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  1. Juan Mata

    Mata's Blog: The week I (we) have been through has not been an easy one. As you know, Roberto Di Matteo is no longer our manager after our defeat in Turin against Juventus. It was a tough defeat that leaves us in a difficult situation before the last game of the group stage in the Champions League, since we don’t depend on ourselves to get through. Shaktar must win in Ukraine and we must win at Stamford Bridge. But I still believe we can do it, and I’m confident that we will get to the next stage! I would like to thank Roberto for all this time with us. We spent very good moments together, some others not so good, but he will always be remembered as the manager with whom we conquered our first Champions League. Because of that, and because as a player he is a ‘blue’ legend to our fans, his name will always be part of Chelsea’s history. From a personal point of view he gave me confidence and support. Best of luck to you, Robbie. We want the best for Chelsea and, as we did when Villas-Boas was sacked and Robbie came, we will work hard with Rafa Benítez, our new manager. I hope we can be successful again with him and his staff. With hard work and effort we can win trophies again. This last Sunday vs Mancester City was a tough test on his debut with us. It was a difficult match between two very even teams. Perhaps not the most spectacular one to watch, but I stay positive and think that we had a clean-sheet against a team with a big offensive power. After this draw we’re already looking forward to win our next match, hopefully this Wednesday against Fulham, again at the Bridge. The next few months will be crucial in every competition… I couldn’t watch Spanish football on Sunday, neither Athletic-Deportivo nor Atlético-Sevilla. By the time I got home Atlético was already 4-0. Since Simeone’s arrival they are having a very strong performance, fighting for every single title in an impressive 2012. To remain so close to this Barcelona is just amazing, something that seemed impossible to some people before the season started. I did manage to watch the Levante-Barcelona. In an spectacular second half, the visitors grabbed the three points thanks to the goals from Messi (incredible his record in 2012), Cesc and Iniesta, who scored a great one and had a sensational performance full of great passing, dribbling and ball control. They open the gap between them and Real Madrid. I also watched Real’s game at Betis: they had chances to score in the first half, but Betis played with intensity, and it was a great match by Beñat and their young goalkeeper Adrián. The season is still too long, although there is already a considerable gap between Barcelona and Real. Also important and impressive was Málaga’s victory against Valencia. Málaga are in a very good shape, and I also think that maybe Valencia suffered the consequences of a great effort against Bayern Munich a few days before, where they had to play with ten men for a long time… I take this opportunity to highlight Leo Baptistao’s performance: a young, key player for Rayo this season, who is having a big impact in Spanish football with his goals and assists. Back to London, and to London’s parks, they are a very important part of the city. From Hyde Park, the most famous one, to Battersea Park, the closest to my place, and also Regent’s Park, St James’s Park and Kensington Gardens. All of them offer plenty of activities: football, rowing and pedal boats, cycle lanes, zoo (Regent’s Park), and now Wonderland, a nice Christmas fair in Hyde Park that you shouldn’t miss if you happen to be around… Best wishes and see you next week! PS: I can’t forget about Fernando Alonso. He may win or lose, but he’s always an exciting driver and last Sunday he fought for the title until the last lap. He is an example: never gives up, and he works even harder when he is under pressure. Fernando, you’re great! Congratulations to Vettel also, he’s had a fantastic year. Lastly, RIP Dave Sexton, Chelsea manager in the 60′s & 70′s.