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  1. Gareth Bale

    Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has given a clear indication Wales forward Gareth Bale's time at the club may be over - saying he would still not have brought the 29-year-old off the bench during Sunday's defeat by Real Betis, even if he had been allowed to make a fourth substitution. (Eurosport) And Bale has told his team-mates he intends to see out the remainder of his contract at Real Madrid and will be happy to stay and 'play golf' if not selected to play. (Radioestadio, via Mail)
  2. General Transfer Talk

    You're living on a dream world buddy.
  3. 7. N'Golo Kante

    So what does he do? Stay at a shit club with shit players. but in the best league in the world. Or go to a team that has world class players, but play in a shit league.
  4. Chelsea v Arsenal

    Literally just heard on Sky Sports Reuben likely to be out for up to a year. What a fucking downer
  5. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    What now worries me is we now face the Arse without 4 of our best 5 players. Fuck Fuck Fuck..no Kante, no Rudiger, no CHO and now no Rubey. What a fucking disaster We can look forward to a midfield of Jorginho, Kovacic, Barkley...OMG
  6. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Fucking heart breaking for the lad and the supporters, in this fucking nonsensical game.
  7. New England Revolution v Chelsea

    Why the fuck wasn't this match arranged for preseason? Every CFC supporter knew it was going to be a disaster, one way and another, why the fuck didn't Abramovich and the muppet board. Not only is RLC going to miss the final, he's also out of the England squad, well done Roman you cunt.
  8. New England Revolution v Chelsea

    I cannot believe we are playing this fucking pointless match travelling all the way to soccerland, for fuck all.
  9. Leicester - Chelsea

    Not for me buddy... I've just come from cheering on Shitty. Get my avatar that will explain all, Spuds are angels compared to my feelings of the scouse cunts. I want want the scousers well and truly fucked. Us to win the EL, scouse cunts to get fucked by Spuds, and Klippity Klopp ends up with fuck all as usual, and we end up with a trophy
  10. Leicester - Chelsea

    Can you believe it fucking hell I or Morata could have scored from there
  11. Leicester - Chelsea

    Me too bud. She's working on it
  12. Leicester - Chelsea

    Yes mate I agree that the imbecile only plays a back 3, that's yet another reason I want him gone.
  13. Leicester - Chelsea

    Rubbish you pick out one game where he was lacking in some departments. When we had a back three With him Rudi and either Cahill or Luiz we were a lot more solid that we are now. I'd like to go back to that with one other CD and 2 decent wing backs left and right.
  14. Chelsea 1-1 Eintracht Frankfurt

    As a long standing Chelsea supporter, it has always grieved me about the lack of atmosphere at the bridge. I'm big on vocal support but here there's more noise in the Brompton Cemetery than Stamford Bridge, it's even worse than the Arsenal Library. I just don't know why the support don't want to create an intimidating atmosphere, is it 'cos of too many of the (Prawn Sandwich Brigade)?
  15. European Competition thread

    With regards to the ticket allocation and travel involved, wouldn't it be an idea to change the final venues. We and Arsenal have to travel all the way to Baku 2,500 miles. And Spurs and Liverpool only to Madrid admittedly but it 's the travel/flight cost. My proposal is seeing a both finals are between English clubs, move the bloody games to Wembley, it makes sense to me. What do you think?