

    Yes, because this forum contains way too many boys who barely have gotten out of their diapers and knows nothing about club relations and support. Sturridge always trying to make things happen? Did you watch us play after Christmas last season? There is a reason why RDM plays Torres and not Sturridge. Or maybe you should take the job? How many trophies have you won on Championship Manager?
  3. Fernando Torres

    You are a dumb little fucker with that attitude. How do you make goals? Hint; someone has got to assist it. Goals is all that matters, right? Were Drogba shit in six of his seasons at our club? Support our players, if not then fuck off to Spuds, Spammers or Leeds. They'll appriciate you.
  4. Fernando Torres

    Last season he could assist three goals in one match and got criticized. In this match he scores the winner and still gets criticized. And what's all this talk about Sturridge "still being our nr. 1 striker"? It's not the same to perform as a striker for Bolton as it is to perform for a good club. I have great faith in Danny, but he's totally unproven. Your fucking "support" will be a good riddance. Where were you when we were shit?
  5. Dennis Wise

    Dennis Wise is a true warrior and was a huge character to have around the club. Not only that, he was a pretty darn good footballer as well, and he has never gotten the deserved credit for his performances. "Oh Dennis Wise... Scored a fucking great goal.. At the San Siro"
  6. The Mourinho Thread

    It was a correctly made decision to fire him, but maybe the wrong time to do it. I'm not Mourinho's greatest fan, but he has improved exponentially as a manager since he was here with us. However, I can't see him joining till all his old players have moved on or has retired for obvious reasons.
  7. Edinson Cavani

    If you hadn't heard about Lambart until Sunday, then I'm sorry. He alone has shot the Saints up two divisions already, and will be a close call for the top scorer of the Premiership. Reminds me alot of King Kerry. However, there are some serious facts you've got wrong. Firstly, Drogba was Mourinho's goldenboy, just as the stupid decision of placing Gallas (because of Carvalho) out wide (and therefor losing him later on). Gallas and Terry had a far better connection and was the best centre back pairing we've had in this club. Secondly, Jimmy had left the club when Drogba came in. Last but not least, Gudjohnsen were preferred in the midfield under Mourinho, probably because of his preferance of having Drogba up front. Drogba didn't fight for his place at our club in his first two years, he had it no matter how many people he punched, coins he tossed or dives he made. Sturridge won't sit on the bench for another 5-6 years (the amount of years Cavani probably has in him). Two years with 30-ish games (and maybe more) behind Torres however, that's a scenario I think he would cope with. Yes, every club picks up loads of talents every year. The problem is what you're doing with them. Right now we have two absolute gems in Feruz and Bamford. I can see Bamford lead a PL team in a couple of years, that means week in and week out. Feruz is absolutely brilliant with so much potential. We also have Piazon, a pretty talented guy coming up who's been played as a striker under RDM's reign. If we buy another big name striker now, then I think that we'll struggle to bring up those gems we already have. Torres has underperformed, yes, but not to the degree many "supporters" are making it to be. His assist and goal tally last season proves that. His performances towards the end of the last season, Euro's and these two matches so far in the season has shown a massive improvement. He takes his chances (in the ratio you would expect a world class striker to do) and he's making his runs. Hell, even Lawrenson, a filthy little scouser, pointed that out in MOTD.
  8. Edinson Cavani

    Okay. I wasn't here on the forum when Torres made his comments after the CL final, but I'm guessing that he was heavily criticized. Drogba was much worse in his comments, much worse. There was no "thank you" for us supporters who paid his wages, not anything. You're saying that you don't care how many chances a player misses, only how much they scores? Well, I don't know what the math teachers teach youngsters nowadays, but you can't score three goals if you have two opportunites, that's beyond 100% efficiency (if you didn't know...). Even you must admit that it's easier to score 16 goals a season if you're having four clear cut chances per game and not one clear cut chance per game, right? That's what Drogba got his first 18 months here, regularly three-four clear goal scoring opportunities every single game. As for the Beer Can that is Carroll, he's not anywhere near Lambert, and I'm sorry if you fail to see that. Silly season after silly season I'm always wondering what our scouts does in their job hours. Hulk, Cavani, Llorente, Torres, all well known stars before they became targets. And yes, I'm giving Cavani hell. He was one of the overaged players who you would expect to take responsability when it got tough, even though he played out wide. Mata played for an absolutely garbage Spainish side, and he was constantly their best performer. If Cavani in means Sturridge out, then I'm sorry for our club. If Sturridge isn't better already then he certainly has the potential to become just that. I would be much more worried that our team struggles to keep a clean sheet against bottom league teams, and Cavani won't help with that, nor will he help with us creating more than three chances per game.
  9. Edinson Cavani

    Good point, sir. However, on his day, I've never seen any player in the world being so dominant as Drogba. Messi? Yes, he's a decent footballer, but if you cut the support from his team, there is absolutely possible to stop him. Drogba however, not so much. In form he has technical abilities beyond normal and physical abilities beyond a gorilla. There are players in each generations you couldn't stop. Pele was arguably 20 years into the feature in terms of abilites. Maradona had the same "issue". Fat Ronaldo was immense and one of the all time greatest. And then there's Drogba. Drogba Drogba Drogba. Unplayable on his day, very playable when not motivated.
  10. Edinson Cavani

    Lampard is in my opinion a greater player, but the best one is Drogba. He is probably the only player we've ever had who's been the best player in the world (in his position), and by some margin as well, at some point in his career for us. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Drogba and what he did for this club. He is our best player ever and arguably the greatest Big Game Player we'll ever have. However, there is a certain amount of bad memory attached to his week in and week out performances for our club, and hearing people scream about Drogba after one league match where Torres fails to score is very strange.
  11. Edinson Cavani

    Drogba played for the best team in England and probably the whole world as well (we lost the CL due to Mourinho's extremely lousy tactical abilities in 04-05). I had a season ticket to our games that year (worked in England), and his diving wasn't the only thing he was criticized for. There was also his incredibly dumb comments about Chelsea and his lack of effort (which were a common thing to see from Drogba in 04-05, first half of the 05-06 season, 07-08 season, first half of the 08-09 season, the 10-11 season and the first 3/4 of the previous season). Whilst Mata is a good player, he's not anywhere near Cole, Robben, Duff, Lamps, Gudjohnsen and Makelele combined, not anywhere close. We were a team machine the first two seasons under Mourinho, and like I've said before, Drogba has missed more chances than Torres will ever do for this club. I can also see that you're failing to understand what I wrote about Cavani, and it's not a surprise. Whilst Cavani plays well for the mumbo jumbo team called Napoli, who are going a block forward in every match they play, he couldn't do shit when his opponents were Ching-Chong, Ali and Shish Kebab in the Olympics. Even if he were played out wide you would expect him to beat his marker at least a few times during the match, Cavani didn't. If we are going to buy a striker (not a hybrid solution like Schurrle), get me an English hardman who's not afraid to get his elbows dirty. I absolutely love Rickie Lambert (or his type of player - think Dixon or Shearer). I'm also very confident in our young son Bamford, who I think will be a fantastic player, not to mention Sturridge who has his butt full of potential.
  12. Edinson Cavani

    What a fucking muppet you are. Do you even remember the same Drogba as I do? Drogba missed so many chances his first 18 months at Chelsea. He was constantly complaining about how wrong he was to sign for Chelsea. Drogba couldn't even stay on his feet, and certainly didn't look like a footballer, even though he was in the by far best team in England and probably the whole world as well. Like I've said in a previous post, Drogba tends to bring out the goldfish in most of the Chelsea supporters. Like I've said before, Drogba is probably the best player who's ever played for Chelsea (at least the best I've ever seen as a fan for 42 years), but he hasn't been anywhere near a constant performer for our club. Over to the Cavani-man, I don't want him. People are screaming for a striker who can do things on his own, but Cavani isn't any better than Torres (anyone remember that small tournament called the Olympics two weeks ago?).
  13. Fernando Torres

    And Del Bosque must be a twazzak for constantly picking Torres ahead of the other strikers Spain have, like Negredo, Soldado, Llorente or even Adrian Lopez.
  14. Fernando Torres

    Who has said that Torres is a world class player in his form during his Chelsea career? Both Nevin and Dixon played football (and they were pretty damn good as well) and were the corner stones of our team before the online haters were planned. I mean, what does Dixon know about the job of a striker? What does Nevin, a highly regarded columnist for several newspapers, know about football? What does Wilkins, a pretty decent coach as it turned out, know about tactics and different types of players? Credit must be given where credit is deserved. Torres was one terrible referee away from getting one or even two penalties. For me, football is a team sport. If you assist (for example getting a penalty all on your own), then you've done just as good as if you've scored the goal yourself.
  15. Edinson Cavani

    Did you want to sell Drogba after his first two years at our club?