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Everything posted by turgi

  1. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Haven't been here for a week and I have 35 pages to go through. You guys are insane.
  2. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Rajko <3 He played at the bridge aleady.
  3. Chelsea 4-0 Everton

    I would like to witness a Billy - RLC - Mount trio!
  4. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Would love to see Rajkovic. Hw shouldn't be very expensive.
  5. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Zyiech is a replacement to Willian?! Also do we have a buy back clause for Boga?
  6. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    How "official" is this Ziyech thing?
  7. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Mertens is better than Pedro?
  8. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I feel like crying
  9. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Just read the last ten pages of this thread and it's depressing as fuck. Would be better with a transfer ban.
  10. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Seems to me that Chelsea is just doing business in the usual Chelsea way.
  11. Chelsea 3-0 Watford

    We won, but to think about this squad without Hazard and a potential transfer ban is a bit scary. Specially playing Champions League football as well.
  12. Chelsea 3-0 Watford

    God help us
  13. Gonzalo Higuain

    I watched the AC Milan game last night. I'd rather we go for Cutrone....
  14. 22. Christian Pulisic

    Does it mean.....?
  15. Eden Hazard

    Really great news
  16. Nemanja Matic

    Good money but at the moment we are going for a very long season with barely any depth.
  17. Alex Sandro

    For those who still believe there's a chance he'll be wearing blue next year, De scilgio is undergoing medicals at Juve
  18. Romelu Lukaku

    Man I hate them
  19. Romelu Lukaku

    Is it too late to call Tammy back?
  20. Romelu Lukaku

    This is getting a bit exhausting too. Days gone with no real news.
  21. Alex Sandro

    This is getting a bit exhausting
  22. General Transfer Talk

    Are we going to see any signing at all?
  23. Oscar