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  1. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    Alright, that's more like it. 93 points and 30 wins ends the second best EPL season by the winning team. Don't party too much because there's the FA Cup final waiting in less than a week.
  2. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    Am I the only one who is upset by the fact that our players don't seem to care much about this match?
  3. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    Still struggling to find a decent stream. Can any of you, guys, share yours?
  4. Chelsea 3-0 Middlesbrough

    How are we still leading only by 2 goals is beyond me.
  5. The English Football Thread

    Some of the posters here have abnormally weak mentality, it has to be said I can only imagine how they've acted during our 11/12 Champions League campaign.
  6. Everton 0-3 Chelsea

    Fantastic! Now keep the clean sheet, please. It's been ages since our last one.
  7. Chelsea 4-2 Southampton

    Sort out the defending already! I'm sick and tired of seeing us conceding soft goals.
  8. Bournemouth 1-3 Chelsea

    Flawless free kick!
  9. Bournemouth 1-3 Chelsea

    Is it just me or Courtois completely sucks when he has to do a non-routine save?
  10. Bournemouth 1-3 Chelsea

    Keep a clean sheet ffs.
  11. Chelsea 3-1 Swansea

    Get in! Down you go, welsh cunts.
  12. Chelsea 3-1 Swansea

    Oh, come on. It's a deja vu from the match in September.
  13. Chelsea 3-1 Swansea

    Please, guys, if anyone is watching on a stream I'll be very thankful if you share it with me.
  14. Chelsea 3-1 Swansea

    Any streams please?
  15. Burnley 1-1 Chelsea

    Nah, we're not winning this.