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  1. Wolves - Chelsea

    Because 3:00 KO's are not shown live in the UK. They are however shown virtually everywhere else.
  2. Wolves - Chelsea

    2-5 Mount
  3. Wolves - Chelsea

    Fuck we should have scored they went down the other end and did now it's 2-4
  4. Wolves - Chelsea

    fuck they've scored
  5. Wolves - Chelsea

    Tammy hattrick 0-4
  6. Wolves - Chelsea

    Fuck Rudi off Zouma on
  7. Wolves - Chelsea

    Now Chelse please don't do the usual 2nd half fuck up
  8. Wolves - Chelsea

    Don't forget Rudi being back he's made a real difference' he's been terrific
  9. Wolves - Chelsea

    Fucking hell 0-3 Tammy again
  10. Wolves - Chelsea

    Sorry Vesp i cant get any to work. watching it on satellite tv, with Turkish commentary
  11. Wolves - Chelsea

    Now Tammy 0-2
  12. Wolves - Chelsea

    what a goal from tomori 0-1
  13. Wolves - Chelsea

    Fucking Hell. He we go again game number 5 of this season, and the doom mongers are at it again. Saying we've got no chance and even that we should of got Espirito Santo instead of Lampard...oh and Wolves aint even won a game this season. It seems to me that some of you just enjoy coming on here to pillory Lamps and the players.
  14. 22. Christian Pulisic

    Fucking hell let's give the lad a chance, at least give him til next season to shine. 4 fucking games into a season and some of you are saying he's not shown anything yet, probably true. But as i've said many times before this whole Chelsea setup is going to take time. btw i am talking about Pulsic KTBFFH
  15. Super Frank Thread

    Yet to win a league game, so something will give. And they lost today.