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  1. 22. Willian

    Well despite all the negativity I think he's been terrific so far. Played yesterday for Brazil, started on the right wing then adopted a more roaming role, for me a possible MoM
  2. Luke Shaw

    So i missed thread, fuck it There ya go though bruv, add yet another fuck up by Mourinho
  3. Luke Shaw

    Mourinho didn't just dump Robben. Robben and his old man were constantly touting him to Real, he was determined to go there.......who does that remind you of lol Also it's not mentioned here much if at all, he got rid of Philpe Luiz, I'll never know why, I thought he was a really good LB/LWB
  4. Southampton in FA Cup SFs

    There goes the League and the FA again, fucking everything up for us. we're going to win both these games aint we KTBFFH
  5. 7. N'Golo Kante

    I'd put either Ricky or god forbid Gallas that's before he went boss eyed, instead of Vano.
  6. Chelsea v Spurs

    I'm sure he won't be starting and they'll field Alli as their vocal point instead. Yeah but it will be Son to lead the line, he's bang on blob atm
  7. General Transfer Talk

    Hmmm from the same manor as meself, oh and Joe Cole. Pity I didn't know about the lad I could have set his mind right where to go.
  8. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Assuming Conte was still here it would have to be 3-5-2 he's to rigid in his formations. Jusut gonna fantasise about who we could match them with, but from our current squad.
  9. Chelsea v Spurs

    Think a lot will be down to availability. Will Kane be fit? Will Christensen be fit? I think we'll be fucked without him.
  10. 7. N'Golo Kante

    I was thinking the the same, awesome. But how would we accommodate the 3 of 'em in 3-4-3?
  11. 7. N'Golo Kante

    I forget, particularly the one that called me an idiot, i'd like to meet the cunt so he can tell me to my face. But I wasn't even comparing them to Messi or Ronaldo. I was referring to their respective positions, there's no one in the world that I would have instead of N'golo and Dave. Just for the doubters i'm referring to defensive midfield, and right back, right center back, the both of them there's nobody i'd rather have.
  12. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Steady on bruv i got called and "idiot" and "having my bubble burst" by daring to believe that N'golo and Dave are world class. But I did believe it and still do, both players imo are indispensable.
  13. Leicester - Chelsea

    Fucking hell me too, i'd become a physical and mental wreck
  14. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    At first when I see the team I thought let's give him a chance. Well he was so bad it beggars belief he did one positive thing hit a crossfield pass of about 35 yards, from the on it was, get caught in possession, fuck any pass up, running around like a headless chicken absolutely no sense of positional play, it goes on and on the guy is totally useless. Why the fuck don't we have Ampadu next to N'golo surely he can't be anyworse that the shit we've got. I want to see the 3 of them out at the end of the season Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Fabregas, we need at least one top quality MF to replace them. Whilst on the subject where the fuck is this Barkley, ffs what a midfield we have Then I see the wee man playing 2 games in 1, his energy level, his ability to cover the pitch is something to behold, but he's so much more than this.
  15. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    ROFLMAO Brilliant Mate