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Everything posted by AChes1ofus

  1. Juan Cuadrado

    I don't think that's Chelsea policy mate. Look at the amount of players we have out on loan, what is it about 34? We're never going to change that policy, but for the life of me I do not understand why we have such a massive loan system, maybe someone can enlighten me. hes1ofus
  2. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    Crooks can go back to race relations Keown can go back to sucking the Arses dick Kilblane can go back to being a nobody Dunno who the presenter was just another know nuffink c**t They never was going to be in JT's place so would never understand We all love you John and understand, and loved every minute of it. hes1ofus
  3. The Conte Thread

    There is no way is he going to inter, or anyone else for that matter. I just don't know why ppl are giving these reports any credence, Inter can say all they want to get him, i tell you now it aint gunna happen. He's at CFC for the long haul, like I mean even Roman is chanting his name and don't forget. hes1ofus
  4. Hello Seems to be only me having this problem, when trying to select the next page on any given thread either by next, numbering, or clicking it just loads a blank page every time. What am I doing wrong? hes1ofus
  5. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    i run Kodi mate and SportsDevil there's loads of options. If you have acces to Firstrowsports.eu it's showing there @ 2:59
  6. 6. Nathan Aké

    Blimey mate I don't think that's true. Yes he's the best defender in the EPL even Neville of the Mancs had to admit it, bet that hurt him lol I really don't know where you get the "under appreciated" bit I don't think there's a CFC supporter that believes that. hes1ofus
  7. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    So looking forward to this game and seeing us lift the trophy. Or should I say JT lifting the Trophy, dunno about shedding a tear think I'll be sobbing my heart out. Love ya JT the epitome of CFC Tried everything to get tickets, so wanted to be there for him, wanted to say thank you. hes1ofus
  8. Thought they wanted De Gea lol And Didn't Perez say they were more interested in developing Asensio they buying Hazard. Oh and by the way Perez we'll have Morata from you hes1ofus
  9. Problem changing pages

    I've at last at least managed to get the page(s) to refresh using FireFox, but as you all say it's a real pain. So where does the problem lie? Does it not mean that it is a design fault and that it needs the developer to sort it out? I dunno! I know nothing about this type of thing or web design.
  10. The English Football Thread

    Glad he's staying that means they'll win fuck all for at least another 2 seasons
  11. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    Yeah good on ya mate. Unfortunately those of us in blighty get treated as 2nd class citizens, we get very little. The fucking dinosaurs at the FA are frightened that gates will drop and so won't allow 3:00pm ko's, totally unfounded of course, they've never thought about trying it and see. hes1ofus
  12. BBC Combined Chelsea 2004/2005 & 2016/2017 XI

    No way is the traitor going to get in my team so.......
  13. Radja Nainggolan

    Yes look at Ibra 1 good season, and that did what helped win the the LC and setup up for the Joke cup ie ELC. Oh and yes what about Shevchenko £31M for a 31 year old. Now he's injured and probably off to the MLS next season. what i'm talking about I don't want quick fix players coming in then having to replace them after a 2 stretch, I want to see younger players coming in doing the ground work and building a dynasty here for years to come. and that's so wrong in your opinion, you think bring players in then getting shot of 'em in 2 years just to go over it all again is the answer. not for me it aint, build for the future I say. hes1ofus
  14. Romelu Lukaku

    Errrrr 'scuse me! but say what?
  15. Sad to see Ake go i think the kid's got potential, Begovich well sort of ok as 2nd string but i'm sure we can find a replacement, maybe Petr Cech lol But £30 mill for the 2 of them tempting hes1ofus
  16. Romelu Lukaku

  17. Romelu Lukaku

    Because he's a fat lump, for christ sake don't bring him back here "proven in the EPL" not here he wasn't, that's why we got rid of him, we don't need him. Better than Costa you've gotta be joking
  18. The Conte Thread

    No mate missed that, if possible I would like to see that! They I mean the Stun really are an abhorrent load of ne'er do well's, I mean what more could we expect from something Murdoch's involved in, an totally agree with your assessment, Fucking hell how can he/they get away with a racist comment like that, it's appalling and disgusting. Fucking hell I wonder what stick he'll get if he joins us next season, Barkley I mean not the reporter lol regards: hes1ofus
  19. The Conte Thread

    Now I feel a stupid c**t must say it looked like, it but I was still duped, probably 'cos I wanted to believe it lol Oh well there's one born every minute, the older I get the more stupid I get lol hes1ofus
  20. Radja Nainggolan

    Correct me if i'm wrong but is Radja not 30 years old? I don't want to see Chelsea bringing in older players, I want to see us rearing and bring in young improving players, I mean at 30 years of age what how long has he got another 2 years maybe, personally I don't want to see Chelsea bringing in anyone over the age of 28, I don't give a fuck who they are. if he aint 30 then how old is he? hes1ofus
  21. The Conte Thread

    Absolutely Brilliant A warning to other managers don't fuck with King Antonio I'm still agog at they way he's slated Pochettino, Wenger, and fucking Mourinho particularly about him geeing up the chelsea supporters, nice one Tonio nad he'll go to Old Trafford and do it again lol hes1ofus
  22. The Conte Thread

    One other thing mate whilst on Manure, he's Neville has forgot or don't want to mention that it was Manure that initiated the buying of the title as they call it, and then because we could compete with them they don't like it, even more so to the point is we have taken their mantle as the top team in the EPL. Even to the point that they have had to take our managerial cast offs to try and rejuvenate themselves, to try and get back to former glories.....it aint gunna happen. Just one other thing I totally agree about Pochettino how the fuck did Neville come up with that one, he's done fuck all this season other than guide them to 2nd spot in the league, so let him [Nevllle] or is it [Nev Vile] pray tell me why he see's Pochettino as manger of the year, the fucking numbskull, at least Manure won the League Cup, but I hope they get fucked in the Europa mind you I always hope they get fucked hes1ofus
  23. The Conte Thread

    Fucking hell Who was the know nothing c**t that wrote that article lol I am stunned, he came to all them conclusions after 2 games, just goes to show as you say about the quality of The Daily Stun, and it's reporting staff. Obviously a jealous Arse or Manure supporter
  24. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    Good it's also on Sport TV3 HD Portugal and i've just put the latest kodi on, theres another footy app Premiership live, i tried it last night to test watched part of the s/hamton v manure game, no glitches, and good PQ i'd say about 560p. So hopefully that'll still be up and running i'll watch the game on there. Ooooooooo just discovered it's also on Canal+ Sport 2 HD (Poland) thats good i've got a sub for that. hes1ofus
  25. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    Yeah but it's also the 3:00 KO's mainly on Saturdays though, the agreement between Sly and the FL There are no other options, as you say "in your country" but it's like that around the world a lot of countries around the world get it, us in the UK no chance. Even if there we're other providers available they still are not allowed to show 3:00pm KO's, although in this case with scousers and it's a sunday makes a difference. Regards: hes1ofus