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  1. Eden Hazard

    This guy is amazing to watch. Still can get even better which is so exciting.
  2. The English Football Thread

    No idea but this is Wenger lmao.
  3. The English Football Thread

    Good players find space and get involved.
  4. The English Football Thread

    God Ozil is so poor, he's looked awful in almost every Arsenal game I've seen. Absolutely invisible.
  5. Name Changes thread

    Please could I have my name changed to: Ace. Just brings it more in line with the rest of my online personas! Thanks.
  6. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Shame to see you banned. I don't post here much but have always enjoyed reading your posts and arguments with other members..
  7. The English Football Thread

    Interested to see how United line up this season and whether they can click. I don't think they'll be a threat to us or City for the title but their new signings will certainly take them up a level, if Van Gaal can get them to work together. Personally, I think they would be better off not trying to shoehorn Mata and Rooney into the same team, assuming Falcao is playing as the no. 9 and Van Persie is out injured (rumoured to need surgery...). With the amount of money spent and the quality they have brought it would be an unmitigated disaster if they didn't at least finish 4th IMO. It does sort of feel like they (whether this is Woodward, Van Gaal or some other executive) have taken a more 'Real Madrid' approach to transfers and this could only be the beginning of their spending spree. Their wage bill must be astronomical, but they can afford it because they are commercial titans, with FFP their to help cement the status quo. Funnily enough they have been the polar opposite to us this summer: we have had virtually no net spend, whilst we have bought with purpose and structure to adequately complete our team, instead of trying to fit (expensive) square pegs in round holes. They still could have done with a top quality CB and another midfield player but I'm sure Utd fans at the start of the window would have bitten your hand off for the players that they have brought in this summer. Arsenal have looked dire since the Community Shield and their annual injury crisis is only just beginning; on that note, it makes me grateful for our medical team/training methods/whatever it may be that we don't pick up such awful and prolonged injuries to our players. Welbeck will be a good, not great, signing for them and will no doubt score goals playing as a CF. People always write Arsenal off for finishing 4th yet they always find a way, but really Utd should be finishing ahead of them with their respective squads and lack of European/league cup distraction. If Van Gaal ditched the 3-5-2 that I am not at all a fan of and went with a more orthodox formation then their team, on paper, looks pretty impressive, and certainly enough for 4th spot: -----------------Falcao------------------- Di Maria----Mata/Rooney----Januzaj ----------Hererra-----Blind------------ Shaw---Jones------Rojo-----Rafael -------------------DDG----------------- That team isn't as good as ours, City's or Liverpool's (the latter being arguable, but Rodgers has got a good system going and has more experience with this squad) but it is still full of quality individuals and I fail to see how they won't at least expect 3rd or 4th. Some optimistic fans might argue that they should challenge for the title. They also have Van Persie to come back. I'm actually happy they signed these players, it makes the PL more interesting/exciting and I firmly believe if our domestic competition gets stronger then we naturally have to elevate our game and it is better for English clubs/PL fans in the grand scheme of things. Can't wait for these shit international friendlies to be over and done with (won't even watch them or take notice) and get back to the real football.
  8. Mikel John Obi

    Well, his sprint and back-heel assist capped off a bizarre yet awesome week to be a Chelsea fan. As stated above, he deserves praise for adding a semblance of defensive solidity in a period when Matic/Ramires couldn't control the game or keep it tight.
  9. Ramires

    Always been critical of Ramires but thought he had a good game and was certainly productive. Usual sloppiness in possession but he made up for that with not giving away too many silly fouls and his offensive output. He's a good option to have in the midfield, for sure. Having said that, I still prefer starting with Oscar with Fabregas playing deeper - I think we have much more control that way and it is more defensively solid. I am one of Oscar's bigger fans on here too and still think he'll develop into a top player. Good to have options, depth and flexibility etc.
  10. The English Football Thread

    Leicester v Everton has been a cracking game so far in case anyone is interested.
  11. The English Football Thread

    Yep, hate the twats that feel the need to video/take pictures the whole fucking match with their giant iPads/Tablets. It's usually the 'tourist' fans and I understand it if you're only visiting as a one-time thing but it's incredibly annoying and rude. I think they were banned for security reasons though, not because of the obstruction they cause?
  12. The English Football Thread

    Prediction for this season, as it stands (i.e. no further major signings are made) I am confident we will win, especially if we sign a decent back-up striker. The club did an amazing job this summer in selling certain players for good prices and then bringing in exactly what we needed for relative bargains. We have added 3 first team players that will improve the team immensely; I just love the look of this squad. Of course, if we fail to sign a back-up striker and Costa gets injured then we are in trouble, but last season we fared pretty well with only Eto'o and Torres - of course our competition is stronger this season. IMO we have the best keeper in the league (certainly the best combination!), the most solid defence, albeit without the star quality at CB as City (but as a unit I think we're better, also down to playing style), we have the best or one of the best midfield 2s in Matic and Fabregas, with Ramires ready to make it a 4-3-3 in certain games. We also have real quality and depth in the AM position with Hazard, Schurrle, Oscar, Willian, and Salah. Costa is perfect for us and I am just praying he doesn't get injured, the back-up doesn't bare thinking about. City have an outstanding squad and a very strong first team but I just have a feeling that they won't be able to do the back-to-back. Aguero is hugely injury prone, Yaya is older and it is unlikely that he will replicate his last season (not to mention the recent soap opera) and I don't think Pellegrini is as good as Mourinho, which is key IMO. I think they will run us close but ultimately fall short. Arsenal look good and I can see them giving us a lot of competition for the title provided they don't get hit hard by injuries or spectacularly bottle it (both of which are highly likely, however). Their record against the top teams is questionable and I don't really see why that would change this season; both ourselves and City have strengthened, whilst the addition of van Gaal at United or, rather, the expulsion of David Moyes will have improved United's competitiveness. Having said that, as of this moment I don't see United as anywhere near title contenders and if they make no further signings I think they'll finish 5th, behind Liverpool. If they try and fit van Persie, Rooney and Mata in the same team their attack has very little pace. They are also seemingly going to play 3-5-2 with who as their CBs? Jones, Evans and Smalling? 2 of whom are injury prone and none are particularly elite defenders - I assume they'll sign at least 1 class CB though, god knows they need to. Hererra was a good signing but they still need much more to avoid being run over in midfield. Liverpool are very difficult to predict. I think it is unwise to write them off because they lost Suarez. Yes, he was their most dangerous player last season who not only scored and assisted goals but created space for other players. However, without him Sturridge can be the main man and he fits their fast, dynamic play perfectly. They are in a similar situation to us, though, because if their main striker gets injured they go down to using Lambert? Sterling is an exciting player who is not only quick but also very intelligent, Coutinho is a very creative no. 10 and an underrated defensive player. On top of that they have added Markovic (who looks a real prospec, maybe one for the future rather than immediate impact, though), Lallana, Can, 2 new FBs and, importantly, Lovren. It remains to be seen how they will line up and who will play as their defensive midfielder (if it's Gerrard again then they will ship too many goals to be real title contenders). Also whether or not they can cope with playing in Europe at the same time is another question mark over them. So I predict that we will win, but it becomes very hard after that. 1. Chelsea 2. City ----------(City/Liverpool/Arsenal are all interchangeable IMO, it's too close to call). 3. Liverpool 4. Arsenal 5. Man. United 6. Spurs 7. Everton I'm so excited...
  13. The Mourinho Thread

    Loving the comments from Mourinho recently. No matter what anyone says, he has been consistent in his interviews since day 1 when he returned to Chelsea; he knew that last season would be more of a transitional season where we would not be winning anything (but still managed to put up a credible fight in the PL and CL). It was always about the second season and he hasn't shied away from his initial comments that we are going to "attack" the title now. At the end of this (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/managers/jose-mourinho/10996098/Jose-Mourinho-desperate-to-sell-Fernando-Torres-as-Chelseas-squad-exceeds-foreign-player-quota.html) article, he talks even more about the future and guys like Solanke, Brown, Boga and Baker and how they are the future of Chelsea, and how it would be his failure if they don't become national team members in the next few years. I love how he puts that pressure and expectation on himself. It must also be fantastic for the youth team members to hear that the first team manager, Jose Mourinho no less, is tracking their progress and has genuine plans in place for their (steady) introduction to the squad. The message has always been the same: we needed stability and longevity which Mourinho will provide in abundance (so long as Roman's trigger finger doesn't get itchy!). It's also exciting to see him already starting to take snipes at opposing teams (comments about Luke Shaw) which has already caused quite a stir. He seems massively up for the challenge and he now has the squad to truly compete. So excited not only for this season but long into the future.
  14. Cesc Fàbregas

    This is a very strange feeling. I generally stay away from the forum and newspaper transfer stories because of past 'transfer sagas' but I like how we've wrapped this up. Myself and lots of other members said we needed brains in the midfield for at least the last 18 months, now we have the perfect player for that IMO. Importantly, he is in his peak. We have enough kids with potential, Fabregas is a successful and mature player. The transfer staff/board deserve massive credit too: they have overseen the acquisition of players with great potential at (relatively) low cost e.g. de Bruyne, Courtois & Lukaku. Buying already class players like Mata and then sell them on for almost double after 2 good years of service, then somehow flog Luiz for a ridiculous amount. All the while we have identified which areas we need to strengthen and have already seemingly sewn it up. Now he has the blue shirt on all my past feelings about him are gone and I will support him like any other player. This is exciting because one thing is for sure: Mourinho and Chelsea are not playing around next season.