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  1. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    About the most frustrating game of football I've seen this season. We contrive to lose to a genuinely shite Man Utd team, because after half time we chose to literally do nothing and hope for a draw. Fucking hell.I love Conte but he got that one wrong in a big way.
  2. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Their first goal was utterly fucking lucky, almost comically so. That is then compounded by the Willian injury which I think also led to a change of formation to 3-5-2 which we aren't very good at with our current personnel. Second goal is lucky as fuck as well, they score 2 goals not from skill but from luck, and that's super frustrating.
  3. Thibaut Courtois

    He also made a vital save with his foot from a Kolarov cross from the byline that was heading straight to Dzeko for a tap in.
  4. Chelsea Kits 2018/19

    Not that you can actually buy it right now since the store isn't working correctly.... Annoying.
  5. Chelsea 4-0 Man United

    I thought it seemed more like Mourinho was telling Conte to fight for the title. Could've sworn I heard "fight for the title" towards the end, could very well be wrong though.
  6. The FIFA Thread v2

    When I play seasons as Chelsea, it's either Real or Barca for me. Still beat em, dat Costa though.
  7. 10. Eden Hazard

    Especially when Mertens came on, they seemed to look for him instead of Eden. Mistake imo.
  8. The FIFA Thread v2

    Pick the controller you like best or which ever one your friends are getting. They're both excellent (I have both).
  9. The FIFA Thread v2

    Of course, I'm mainly going off of the fact that the vast majority of my Xbox Live friends list haven't upgraded to next gen consoles yet (not for any want of trying on my part!), most of them play FIFA too.
  10. The FIFA Thread v2

    Not that surprising when you consider the 80 million+ 360's sold and the 8 million or so Xbox One's lol.
  11. The FIFA Thread v2

    I've been playing it since Tuesday (and prior to that on Friday/sat/Sunday with ea access for 6 hours) after buying it from the US store on Xbox One and I love it. Only real annoyance so far is Hazard always puts in a transfer request for me in career mode in the first window (restarted twice and he's done it all 3 times). Let me know if this happens to any of you!
  12. Which Clubs do you hate the most ?

    Liverpool, by far. Probably the only team/club I really hate, no, despise. The way the media treat them and all the history crap, gets on my tits. Every time I hear one of their fans say something like "we're gonna get back to where we belong" I hate them just a little more. Whenever I see someone wearing that shirt in public I hate them a little, right off the bat, they could be the nicest person in the world but I'd go in thinking they're a prick. Just thinking about it is pissing me off. Aaaaaaaaand relax.
  13. Chelsea 1-2 Sunderland

    There's no way that was even close to a penalty, Azpi slides in about a yard in front to stop any shot, and Altidore treads on his trailing leg and then flops over like he's been shot. Bullshit decision. Your other points, while being a tad overstated do hold some water, though.
  14. PSG 3-1 Chelsea

    Good first half display after a poor start (Courtois would have saved Lavezzi's goal) but what the shit was that in the second half? I don't even have words for how bad that was, I knew the 2nd goal was coming as soon as the free kick was given, and that third goal.... come the fuck on. Awful. Going to need to FIGHT for this in the second leg, and I don't know if the current team has it in them, I sure hope they do.
  15. General Transfer Talk

    What about Rakitic? I'd take him or Gundogan in a heartbeat (presuming the latter can get over the back issues).