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  1. Norwich - Chelsea

    It is not like Kante does not do any defensive duties any more. He still does a lot and RLC is defensively solid too. He is a good tackler and he uses his body really well to start counter attacks after he wins a ball. I think it will be better having Kante and RLC play along side rather than Jorginho and Kante together. because RLC gives us a physical domination in midfield, which in big games can be a huge factor. Also, Mount is pretty solid at pressing and wins tackles too. I don´t think that we would lack in the defensive point of view having RLC-Mount-Kante. But I agree. We need better defenders. I hope that Rüdiger gets to his best, but I also don´t think that he will be the solution. We need to spend big next transfer window on a world class defender
  2. Norwich - Chelsea

    RLC as a no. 10 will not work because he is not that good at it. He always was a no. 8 at youth level and he performed brilliant at Chelsea last season as a no. 8 under Sarri. As a no. 10, you waste his potential. When Lamps wants to play 4-2-3-1, just let Kante and RLC be no. 8 in that position. If RLC does his Yaya Toure runs, Kante can back up, if Kante wants to go forward, RLC can cover his position depending on the whole situation. In the big games, I see Lamps playing a 4-3-3, so RLC and Mount can play together and Lamps already said that all mifielders will have freedom, so RLC, Mount and Kante can use all their strenghts. Lamps is not that position focused
  3. Norwich - Chelsea

    Mount and RLC are completely differnet player with different strenghts and weaknesses. Lamps and Stevie were pretty similar in their style
  4. Conor Gallagher

    Seems like a Thomas Müller strenght or at least that was something that Müller was famous for.
  5. 9. Tammy Abraham

    Like I said, some Chelseafans are very hypocritical and don´t have fair judgement on players. Let them be haters. RLC was judged very poorly too. One example from Special Juan That quote from Special Juan was under Conte where RLC did not play in his natural position. Most people do not even know that RLC is a no. 8. He was playing no. 8 since his youth. Mou thought that he was a no. 6 in the long run and played him as a no. 6 or sometimes as a no. 10 because he thought that he was not experienced enough to play the no. 6 position. He never was a no. 6 in youth. Mou did not know shit about RLC´s real position, even though it was obvious when you analyze his strenghts. Saying RLC is a no. 6 in the long term is just stupid, but Mou is the worst coach of all time when it somes to youth integration and seeing youth potential. Conte used him as a striker and he never played striker at youth level. Roy at Palace played him as a winger and he was not a winger at youth level. It took fucking Sarri to realise that he was a no. 8 and Sarri played him there because he needed no. 8 players. People back than were always slaughtering RLC for no good reasons too. Judging a no.8 when he plays as a no. 10 or a striker is not the most objective idea, but these Chelsea experts don´t care and say that they are not good enough either way... You can´t change chelsea fans. Most of them are as knowledgeable as Real Madrid fans.... It is what it is.
  6. 9. Tammy Abraham

    No, Lamps said that he was selected as the fifth penalty taker due to the fact that Tammy asked him to give him the fifth penalty taker slot.Tammy wanted to shoot the penalty because of his confidence.
  7. General Transfer Talk

    I somehow knew you would be the one to answer haha. So from those 5 CBs, who would you buy? And how good is Skiriniar? I think we should go and invest in the best CB out there, even if it cost 80+ million. It is key for our future success. Our offensive football looks very good, but our CBs look shaky, especially Zouma. I don´t think that Rüdiger can fix that either because he always has his blackouts
  8. General Transfer Talk

    What do people think about Milan Skriniar? I have never seen him play, but a good Inter fan of mine said that he is the best 1 vs 1 defender he has seen in a while
  9. 9. Tammy Abraham

    rubbish but nearly won against us. So we will probably go down this season... At the end of the day, Tammy has everything a top striker needs to have. His second goal was also Costa level. His passing and his hold up play are great and he showed that in every match this season. He played 170 minutes this season and scored two goals. Not bad at all and considering the fact that he only has 2.3 shots at goal per game, this stat is pretty good. Tammy will even perform better when James and CHO come into the team again. Both are very good at crossing and Tammy needs good crosses.
  10. 9. Tammy Abraham

    What did Giroud do in 20 minutes? Did he score against a championchip side ala Norwich? Worrying performance from Tammy? or from the team? Because Tammy was MOTM.
  11. Conor Gallagher

    Does anyone have the goal? Happy for the kid. I did not rate him based on his pre season, but I did not watch him in his last youth season to give a fair judgement on him.
  12. Luka Jović

    Sorry, I always think in Euros and I think it should be around 45 to 50 million euros.He has his qualities and is a good back up for Kante.
  13. 9. Tammy Abraham

  14. Luka Jović

    There is a huge difference between chelseafans just slaughtering Tammy for no fair reason and giving Kovacic shit when he became our player on the day we signed him. Based on his performances last season, Kovacic was not worth 50 million. Right now, he plays good. Let us see how he plays in the long run because Kova started very good in his first few matches and then he started to drop his level of performance. I like Kova though.
  15. 9. Tammy Abraham

    But let´s be honest, most Chelsea fans always see the negative and some are very hypocritical. Tammy misses a long distance shot twenty metres away from goal and people think he is not good enough. But take into account that he only played 20 minutes, it was his only chance, his hold up play and his passing were brilliant against Leicester and that he made good runs. It that was Giroud or Michy, people would be praising that kind of performances, Ronaldo needs seven shots at target before he scores, Messi needs six shots, but when Tammy misses a long distance shot he is not good enough. Today he scored and the pressure was very high on him. After those racist attacks on him, missing the final penalty in the Supercup, losing and drawing games all the time and playing in a must win game and still be able to play the way he did today was just brilliant. It is funny that til now, only our youth players have scored in PL