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  1. The Board

    Seems like we are now trying out the Scandinavian youth with plenty from Finland especially.
  2. 23. Billy Gilmour

    Is Lampard telling his players to say something to refs so they get a red card and won't have to play these nonessential games
  3. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    If Alaba is getting 400k what is stopping Werner, Kova and more asking for a similar amount?
  4. The International Football Thread

    That is unexplainable really.
  5. Chelsea 4-1 Sheffield United

    Two great passes from Chilwell in this game to switch the play as well.
  6. Chelsea 4-1 Sheffield United

    And this is without our star signing of the season, Havertz!
  7. Chelsea 4-1 Sheffield United

    Now we need CHO for Werner and Giroud for Tammy
  8. Chelsea 4-1 Sheffield United

  9. Chelsea 4-1 Sheffield United

    What a skill move by Hakim!
  10. Chelsea 4-1 Sheffield United

    Yeah last two were really great from him
  11. Chelsea 4-1 Sheffield United

    We have been knocking on the door. What attacking power we have!
  12. Chelsea 4-1 Sheffield United

    That goal was what Lampard wanted with the moving 8 going into the box
  13. Chelsea 4-1 Sheffield United

    Ziyech trying to make up for his mistake with the killer pass too often now.
  14. Chelsea 4-1 Sheffield United

    They are all so tall!
  15. Eden Hazard

    He just can't catch a break there in Madrid!