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  1. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Mustafi right in the balls?
  2. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Bizarre since Tomori wasn't doing anything wrong really.
  3. Chelsea - Arsenal

    What happened to Tomori? Hopefully the media will ask Frank after the game...
  4. Italian league allows way too many subs to be on the bench wtf
  5. The English Football Thread

    What a CB pair VVD and Gomez are. Gomez is soooo good.
  6. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

    Barkley or Pedro on?
  7. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

    Hopefully Lampard instructs Rudiger or Tomori to give Saint-Maximin special attention during the game. I'm guessing our FB pair will be Reece at RB and Azpi at LB, with them going forward every time available. This can leave Saint-Maximin a lot of space to run into with the ball at the counter. Also, if up against Azpi he could have some joy dribbling around him.
  8. 24. Reece James

    Such positive news! Hoping for new deals for Lamptey and Abraham with a loan moves/more first team games for Gilmour, Anjorin and Maatsen!
  9. Conor Gallagher

    Understandable. It doesn't look good from us with him starting pretty much every match. If he goes to a team in EPL then hopefully he will do well, but lets remember Tammy at Swansea.
  10. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Would like to see us take a punt for Boga. Can't be any worse having him than Pedro to be honest.
  11. Chelsea 3-0 Burnley

  12. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Yeah like we are signing players from DiLaurentiis anytime soon...
  13. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    If he can work out his mental problems and add a little muscle he would be amazing. Remember, Barcelona really wanted him, Man City really wanted him and he was really good for half a season with Conte. He is still very young for a CB so I would love for our future CB's to be Tomori, Christensen and Aké/Rudiger. Unfortunately, I don't think we can have Zouma as a starter if he doesn't improve his ball playing skills.
  14. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Think he said "rival PREMIER LEAGUE club", so I doubt it's Leeds. I'm thinking Aké. I wouldn't be unhappy with either him or Soyuncu. However, I'm surprised that the club is looking at CB's since we have Tomori, Zouma, Christensen (who can barely get a game even though he is a future star in my opinion) and Rudiger. None of these would I sell in January.
  15. Gabriel Barbosa

    He flopped in Italy. I'm not sure why so many here are so interested in him.