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  1. Spurs v Chelsea

    What the fuck r u talking about, one game dos't not a season make (shakespear), you fucking berk
  2. Spurs v Chelsea

    I've said it long and hard that imo Dave aint a wing back, he's a versatile defender and brilliant at it. FFS Tonio play him at the back, where he should be, if had been in the defence yesterday, they would never have turned us over like that. @Fulham Broadway Thanks for the condolences mate much appriciated. hesiofus
  3. Spurs v Chelsea

    I've been a Chelse supporter for over 50 years, i've worried over the years about certain games, but this one is frightening the fucking life out of me, just hope they don't cane our arses no pun intended. I know this is off subject but look at the team we're likely to put out FFS. How have the board allowed this fucking shambles to happen, we've brought in an injured player, and a totally unfit one, and fuck all else, they've dithered fucked about missed out on players because they don't want to stump up the money, but Chelsea under Abramovic initiated this it at this club, sometimes you just have to over pay over the odds to get the players you want otherwise this is how you end up, if we don't liven ourselves up and bring in an influx off players then I fear the worst, not just for this game but the season. No other club in European football has fucked about like Chelsea. Just to add my dear old mum passed away friday i'm beside myself with grief, then i watch that fucking shambles against burnley, now we've got this game coming up, I can't remember a week any worst than this for me. hes1ofus
  4. The Conte Thread

    Yes but there's nothing like the prestige you get from winning the ECL, plus it don't arf make me 'appy i grinned for a year. hes1ofus
  5. The Conte Thread

    At last someone who's got it right. You've hit the nail on it's head bud. hes1ofus
  6. Serge Aurier

    I really know nothing of the guy, this is the first i've heard of him. We are split 50/50 on wether we want him or don't. From someone who know nothing, but if he is a decent player but volatile as some say, then get him, he won't get to fuck with Don Toni. He might just be the RWB we need, just my opinion of course. hes1ofus
  7. 27. Andreas Christensen

    There's no way is Dave a RWB... a brilliant defender and I love the guy, a fabulous RB/RCB but that's it, he's too slow and not a particulary good crosser, so RWB 'fraid not
  8. Returning loanee handed number 27 shirt

    I won't judge him on one game but against Bayern he was lost.
  9. 9. Álvaro Morata

    I can't believe some of the comments here about Morata, the negative ones I mean. He came on as sub for what? 20 30 mins and these ppl have condemned him, FFS give the guy a chance to prove himself, I mean fucking hell he aint even been to the Bridge yet Hes1ofus
  10. Chelsea 1-2 Inter Milan

    LOL No mate you've probably guessed by now Saturday 12.35 KO
  11. Chelsea 1-2 Inter Milan

    Inter are shit are they? Well they've just beat Bayern 2-0 you know the Bayern that tore us a new arsehole two days ago.
  12. Chelsea 1-2 Inter Milan

    Hope we play better than we did against Bayern, we were fucking awful, 3-0 down in 15 mins and the game was lost. I told meself hope we can at least get a goal or two in the 2nd half make the score look a bit respectful. Anyways back to Inter, all in all we should beat them, if we remember to turn up this time. hes1ofus
  13. Alvaro Morata

    So glad we've got him, Moratta that is. Originally I wanted Sanchez, fuck Lukaku not interested and certainly not for £90mil, hope mourinho see's what a fuck up he's made. My other hope was if not sanchez the aguero....still i'm ok with Moratta. Gutted we could'nt keep Diego, I still think he's one of the best strikers around. regards: hes1ofus
  14. 19. Diego Costa

    Fucking hell pal give him a break! He could've done with some help up front he was running a lone battle, Hazard was doing nothing and Pedro running around around like a headless chicken, Moses probably having his worst game ever for us as a WB, and basicly the rest of 'em playing like shit, looked like they all had done to much out on the razzle, originally I really could never see us losing the final, I never visualised a fucking woeful performance from them as they did. It's not just you there's to many supporters giving him a tough time, unwarranted in my opinion. But I suppose in reality supporters of any club will never agree on their players, who they want, who they don't want. Regards: hes1ofus
  15. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Now Arse Wenger has dropped Cech and playing Aspina, thanks Arse. And with Begovic probably leaving next season, wonder if Petr would come back here as 2nd string, better to be 2nd string in a champions squad, the 1st in a team of losers lol he'll win fuck all at Arse.