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  1. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Their first goal was utterly fucking lucky, almost comically so. That is then compounded by the Willian injury which I think also led to a change of formation to 3-5-2 which we aren't very good at with our current personnel. Second goal is lucky as fuck as well, they score 2 goals not from skill but from luck, and that's super frustrating.
  2. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    He also made a vital save with his foot from a Kolarov cross from the byline that was heading straight to Dzeko for a tap in.
  3. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    Not that you can actually buy it right now since the store isn't working correctly.... Annoying.
  4. Chelsea 4-0 Man United

    I thought it seemed more like Mourinho was telling Conte to fight for the title. Could've sworn I heard "fight for the title" towards the end, could very well be wrong though.
  5. Eva Carneiro Leaves Chelsea

    Just seen a woman talking about it on Sky Sports News.... She actually said we need to move the focus from Eva and on to the "serious implications" that this event could have because we're talking about "life & death of players"...... Fuck off. Just... fuck off. This is getting ridiculous now.
  6. The Pro Wrestling thread

    Triple threat was fanfuckingtastic. Rumble started well and then they went and repeated the mistake of last fucking year in the second half. I'd love to think there was some kind of Master plan like they hinted to a bit on Raw but....
  7. The Pro Wrestling thread

    Hyped for NXT ®Evolution tonight. Shame we have to wait until Saturday to watch it over here but at least it's only 2 days (Sky Sports 3 11pm-1am).
  8. The FIFA Thread v2

    When I play seasons as Chelsea, it's either Real or Barca for me. Still beat em, dat Costa though.
  9. The Pro Wrestling thread

    FINALLY proper news about the network. That's awesome. I'll be watching Survivor Series on my Xbox One then
  10. 10. Eden Hazard

    Especially when Mertens came on, they seemed to look for him instead of Eden. Mistake imo.
  11. The FIFA Thread v2

    Pick the controller you like best or which ever one your friends are getting. They're both excellent (I have both).
  12. The FIFA Thread v2

    Of course, I'm mainly going off of the fact that the vast majority of my Xbox Live friends list haven't upgraded to next gen consoles yet (not for any want of trying on my part!), most of them play FIFA too.
  13. The FIFA Thread v2

    Not that surprising when you consider the 80 million+ 360's sold and the 8 million or so Xbox One's lol.
  14. The FIFA Thread v2

    I've been playing it since Tuesday (and prior to that on Friday/sat/Sunday with ea access for 6 hours) after buying it from the US store on Xbox One and I love it. Only real annoyance so far is Hazard always puts in a transfer request for me in career mode in the first window (restarted twice and he's done it all 3 times). Let me know if this happens to any of you!
  15. The Pro Wrestling thread

    As long as Reigns loses I'm all for it. A returning Daniel Bryan when all hope is lost to beat the beast = money.