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  1. Next Manager?

    Thank you for the Spoilers, Madame Vesper...
  2. Ola Aina

    Actually it is the coaches that are at fault at this situation. We always have coaches, who do not rate Youth highly and our youth players know this, so they want to leave. And our board had to buy someone because our coach did not rate Aina that much. If we had a coach who rated him, Ola would be a first team player.
  3. Next Manager?

    Jose would be worst case scenario because he does not like if a team does not spend big. He immediately starts criticising the board etc. Furthermore, he is not capable of developing Youth. He thought that RLC was a no. 6, which is ridiculous. Players like CHO,RLC, James etc. could leave Chelsea. We should go for Lamps, even though he is not ready. He at least gives Youth a fair chance and we need a coach that gives Youth a chance especially next season with the transfer ban coming. It would be nice if Lamps would have a very experienced second coach besides him.
  4. Reece James

    I know how good he is, but Azpi is our captain and it is hard to bench a captain.
  5. Reece James

    If I remember correctly, AshleyCole had a similar injury and he was out for 3 months. If James is out for three months, that would not been that tragic. He would have not played anyway because Azpi plays all the games.
  6. 5. Jorginho

    Ok, that would be fine with me. That is the reason why I always wanted Bernardo Silva to play here for Chelsea. Silva and Hazard would have been insane.
  7. 5. Jorginho

    He became quite the good tackler, but he still lacks in creaivity. We need a long term Cesc replacement to solve our lack in creativity.
  8. The Board

    I sometimes think that he loves us more than Arsenal. Always congratulating us on social media etc. He would have stayed with us if Sarri had given him more time to play. He realised his dream winning the PL title with us not with Arsenal. Cesc for me would have been a perfect sporting director. He has seen the best of the best at different clubs. He is intelligent, very charismatic, very communicative and says like it is. He was captain at Arsenal and he was also a leader at Chelsea. I prefer giving him more of a permanent post like sporting director, so we don´t lose him. Coaches usually do not last long.
  9. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I am clearly not a Sarri fan, but he deserves to stay. He did so many mistakes in his first season at Chelsea, but I can see that he wanted some change. He gave RLC a fair chance and later after he fucked up the CHO situation, he gave him his fair chance too. Sarri now knows that some of our youth has some potential. He started rotating more and more, which he should have also done at the beginning of the season, but at least he tried to change somethings. I don´t see also another coach that could replace him apart from Allegri, who is probably going Barcelona or someone else. Sarri now knows the club, knows what our youth is capable of and he started to know that some players like Emerson are better than Alonso, which took him a lot of time to realise. He realised it at least. Mou for instance did not know that Ivanovic was past his prime and he paid the price for it. Sarri tries and he should be given a full pre season.
  10. The Board

    I would not mind giving Cesc a role at Chelsea when he retires from football. He is very intelligent guy and has a lot of knowledge about football.
  11. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    He did this interview: And also had a press conference, so he did a lot of media
  12. Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal

    Roman was in the stadium. Was very happy
  13. Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal

    Great cross from Emerson
  14. Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal

    Sarri time is coming. We will concede at least one goal in the next 10 minutes after HT
  15. Tammy Abraham

    How did he play? I only watched the highlights and he seemed quite good