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  1. Chelsea - Burnley

    Probably because Giroud played few days ago and Higuain and Sarri have this father son connection like Sarri has with Jorginho
  2. Chelsea - Burnley

    Even if we win all matches, we Spurs or Arsenal would have to lose at least one time and I am not so sure if that´s really that likely. I just hope that the european competitions will mean that Spurs and Arsenal will rotate a lot and they fuck up at least once. Problem is that Chelsea also has to play EL
  3. Reece James

    If he plays as a BU for Azpi and Kante, he will get 10 matches under Sarri, who does not like to rotate his players. It would be way better to loan him out to a PL team, who really need a RB.
  4. The English Football Thread

    City need to win this match.
  5. Nicolas Pepe

    I would be ok with that. We get a world class talent from Lille and Hazard, a player that once came from Lille to Chelsea, can leave to his new adventure. Pepe will be sold this summer, that is for sure. Hopefully, we get finally a world class talent. Pepe is a RW, so Pulisic, Willian and CHO would compete for the Hazard position. Maybe, Willy or CHO will also be sold
  6. Chelsea 4-3 Slavia Prague

    With our luck, he will score...
  7. Chelsea 4-3 Slavia Prague

    Bring RLC, we need a physical beast right now
  8. Hakim Ziyech

    Ziyech or Pepe would be fine to me. It has to be one of them. I would prefer Pepe though due tot the fact that he is a physical beast and a Chelsea Fan though, but Ziyech is also insanly talented
  9. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I have seen him coach Germany so many years and I can tell that he is such a biased coach. It took him so many years to realise that some guys are not good enough, while other players that were so much better did not get a fair chance.He reminds me a lot of Sarri, only real difference is that he actually gives youth a chance. After WC, I stopped watching Germany games, but I can tell you that he always plays 4-2-3-1 (til I stopped watching Germany games), while Sarri only plays 4-3-3. You don´t have to change your formation every time, but at least change it once in a while because every team knew how to to play against a 4-2-3-1. He also has his favourite player and even if they underperform, they will start and that is one of the reasons why Germany underperformed in recent times. He is a very predictable, unflexible coach that had the luck to coach the golden generation of German footballers. There are way better german coaches out there like Klopp or Tuchel, but I would not consider him a good coach. The only positives I see about him as a coach is that he is not a youth hater and he is a good motivator. Apart from that, I don´t see any big strenghts. Also, I did not want to offend you,it seemed that you took my comment very hard. I think that was the only time I ever disagreed with you and on this topic, I disagree big time .
  10. Nicolas Pepe

    He is a Chelsea Fan, so I think we could have a chance
  11. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I hope you are not serious^^. He is one of the most incompetent coaches I have seen my whole life
  12. Nicolas Pepe

    And Pulisic can?
  13. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    A great striker would only fix some problems. A great striker needs also a great midfielder behind him to give him some great balls. Jorginho is not the man, who delivers those kind of passes. Cesc would play those passes and most of Costa´s goals came from Cesc. They were a dream team. As long as Sarri is here, he will play Jorginho. Jorginho sadly is not able to play creative passes like Cesc used to do, not even close. A great striker and a great midfielder would solve our offensiv problems,or at least more or less. We still have not good enough fullbacks and after Hazard and CHO leave us, we have 2 more areas, that need to get fixed
  14. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    What I don´t get is that people complain that our coaches don´t have enough power to get their players. Sarri got Jorginho (shit player, but he wanted him) and he wanted Higuain (shit player, but he wanted him) and now he wants Kovacic (shit player, but Sarri wants him). Now, if the board don´t agree with Sarri, people, will complain that our coaches don´t get their transfer wishes. If he gets his wish, people will complain about the board that they do stupid decisions...
  15. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I don´t see any signs of Sarri Ball to be honest. Guardiola nad Klopp at least showed that they were trying to implement something. We can´t even play Sarri Ball for 10 minutes against Everton, which is sad. Players like Hazard are not designed to play Sarri Ball because they like to dribble a lot and don´t pass the ball straight away. Napoli were able to carry the ball to the goal, but we would need to buy the whole Napoli squad to perform his way of playing, which is insane. We need a way more flexible coach. Sarri once said that he will not chance 4-3-3 because we first need to perfect his 4-3-3 before we could change into another formation, which is a very dumb thing to say. Conte for example wanted to play a weird 4-2-4 and it did not work, so he changed his tactics to a 3-4-3- or sometimes 3-5-2. He at least changed some things when things were not working.Sarri will never try something else. Guardiola tried millioon different tactics in Bayern and that shows that he is flexible to change. Guardiola is unpredictable, while Sarri is not. When players like Hazard, third best player in the world right now, can´t even play Sarri Ball, I don´t know what players he needs. Also, Sarri needs a lot of time to see what players are not good enough. Barkley, Alonso, Willian and Pedro. It took him 8 months to see that they are not good enough. Azpi also is not good enough and he needs propably 2 years to see that. James will never get a fair chance, he should be loaned out to a PL team, so journalists will pressure Sarri to play him if he performs like they did with CHO.Without the media, CHO would be still playing for the youth team, which is insane. Apart from that, his two transfers were so bad. Jorginho is not even close to the class of Cesc. Cesc was bad when players pressured him, but he was always able to play a world class pass. Jorginho is also bad when players pressure him and he is not able to play a world class pass. Even fucking Emerson can play world class passes like Cesc to Hazard. Apart from that, he wanted Higuain and he is complete shit. He probably wants more players from Napoli and I expect them to fail. In Seria A, the pressure of the opponents is not even close to PL. It is hard for them to compete in PL. Jorginho will always play under Sarri and even if we had prime Modric/Xavi, he would not play them because Sarri wants Jorginho to play his style. A style with zero creativity in midfield... It took us so many years to get a creative player like Cesc because we did not have a player that could make those kind of passes. KDB was one, but Mou did not see his potential, even though Fans could see that.I knew that he was world class, but Mou wanted Frank to play, who was not in his prime any more... Sarri is overall not he guy we need. Sadly, there are not any other great coaches available, so Sarri has more chances to fuck things up. Next season, without Hazard and possibly without CHO will be really hard. Maybe, Kante leaves us after that, who knows. Kante probably wants to achieve things and our current state, it will be hard. Season after season, we get worse.Giving up our best players and getting players like Jorginho, Alonso,Zappacosta or Higuain (loan I know). We need world class players or world class talents. We don´t need average players. Sarri got us two average players...