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  1. Now I want Ollie as first choice striker til the end of the season, the rest will take care of itself
  2. Chelsea - Spurs

    How the fuck can VAR say it's not a red card, and that cunt on tv the ref pundit, now they're saying they got it wrong and it was a "red card"
  3. Chelsea - Spurs

    I told ya I told ya I told ya I had a good feeling about this match, and and i predicted the score...not on here though i'd bock it
  4. Chelsea - Spurs

    Yes mate! But who else have we got, when you consider it we've got shit defenders no LB/LWB, and a old 2nd string striker. We'll still beat Spuds though, I feel it
  5. Chelsea - Spurs

    My spuds buddy's tell me Son is out, surely we can beat them without Kane as well. But please Frank play Giroud at least. I am a rare one but i have been a believer in Bats coming good..until Monday's debacle and yes I was wrong he's fucking awful, that aside the ref was and is a cunt, Bats is a useless cunt. And I would go Frank's team as with Simon Phillips suggestion, looks good to me.
  6. Chelsea 0-2 Man Utd

    Now Kante off...WTF is going on
  7. Hakim Ziyech

    Where does this leave Pulisic? a player i rate very highly, i don't want to see him discarded. Also for that matter what about Mount, i rate him also, probably needs at least next season to find his true form. As for Ziyech i know very little of him other than seeing him in our 2 games against Ajax.
  8. Super Frank Thread

    I just wish that ppl on here would stop sniping, and criticising, what was the knockers expecting at the start of the season? Everybody but everybody knew at the start that it was going to take time, but can you be tolerant nah! none of it, a few of you are slating Frank when he probably needs at least 3 seasons to turn things round, our young players are in their first season played a lot of games and are knackered, but you won't give them the chance, you want results now can't wait for the transition. You knock Frank's team selections, his tactics, his substitutions, he can do no right as far as some of you are concerned, so what with you and the fucking board who have not supported him in the January window, he's fucked all round. Me! I think a lot of you are expecting miracles, but with what he has at his disposal, I think he's doing really well considering. Yes I get frustrated and angry like a lot of you it fucks my week up, but i'm in for the long haul, if we can finish fourth then I think it will be a good season, if not well he tried, but i'm still backing him to succeed given time.
  9. Super Frank Thread

    Aint we all Vesp he does it no quicker than anybody else In spite of your dislike for him Barca must see something about him, 'cos allegedly they're still interested in him.
  10. Leicester 2-2 Chelsea

    Bollocks Bollocks Bollocks Spuds 2-0 up Zinchenko sent off Mourinho aint gonna fuck us for 4th ...is he?
  11. Leicester 2-2 Chelsea

    You say we shouldn't be in fourth, we're only there because the others are piss poor...to me that means we are there on merit. As regards to quality and being title contenders surely you weren't expecting that to happen this season or even next for that matter, we are in transition, the whole scenario at Chelsea as regards to staff and players, is changing, sorry to say if your expecting miracles then you're going to be very disappointed.
  12. Leicester 2-2 Chelsea

    Manure v Wolves 0-0 so no damage there Spuds get beat tomorrow no damage there. A 2-2 away draw aint a bad result, if Abraham could sort his feet out we'd have pissed it, that so far is one of his problems, piss poor control of the ball. Rudi and CHO were fucking massive. KTBFFH
  13. Leicester 2-2 Chelsea

    That'll do for me
  14. Leicester 2-2 Chelsea

    Don't wanna talk to quick looks like i called this one right, if i was a betting man i'da took a punt on it
  15. Leicester 2-2 Chelsea

    FUCK this is unbearable 5 min xtra