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  1. The English Football Thread

    Ashley and Frank https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46912373
  2. Gonzalo Higuain

    Was at that one ! Absolute carnage.
  3. Gonzalo Higuain

    Yeah there have been some flops -exceptions Vialli, Stein, Senor Ossie
  4. Gonzalo Higuain

    Merson used to stand in the Shed so a bit of a soft spot for him God he liked the Charlie almost as much as the gambling and booze -his autobiography is one of the best football ones I've read.
  5. Gonzalo Higuain

    Unusual for a manger of ours to get the striker he wants - Sarri will be blamed if he doesn't perform but his linkup play looks good as well as poaching This could be as important as Anelka joining in Jan all those years ago or Fergie essentially signing van Persie just for one season.
  6. Gonzalo Higuain

    Let's hope he has a George Weah effect against Sp*rs !
  7. So, what do you do for living?

    Mate so sorry for your loss -and I agree people are way, way more important than having things, careers, and football.
  8. Petr Cech

    Well done to Mourinho for playing him over Carlo. That was a big call at the time. Proved to be the correct one, but maybe not for Courtois being preferred over him later
  9. Arsenal v Chelsea

    Teams we should be beating comfortably are finding it so easy to play against us, and often look more dangerous going forward than we do. Sarriball didn’t win anything in Italy, and can't see it happening in this country either
  10. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Jorginho has made over 2000 passes with no assists. Sarriball, -fucking Sarriball Palsy Shove it up yer arse
  11. Arsenal v Chelsea

    Yeah that's more likely - 92% possession 1258 passes, but Huddersfield win 1-0 with one shot
  12. Arsenal v Chelsea

    Out of that lot Sp*rs will go all Sp*rsy on at least two of theirs. We will get a result out of 3 of ours, but lose at the Etihad Arsenal will lose two of theirs, but the Redscum from the Theatre of Shite could quite easily win all of their four. They're 'Mourinho Free', like dogs off the leash
  13. Arsenal v Chelsea

    The great man himself