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  1. The International Football Thread

    The Republic of Ireland beat Estonia 4-0 away in the Euro 2012 play-off first leg. Keith Andrews scored early enough in the first half with a header. Jonathan Walters headed in too about mid way through the second half after a sloppy save attempt from Pareiko, the Estonian 'keeper. Robbie Keane soon followed with a goal and scored again from the penalty spot in the 88th minute. Damien Duff took a bit of a knock, but they say he should be fit for Tuesday's second leg in the Aviva. Not a good night for Estonia at all and while they probably could have had some chances of their own, as the second half went on, it just seemed to get worse. Along with that scoreline, they were reduced to nine men while three others got yellow cards as well.
  2. Give Us Feedback/Bugs Thread

    It's been like that since last Saturday at the very least, which was when I first noticed it.
  3. Chelsea Kits thread

    That kit was from 2009/10 season.
  4. Islam Feruz

    Source - BBC Sport
  5. Islam Feruz

    I would assume so, but other than that article there has been no mention of it anywhere else and definitely nothing from either Chelsea or Celtic. It could still be that rumour I mentioned earlier although there is some more detail to that article so it's hard to tell.
  6. Islam Feruz

    I remember hearing a couple of years ago that he was supposed to be Celtic's next big thing, and earlier this year a move to Chelsea started doing the rounds as a rumour. Most Celtic supporters seem really annoyed about it which is understandable though since the club did help him out a lot and they expected him to have a bright future there.
  7. Josh McEachran

    Rangers, Celtic and Hearts may still have the chance to play European football, even if it is Europa League.
  8. The International Football Thread

    Our group is actually tough enough I reckon. Like OReillyD36 said, Germany will probably win it, which I'd be fairly happy about anyway since Germany are my second favourite country. Other than that, it will Austria and Sweden will cause us the problems mainly. I don't expect that much from Kazakhstan and the Faroe Islands. I can't see really Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales qualifying unfortunately, but England can definitely win Group H. Montenegro, Poland and Ukraine are good and may even cause problems but I still think England could do it.
  9. The International Football Thread

    It ended up 5-0 to Spain. I'm not too surprised to be honest but it still would've been nice to see them get to the final. Fair play to them even still though, Ireland don't usually get that far in a football tournament at any level, even if there had been only eight teams in this one. Hopefully the Czech Republic win the final, they have Kalas and I don't usually go for Spain in any game anyway. That was a great goal though.
  10. The International Football Thread

    The Republic of Ireland are up against Spain in the other semi-final of the U19 European Championship and it's about five minutes in at the moment. Come on you boys in green!
  11. Give Us Feedback/Bugs Thread

    I'm going to have to be even more careful when I post now.
  12. Chelsea Kits thread

    I was able to give the away one you suggested a try after all and it's in my post now if you want to have a look.
  13. Chelsea Kits thread

    I personally wouldn't be all that keen on it, but I gave what you said a try on the shirt as the home, away and third shirts and this is the result. The quality of these aren't great so sorry about that.
  14. Drogba or Torres

    I'd go with Torres as well but we can only wait and see really, at least until the end of the pre-season. Granted he could be a bit of a risk, but Drogba is 33 and as Terminator X has more-or-less just said, if Drogba is given a lesser role, his reaction might have a detrimental effect on the rest of the team. It's a new start under Villas-Boas, so hopefully Torres can shine this time around, and with Drogba it's not as likely he can do that. Only time will tell though and the pre-season will hopefully give us some idea of how things could work out, but for the time being I'm sticking with Torres.
  15. Rate The Sig Or Ava Above From A Scale From 1-10

    Avatar - 8 Signaure - 8