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  1. Chelsea v Inter Milan

    Hope we play better than we did against Bayern, we were fucking awful, 3-0 down in 15 mins and the game was lost. I told meself hope we can at least get a goal or two in the 2nd half make the score look a bit respectful. Anyways back to Inter, all in all we should beat them, if we remember to turn up this time. hes1ofus
  2. Alvaro Morata

    So glad we've got him, Moratta that is. Originally I wanted Sanchez, fuck Lukaku not interested and certainly not for £90mil, hope mourinho see's what a fuck up he's made. My other hope was if not sanchez the aguero....still i'm ok with Moratta. Gutted we could'nt keep Diego, I still think he's one of the best strikers around. regards: hes1ofus
  3. 19. Diego Costa

    Fucking hell pal give him a break! He could've done with some help up front he was running a lone battle, Hazard was doing nothing and Pedro running around around like a headless chicken, Moses probably having his worst game ever for us as a WB, and basicly the rest of 'em playing like shit, looked like they all had done to much out on the razzle, originally I really could never see us losing the final, I never visualised a fucking woeful performance from them as they did. It's not just you there's to many supporters giving him a tough time, unwarranted in my opinion. But I suppose in reality supporters of any club will never agree on their players, who they want, who they don't want. Regards: hes1ofus
  4. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Now Arse Wenger has dropped Cech and playing Aspina, thanks Arse. And with Begovic probably leaving next season, wonder if Petr would come back here as 2nd string, better to be 2nd string in a champions squad, the 1st in a team of losers lol he'll win fuck all at Arse.
  5. 19. Diego Costa

    Jesus Christ girl where do you get your info. You seem to be the only one that knows this.
  6. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    No you're not! you've got me as well lol 2-0 to the Chelse hes1ofus
  7. Chelsea vs Arsenal preview – The FA Cup Final

    You've gotta laugh the Arse are favourites they say, only in their opinion, I'd love to know who, and what they based this decision on. I mean fucking hell the Arse are not good enough to beat us with a full strength side, let alone with a depleted one. He's obviously not to listened or read my prediction lol, The Chelse to win 2-0 hes1ofus
  8. New Chelsea Song

    Yep I like it hes1ofus
  9. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Most Def He's bring his wife and little girl over now, Antonio is here for the long haul. Make it so number 1 lol hes1ofus
  10. 19. Diego Costa

    And what makes you say that?
  11. 19. Diego Costa

    But that's all paper and media talk mate, you know, and I know, that they know fuck all. Pure speculation by them it sells papers, what has Diego said? nothing! lets wait til after we've won the Cup and see what happens then. But please please people stop criticizing him he's doing a good job 3rd highest scorer in the EPL really pisses off the oppo, I love the guy and hope he stays. Just give him a break and don't criticize him, then if he does want to go then let him go. hes1ofus
  12. Kyle Walker

    As regards to Walker forget it, Spuds will never sell to us. Levy hates our guts, remember the Modric sage lol hes1ofus
  13. 19. Diego Costa

    Me I like Diego what's all this talk about replacing him with Bats for the Cup Final, I don't think so. Watching him celebrate winning the EPL trophy didn't look like someone that was desparate to get away. But bottom line is if he want's to go then let him go, don't keep unhappy players, but as of this minute to me it looks like he'll be here next season and I hope so. hes1ofus
  14. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    With all that I said yesterday on my feelings about the cancellation, i'm pleased that is the reason for the cancellation, under them circumstances I would expect anybody to cancel. hes1ofus
  15. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Agree!!!, our only problem would be complacency, going into the match with it's already won attitude..........it's alright for me to think that but not the players lol Best Regards: hes1ofus