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  1. Chelsea v Arsenal

    I know it goes against the grain on here but i'd play Alonso, rather either of the 2 non-entities, sadly looks like it'll be Dave on the right. But if by a sheer miracle Reece can make, please Lamps no more Dave on the left. and i'd go Jorginho, Kova, Barkley across the middle no more Kante in the advanced midfield.
  2. Chelsea v Arsenal

    Who you talking about buddy, sounds like Chelsea, clown defenders, bunch of inexperienced kids
  3. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Yep Vesp just checked meself, was impressed with him when he played us last season v Eintracht Plus it's a bastard getting old me memory is fucked, as you can tell
  4. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Thought i made a mistake, don't check for mistakes you see Who did he play for?
  5. Newcastle - Chelsea

    What about Jovic? I watched the Real v Sevilla yesterday Real without Hazard, Jovic had a start he looked lost and got hooked after 70 mins. But prior to this I had seen a couple of times for Leipzig, he looked impressive. Whilst talking of Hazard although they won (Real) they look very ordinary without him,
  6. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Agree with you on all points, but where do we find the next Jimmy Floyd, Drog or Costa?
  7. Newcastle - Chelsea

    I wouldn't go as far as to say that Barca are trash without Messi, but I get your point
  8. Newcastle - Chelsea

    It's not just that Layla, it's our inability to break down parking the bus. We've been fucked by this tactic time and again, you know Bournemouth, Soton, Wet Spam, now the Toon, managers know were fucked when playing against 5 at the back. And I don't think we've even scored against any of them, dunno for sure aint checked but that's what it feels like. And as my summary, like most of you why the fuck isn't Kova playing, ffs stop playing Dave at LB (mind you stop playing him at all) and why play Kante in the Kova role, Tammy is not good enough to lead the line atm, he's only ever had one attempt from outside the box and that went miles wide. On a positive note, I think things will get better eventually but not until next season the earliest, i'm ready for more disappointments along the way, but I keep saying we are in transition it's going to take time, it's not going to happen over night. KTBFFH
  9. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Come on! how unjust and unfair is this result.
  10. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Wouldn't you belive it fuck fuck fuck
  11. Newcastle - Chelsea

    So we can look forward to Dave and Emerson on Tuesday
  12. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Thats fucked it it looks like the main man is injured Reece James
  13. Newcastle - Chelsea

    The more I see Dave, the more I get that feeling we are desperate for a LB/LWB and to think he's the best option
  14. 8. Ross Barkley

    I was going to say "get rid of" don't reckon him at all. Now Lamps has said he likes him, that's good enough for me
  15. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Yes I agree mate but what a lot of ppl forget is that he's coming back from a really serious injury, he needs time and care to get back to his real self, needs to get his confidence back and his match fitness.