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  1. Oscar

    Won't Fabregas play the 10 role next year?
  2. Eden Hazard

    His match against South Korea was not great, the same problem that non direct players have in the national team. He was often alone outside with no combination play possible. Otherwise, I think Eden didn't want to play. After the russian game, he was already saying that he would prefer not to play the last game of the group stage. In Belgium, the marketing team wants to make it like this group is great and are all friends but I bet it's not the case. Before Januzaj was coming, there were already two three players like Mirallas who were saying they would have prefer if Wilmots had waited for a few more years to pick him up. There is also a flemish journalist who said that some players in the group had complaints that Wilmots training had no tactical work, having no patterns for their attacks (not suprising whey you see them play, it's cross cross and cross) and that they were not working on specific training for free-kicks and corners (Wilmots saying it's not because you will work for it two weeks that you will score). I
  3. The Mourinho Thread

    But there's also the fact there is less combination of movements in the box. Agains, it's simple one on one and strength that he relies on.
  4. The Mourinho Thread

    I think he wants to be next Manchester United coach.
  5. The Mourinho Thread

    And because in Spain, not many teams like to sit deep and let the other team have the ball for the entire match.
  6. Post-season review - Chelsea 2013/14

    Nothing surprising for me, I've said it in the beginning of the season that we would struggle againt the average teams as they are much less naïve that his first time in Chelsea. The legacy of Mourinho of deep and organized defense, letting the ball to the opponent and the struggle against them for a Mourinho team was just as predicted.
  7. The Mourinho Thread

    And about William. Look at Ronaldo this year and under Mourinho. He's leaner this year. The focus of Mourinho on strength, defense above all else is absurd. Luiz, Oscar and even Hazard were better under Benitez. Hazard can on some matches cope with Mourinho style because of his capability of doing solo actions, dribbling but I doubt it's what Hazard is enjoying the most, prefers quick combination. Oscar is also much better when there is pattern in offense as his strenght is intelligence and ability to move a lot but rigid attack when you have to do difference alone in the beginning is not his strength. Mourinho is a one trick pony, excellent at that one but breaking compact defense he's rubbish as his Real Madrid side show last year against Manchester United who were just sitting deep, happy to let Madrid pass at snail pace in front of them.
  8. Post-season review - Chelsea 2013/14

    This season is as I was seeing it in the pre-season. We have difficulties against the team using the legacy of Mourinho in his first period here in England, happy to sit back and letting the balls to the other team. And even being a bit dirty like the teams of Jose used to be when defending.
  9. The Mourinho Thread

    The problem I have with Mourinho is that he's a hard to beat coach and when the opposition is doing the same thing, it often results in very ugly matches. And he's for me a two three years max coach as his style of play must be exhausting for the players and where there is little enjoyement for the players. It can only last till he reaches a breaking point.
  10. Eden Hazard

    Bullshit. It's not like Eden and Oscar did not have to track back last year. It's just that when we have the ball, if we can't counter-attack quickly, we are clueless.
  11. Eden Hazard

    I prefered him under Benitez. Oscar was also better under Benitez. There's no pattern in how to break defences. Look at his Real Madrid team last year against Manchester United who was just sitting, putting no pressure on Real Madrid Players and all they were doing was passing sideways in front of them waiting for a Manchester United error. No team play and quick rehearsed movements to stretch and put real pressure on them. Real Madrid are also playing better this year. Mourinho I think is not that great for players that would play best in a spanish possession team with quick combinations and passes. This year it's the same high and low that he had at Lille. He was much more consistent the last 3-4 months under Benitez. I hate the low line of our defence, the slow passing between our defenders and midfielders.
  12. Post-season review - Chelsea 2013/14

    Against the lower half or average teams, it's worse than last year as we don't have the excuse of playing every three four days and our squad is deeper. But it's not a great surprise to me as Mourinho's team have always look average when his teams had to break defences. If Real wins the champion's league this year, it would be an horrible season for him.
  13. PSG 3-1 Chelsea

    I'm not that surprised by the result. PSG have a better midfield and are fitter than us. Don't know what Mourinho does in physical preparation of players but it's not great. Real Madrid this year seems much better and the players seems to have less useless muscle mass (Ronaldo seems leaner this year compared to last year).
  14. Politics & Stuff

    Ukrainian politics since the collapse of the USSR and since 2002-3 have blackmaided West and Russia with their gas pipelines and is the playground of oligarchs fighting each other and amassing huge fortunes while doing nothing for their country (a bit like Russia in the 90's). What I find funny is seeing many ukrainian politics playing crippled man saying Russia was bad to them before an election and being all right after the election is gone. The best is Bulatov the youth and sport minister who said Russian had tortured him. Or the activist woman tweeting I'm dying and seen in France in great form while she had "received a shot" in her neck. They should look how Finland have done (their politicians not being clowns like in Ukraine).
  15. Politics & Stuff

    I know what you mean. Hezbollah have discipline and is more like a mini-state with politics, army, schools (I've watched a documentary where it was said that their schools were very good in science, math, english). Al Quaida is a creation of secret services who is using nutcases to destabilize regions. The problem - Lybia being an example- is that after the fighting, they lack skills to lead and is difficult to control once you've started the party. I don't understand why Us and their allies use those kind of people as these people can also be used by Russian and other states as those organisations have no real hierarchy and a great number of people can be influenced as they are stupid. That's why I would have more respect for an Hezbollah organisation as they have structures, clear political hierarchy and their troops act with the same discipline as military as Hezbollah have proved in 2006 during the Israel advance in the Lebanon territory and now in Syria to win back territories from the Djihadis.
  16. European Competition thread

    I'm not confident about this match. PSG will have the upper hand in midfield and I don't think we will have many counter-attack opportunities. They will not give us many free balls without extreme pressure from us unlike some english teams and this is a french team who are used to physicallity as the french league is quite physical in the duels.
  17. Galatasaray 1-1 Chelsea

    I prefer team play with individual qualities that is in control of the ball. And in Latin America, there is a huge difference in style between Argentina and Brazil for example. Brazil have much better athletes and dribblers and can punish teams even if not playing that well (like the 2002 world cup) while Argentina and other south american teams will need to have the possession as they are in average slower. I have a preference for Argentinian (well not under Maradonna) and spanish style of football. It's the ball who is moving fast not necessarily the players. For example in the premier league, the pace of the game for me is so overrated. I have seen many very slow matches in the premier league.
  18. Galatasaray 1-1 Chelsea

    For me Barca performance under Guardiola for the most part was not boring. The way they were keeping the ball, creating space by quick passing and movements, this football is what I always imagined when you talk about great team.
  19. Galatasaray 1-1 Chelsea

    The team seems already very tired, like the team was at the end of Di Matteo reign, just that we are more defensive. The big problem we have is that we can't beat average teams without having to fight hard as our passing game and offensive moves are rubbish. Last year there was some lacklustre performance but when we were pushing, we were often creating much more chances in 45 minutes than in two matches this year.
  20. Mikel John Obi

    Physicality of Mikel, are you kidding? Mikel is ok if midfielders of opponent are slow, otherwise he will be beaten at every turn. Don't understand why you like him so much. No european top clubs would have him, or just as last midfielder in their squad.
  21. Chelsea v Everton

    No Luiz Cahill partnership in central defense and Mikel in midfield please.
  22. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    The Bundesliga is not great. You have Bayern, Dortmund but the rest of the teams are conceding so many goals in european competition. The defensive players of many bundesliga teams are awful.
  23. Eden Hazard

    Rooney is not a good example. Ronaldo is the best athlete i will give you that. For the rest they play for teams that play 90% of their matches in the opponent's half and have 65-70% of the ball. They aren't killing their midfielders to run like mad men, their defence is pushing higher and everybody is close to the others. Us we play with the back line sitting deep and not very close to the midfield. That's why I don't understand why many here hates the possession play, finding it boring while it's the best way for the players to not push themself to the ground as the matches agaisnt average team, you should not have to push that much if you're a good possession team.
  24. Mohamed Salah

    Yes you can and with these two players it's easy to see from the beginning of a match if they are in form or have fatigue. When you are knackered, you are slower to react, your coordination is not good, you're not capable of doing huge efforts. Top speed (as it's a very high intensity work-out) is what is going down quickly when you're not at your top condition. You are stiffer when you've been pushing your body too much. It's not like us but have you ever done a big work-out when you've pushed yourself too much and the days after, you're barely able to move as usual. To stay in topic, like some said, many are way too harsh on Salah. He's new to the team and if the rest were poor, why would you expect him to be good when our team play was awful.
  25. The Mourinho Thread

    What is worrying is that it seems our midfielders are being burned out way too early. The fact that hey have to make so many runs when we lose the ball because our back line is deep, is what is killing them. They have to run so much to create, and then run some more when we are losing the ball. And our squad is bigger than last year and the schedule much less heavier. That's my main critic about Mourinho, the attacking midfielders are killing themself against the average teams because they have to do too much against these teams. First half against Hull was a blueprint of that, we had the 4 attacking players with no support that had to do everything in attack against 8 sitting players.