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Everything posted by bigbluewillie

  1. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    ROFLMAO Brilliant Mate
  2. Leicester v Chelsea

    Please tell your reasons for that statement. A fine Chelsea supporter you are, I don't think
  3. 22. Willian

    I say this so much i'm getting on my own nerves This season is so much like 15/16 only difference is we're 5th and not 10th. But as in 15/16 Willian is our best player the only one who comes out and constantly performs, someone has said that the players must love out there, I think he must be gutted apart from Kante there's no one else in our lineup that tries like them.
  4. Leicester v Chelsea

    So now we move on, I reckon we'll win this game. Providing it's 3-4-3, even then if it's not we'll turn 'em over. Not sure if it's going to be 1-2 or 1-3 KTBFFH
  5. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    Agree with you mate, but I think we need 2 MF players, to replace Fabregas, Drinkwater, and Bakayoko. And what is it with Barkley? seems to me Blue Scouse knew what they were doing when they got rid of him. He's permanently in the treatment room.
  6. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

    We're fucked
  7. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

    Messi don't need help from that cunt of a keeper of ours.
  8. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

    OK seen the formation disappointed Alonso has started ahead of Emerson, but hey let's go for it. Let's disappoint North London, Scouse, and Mancs plus the rest of Europe, and turn over Barca, want to see all of them pissed off by our win. KTBFFH
  9. 9. Álvaro Morata

    Morata has now entered a new attribute to his game. Not enough to go down when someone say's Boo. Can't finish with his feet. Not enough to continually to badger the Ref for the poor treatment he gets. So now has to get booked every time he comes on. And his head is just not in the right place, you only need to look at his expression to see this. Boy is this geezer is so fucking annoying.
  10. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    OH fuck NO please, not Louis Van Flatface, I would seriously consider my loyalty to Chelse if this ever happened
  11. Chelsea 2-1 Crystal Palace

    Red Scouse just lost 2-1 to manure, I suppose from our viewpiont it's the best result for us. We beat palace today say 3-0 at least, and despite my previous negativity we can be back in the race for 3rd or 4th C'mon Chels KTBFFH
  12. Champions League thread

    Pray tell me where Spuds have been successful? they've won fuck all. Yes they play lovely football, but that's about it. Oh and they were 3-2 up against Juve and fucked it up
  13. Chelsea 2-1 Crystal Palace

    Defeatist Attitude I don't think so, I call it being a "realist" the manager don't want to be here, he won't change tactics or formation, he's lost the players. The players don't want to play for him, none more so than sulky Hazard. There's no enthusiasm, from the players, they look to me to have given up. Obviously I hope I'm wrong, and for the main part previously always been hopeful, but with this present setup, the board, the manager, the players all demoralise me. So I don't even know or can think of what is going to come out of the tunnel Saturday I mean attitude wise.
  14. 10. Eden Hazard

    I don't think Hazard was exactly happy he had a face like a baby's smacked arse.
  15. Chelsea 2-1 Crystal Palace

    1: I think we're already out out of the race for 4th place, top 4 are signed sealed delivered. 2: Agree with Hazard and Courtois, me thinks they're gone already, Kante though I think is a bit more loyal, mind you if PSG come a calling who knows. 3: Agree with you lineup apart from Fabregas if Barkley is fit play him instead. 4: Depends on what Chelsea turns if it's the Man Shitty one then we've got no chance, on the other hand if we decide to play we'll win this.
  16. 10. Eden Hazard

    I've said before and i'll say it again. Everything smacks of 15/16 Only thing we're not 10th......but give it time, who knows At least we wouldn't be in that fucking Eurojoke cup
  17. 10. Eden Hazard

    Not with there time here they wern't
  18. The Conte Thread

    Thing is bud he don't want to stay. And he's on borrowed time with the board. And the players are never going to try for him, patently obvious Sunday.
  19. The Conte Thread

    Someone with blue blood in their veins and speaka da lingo Jodi Morris
  20. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    For me Fabregas can get in the same cab as Conte, Drinkwater, Bakayoko, right now
  21. Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Cannot believe that Conte thinks this is the way to go (no pun intended) Fucking abysmal, made us a laughing stock.
  22. Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Unfortunately it aint he case 1-0 down and still sitting back defending. There's only one reason for this shit it's Conte, finish this game and sack him.
  23. Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    I think he's sitting in the stands, he's not needed.
  24. If you told me it was Aguro, De Bruyne, D Silva, and Sane I would be a bit hopefull. But there's only 2 that would be possible starters Walker an Fernandinho, don't think that will make any difference.
  25. Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Unfortunately this happens the world over, it's called glory hunting when ppl only want to support,or watch their team when they're playing well and or winning. Sorry but it hurts watching CFC now but this is our club, so suffer with the rest of us poor souls, and take the good times if they ever arrive again. It hurts like fuck watching Chelsea FC, I throw tantrums and remote controls ( can't get to matches) abuse the tv, just go fucking nuts raving and ranting, it's called being a football supporter lol But through thick and thin they're still my club and always will be.