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  1. The Mourinho Thread

    Most successful manager in English football, trophies speak for themselves. Only Guardiola is on level playing field. "Jose Mourinho says he can't hear critics over the clanging of all his medals"
  2. The Mourinho Thread

    Nope. "However, the 53-year-old has no wish, at this stage of his career, to manage in China. Sacked by Chelsea in December, Mourinho would like his next job to be in top-level European football, with Manchester United a strong possibility. He is, however, thought to be willing to consider a no-strings-attached advisory brief in the Far East." http://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/former-chelsea-boss-jose-mourinho-next-on-chinas-list-as-they-bid-to-become-a-football-force-a3173816.html
  3. The Mourinho Thread

    absolute mediocrity beckons for us. the 2 best coaches in the world are in manchester, the Manc derby might be bigger than El Clasico, meanwhile we are fighting for scraps....
  4. 11. Pedro Rodríguez

    dream debut and could have had 4 assists. That cross to Costa in the second half, which I thought initially was a goal !....then the unforgivable miss of Willian...finally the one to Falcao.
  5. 10. Willian

    goals will come, goals will come? will accept it with Willian but not with Oscar...Willian in his first season - 4 goals, Willian in his second season - 2 goals - TWO. Career going to end up the same way as Ramires. Will keep on running tho.
  6. Oscar

    would like to keep Oscar and Willian but if Juve come calling much much rather Willian is sold than Oscar. even a poor Oscar would never miss that chance presented on a plate by Pedro today and his end product is better... Willian is going to end up in the direction of Ramires.
  7. 11. Pedro Rodríguez

  8. 11. Pedro Rodríguez

    Thank you Cesc ... and Valdes
  9. Antoine Griezmann

    didnt go for him when he had a 60m Euro clause. now multiple papers in Spain report he has signed a revised deal with a 80m Euro release clause. ofcourse we will go for him!
  10. The Board

    only reason is the new stadium, no other explanation.
  11. Raphael Varane

    apologies but what will Perez do with 2 left dangleys?
  12. Raphael Varane

    surely no harm bidding the 42m-48m for Varane. i mean thats how much we want to crazily bid for John Stones, yes John Stones.
  13. General Transfer Talk

    maybe a £500m new stadium?
  14. General Transfer Talk

    Jose Mourinho and Chelsea could regret lack of transfer activity http://www.espnfc.com/club/chelsea/363/blog/post/2546492/jose-mourinho-chelsea-transfers whilst we are looking at strengthening defensively. need to address the glaring issue in central midfield before the season starts, the quality after Fabregas/Matic is miles apart. otherwise not looking forward to deja vu in Europe / sitting back against 10 men at home.
  15. Raphael Varane

    48million Euros is Evertons asking price for Stones, shouldnt that be enough to prize Varane away from the Real Madrid bench???