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  1. Coronaviral

    Meanwhile Tottenham Hotsp*r prompted anger on Tuesday amongst all MPs when they announced they would be applying for a government scheme in order to use public funds to pay 80% of the wages of off-pitch employees. On the same day it was revealed Mr Levy earned a £3m bonus last year, as part of his £7m earnings and Bahamas-based businessman Joe Lewis, worth more than £4bn, who holds a large controlling stake in Tottenham. Greedy shitcunts scrounging off the tax payer....
  2. Coronaviral

    The banks aren't answering the phones to businesses promised interest free loans to survive Covid 19 gives a chance for capitalism to reboot -billionaires will flourish, SMEs the competition will go to the wall....
  3. The English Football Thread

    The Premier League intend to resume matches for this season behind close doors at the start of May. The plan needs to be endorsed by the Government, public health bodies and the PFA, and there is a conference call on Friday The season will then end on July 12th. If it doesn't get the go ahead, the Premier League will have to pay back TV companies £762 million (Reuters)
  4. Bit of Fun

    Lets see your choices Favourite Club: Chelsea Favourite Country: England Player I hate the most: Jordan Henderson Club I hate the most: Liverpool Favourite ever player: Peter Osgood Favourite ever manager: Brian Clough Legendary Player: George Best Favourite ever Keeper: Peter Bonetti Favourite ever Defender: John Terry Favourite ever Midfielder: Frank Lampard Favourite ever Striker: Drogba
  5. Bit of Fun

    Had to look him up
  6. The English Football Thread

    Well your twitter thing is Japanese ジェーソン Why sooooo cagey ?
  7. Bit of Fun

    Lets see your choices Favourite Club: Chelsea Favourite Country: England Player I hate the most: Jordan Henderson Club I hate the most: Liverpool Favourite ever player: Peter Osgood Favourite ever manager: Brian Clough Legendary Player: George Best Favourite ever Keeper: Peter Bonetti Favourite ever Defender: John Terry Favourite ever Midfielder: Frank Lampard Favourite ever Striker: Drogba
  8. The English Football Thread

    https://twitter.com/halfjase India ?
  9. The English Football Thread

    Lol you've always been cagey about that ! From the Halfjase twitter thing I think its Malaysia or Singapore...
  10. The English Football Thread

    Its really varied isn't it, mainly because testing is so lacking at the moment Which country are you in ?
  11. General Chelsea Stuff

    Her breath ! Perhaps that's why he visited whores https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1248382/Avram-Grant--Premier-League-football-manager-face-police-quiz-brothel-inquiry.html
  12. The English Football Thread

    Yup looking bad, although the chief medical officer said things will be reviewed regularly - firstly in 3 weeks Is it bad in your country ?
  13. The Mourinho Thread

    On R 5 last night - ''I want to return to Chelsea one day, thats for sure'' Here are the highlights of that interview: SPOONY: I'm used to calling the top man at a football club 'the manager', but you're head coach at Real Madrid. Do you like being a manager or do you prefer to be called coach? MOURINHO: In my relationship with my players I had everything. I had the traditional Portuguese 'Mr', I had 'the guv', I had 'the boss', 'coach' and 'Jose'. SPOONY: Which is your favourite? MOURINHO: You know, 'the guv' was the one I took. I think it was Damien Duff, the first one to call me that, and I took a few weeks to understand the dimension. What matters for me is that it remains forever. Even today Frank Lampard and John Terry call me 'boss' and I'm not the boss anymore. SPOONY: When we see you on the touchline or in a press conference, it would very much appear that those things don't matter to you. But sitting here speaking to you now, you hold these things very dear and close to you. MOURINHO: These are the things that matter for me. I read a book from one of the most important coaches in the history of university sports, John Wooden, a basketball coach at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), and one of the things he says is that the most important thing in all of this is 'the man'. The human relation. The best coach is the one who puts in everything. SPOONY: Is winning everything? MOURINHO: No, winning is not everything. But winning is more important than any one of us. Sometimes you have the feeling during the match that a player cannot improve, and you can read the situation - he didn't start well, but he has the conditions to finish well - but sometimes you feel immediately the team started bad, the players are bad, and you have to make some changes. If the result goes completely against you, you have to take some decisions and some risks and everyone's afraid of that. SPOONY: You hold Sir Alex Ferguson in very high regard? Sir Alex on Mourinho in 2009 "I got on very well with him at Chelsea and I think it was a loss to the game when he went. I actually enjoyed watching him on the television. I thought he was good. He was cocky and confident but it was good for the game. Right away he came in and said, 'I'm the Special One', and we all thought, 'Who is this?' and his team thought, 'We'd better win here'. He came to Chelsea and made that declaration himself. Don't forget he was self-anointed. People then sat up but his achievements are there to be recognised." MOURINHO: Of course. My first contact with him was not one to forget because Porto beat Manchester United in the Champions League. After the match he was knocking on our dressing room door with Gary Neville, and they wanted to congratulate our dressing room. So that was a moment when I understood that when the win is deserved, you have to respect the winners and you have to know to enjoy a little bit the happiness of the others. It happened with Bayern Munich last season when we (Real Madrid) lost the semi-final on penalties, and at the end of the match it was not a drama for me. I was also in their dressing room. I remember that day of Porto-Man United, and it was the start of my relationship with the greatest manager of British football. SPOONY: Would you go back to Chelsea? MOURINHO: I will go where people really want me. But I have to repeat always this: I'm with Real Madrid, I very much want to be, I have a new contract, I'm not thinking about leaving. The day I leave is when I want to go. But yes, I want to go back one day, that's for sure. SPOONY: People always say Barcelona are the greatest club side that we've ever seen in this generation, yet Real Madrid won La Liga. You must be proud? MOURINHO: We won, and we won with nine points difference. They didn't win, and they didn't win because they had a bad season, because sometimes big teams have a bad season where they lose points. They had 91 points, and with 91 points you are the champion of every Liga. The point is, Real Madrid had 100 points. We beat every record in the league in Spain and so we won because we were tremendous, because we've had an incredible season. SPOONY: What drives you? What keeps you so motivated? MOURINHO: The club above everything. When I go to a club, I wear the shirt, I feel the shirt like my first one or my last one, I feel the fans as part of myself, I create internal links with fans. I become immediately one of them, and I feel that I am one of them with a privileged position to fight for the club and to try to bring to all of them happiness. SPOONY: Is this what happens when there's a potential problem between yourself and an owner, in that they don't always see it from the fans' point of view? MOURINHO: You go through my career since day one until now and I've never had problems with clubs and owners. At Chelsea, I didn't want to stay and let things go into a direction where we were all feeling it was not the best direction. We felt that was the best decision, because in this moment we are friends. There are no problems between me and Roman (Abramovich, Chelsea owner). Mourinho's trophy haul Porto (2002-04): Primera Liga (2003, 2004), Champions League (2004), Uefa Cup (2003), Portuguese Cup (2003), Portuguese Super Cup (2003). Chelsea (2004-07): Premier League (2005, 2006), FA Cup (2007), League Cup (2005, 2007), Community Shield (2005). Inter (2008-10): Serie A (2009, 2010), Champions League (2010), Coppa Italia (2010), Italian Super Cup (2008). Real Madrid (2010 to date): La Liga (2012), Copa del Rey (2011). When people know me they understand that if sometimes I'm not an easy person to work with it's because I fight for my people, for the best conditions for the players and I fight for the club and I fight for the fans, and I become a fan. SPOONY: Sir Bobby Robson is a national treasure in the UK and you were his right-hand man. How much did you learn from him? MOURINHO: I was lucky. I was lucky because he took me in when I was really young. I spent something like five years with Sir Bobby, and of course he was very important for me. But again, if you ask me to say the most important things with Sir Bobby and why did I learn a lot, I keep the person. I forget everything about football and I keep the person. SPOONY: You've signed a new contract until 2016 at Real Madrid, but the accusation in the past is that you're just about winning trophies, and not bothered about young players coming through. So what is your master plan for Real Madrid? MOURINHO: You know, first of all the challenge was to come here and to win, and to stop that domination of Barcelona in the Spanish league. We did it, and I could say 'job done', but we want not to win in an isolated way - we want to keep winning. Real Madrid was the biggest club of the last century because of results, and we want Real Madrid to go in the same direction in the 21st century. SPOONY: And just before I let you go, do you see yourself one day managing an international side? Would you manage an international side that wasn't Portugal? MOURINHO: In this moment I don't see it because it's a completely different kind of job. In the club we play 60 matches a season, in an international team we play maybe 10, so it's a job I don't want to have in this moment. But it's a job that makes people full of pride, especially if you do it with your own country, and I will do it with Portugal because I think Portuguese people wouldn't understand if I do it with another country. I don't imagine myself in the World Cup playing against Portugal. SPOONY: Managing England against Portugal in the semi-finals MOURINHO: It would be dramatic
  14. The English Football Thread

    Here in the UK we're talking about no movement restrictions lifted until end of May, early June
  15. The English Football Thread

    'Officially'. Yet they've delivered two lots of 5000 urns to one funeral home alone in the last two days

    Think you're right the virus will put a lot on hold for quite a while. Shame in a way it's going- there were 85 000 there watching Kalou , I also miss the old Highbury and WHL as well, but that's just nostalgia

    Yup any EU countries within the Schengen area you don't need to show passports. Didn't know they were demolishing San Siro -saw us totally dominate there and lose 2-1

    Have they moved it from Italy ?
  19. General Chelsea Stuff

    It was like a tramp given the keys to a Rolls Royce -anyway how can you trust a man whose wife drinks piss ?
  20. Coronaviral

    Highly probable China is covering up the real statistics. Two shipments of 5000 urns to one funeral home seems to tell a different story...….
  21. Coronaviral

    Definitely -and using animal parts for 'medicine', like bear spleens and Rhino tusks. Completely mental
  22. Coronaviral

    We don't know its rare. Worked with a bloke who worked in a slaughterhouse. Complete nutter. There was a trough about three foot deep of pigs blood he used to dive in, he and his mates kicked pigs to death, and stamped on chickens, He thought it was laugh. There was demo outside the slaughterhouse by animal rights people, he and his mates threw offal and blood at them. He used to go out at night tooled up, finally done a stretch for stabbing three people down Lambeth.
  23. Coronaviral

    No chance. They'll just show videos of our slaughterhouses, pigs and sheep being kicked to death
  24. Coronaviral

    Know what you mean - here are some organisations trying to stop it. I donate and apparently Gervais has given them hundreds of thousands https://www.onegreenplanet.org/animalsandnature/organizations-rescue-dogs-meat-trade/
  25. Coronaviral