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  1. Chelsea 4-4 Ajax

    Don't know what to say. Was seriously considering going to bed after that 4th Ajax goal and now I'm disappointed we didn't win! Crazy game!
  2. Chelsea 4-4 Ajax

    Have I mentioned how much I hate Jorginho's style of taking penalties. Then again it works out well more often than not.
  3. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    I really hate VAR. Last week CHO was pushed and was given a yellow and today that cunt Deulofeu dived as soon as he felt has no chance to reach the ball and was rewarded a penalty.
  4. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    We now want that clean sheet! No hiccups like last week, please.
  5. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    Well done, lads! Tammy with goal and assist.
  6. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    Again the result is flattering to our opposition.
  7. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    And of course their goalie is doing phenomal saves now.
  8. Watford 1-2 Chelsea

    What a pass Jorgi! Nice finish by Tammy as well.
  9. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    And just like that our great win is starting to look ordinary...But oh well, the three points is what matter.
  10. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    Lol. Fuck this.
  11. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    I remember Oussama Assaidi scoring a similar one for Stoke against us like 6 years ago. Hopefully Burnley end up where Stoke are now as soon as possible.
  12. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    Tarkowski pushed him. Ok, fair enough, not a penalty. But the yellow for simulation was BS.
  13. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    Lol, bit of a soft pen, but CHO was being pushed. Not a simulation, IMO.
  14. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    Just look at Kovacic bossing the midfield. So great to watch.
  15. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    Funny how clinical we are this afternoon. Last week we were dominating Newcastle, but struggling to score and wasting plenty of chances and today Burnley are pressuring us and we score from almost every half-decent chance we get.
  16. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    Also a fantastic cross from Mount!
  17. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    Amazing! Is that a perfect hat-trick?
  18. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    Be calm, boys! And for the love of God, please, don't do a Sheffield.
  19. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    Damn, Puli. Every single touch he makes today is gold.
  20. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    I'm very happy most of you guys share my hatred for that dirty cunt Barnes.
  21. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    Have I mentioned how much I hate Ashley Barnes? Still remember that nasty tackle on Matic a few years ago which also ended up with a red for Nemanja, because he lost his temper.
  22. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    Wow, Puli! He somehow managed to get the ball through 3 Burnley defenders.
  23. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    I can already tell that cunt Oliver is going to let Burnley get away with thuggery.
  24. Ajax 0-1 Chelsea

    Super nervy game. I'll be honest, I didn't think we can pull it off. Put ourselves in a great position of progressing to the round of 16.
  25. Ajax 0-1 Chelsea

    Subs making the difference. Pulisic deserves to start this weekend with his great performance today and Mitchy did what was asked from him. Scored one of the two chances he had.