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  1. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    wow,,it's only getting better for city than koulibaly rumors. dias - laporte partnership would be hard to broke for another striker this season. they can reduce more goals conceeded now,,but after jesus injury their new problem is center forward. KDB-esque again for city this season...
  2. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    even CHO want to play regularly,,there's not in bayern at this moment. he can choose one of mid table PL or Bundesliga club such as Everton (Don Carlo always good with young player) or Leipzig (Neglesmann is good coach and they play CL), there will be guarantee much minutes for him. but,,from our perspective it's better for him to stay,,Puli-Ziyech can't always stay fit for almost 50 games this season...
  3. 10. Christian Pulisic

    anyway,,at dortmund in 16/17, 17/18 and 18/19 his best position is RW. so,,i don't mind if CHO get loaned out there as long as ziyech and pulisic didn't get injured at the same time. so we can play werner at left and abraham would get more chance and delicious asisst from werner - kai - puli/ziyech all season. so 5 AM (kai, timo, puli, ziyech and mount) for 3 spot is more than safe i think...
  4. Super Frank Thread

    yeah,,with one condition. all of our new key player didn't get injured match by match...
  5. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    it's gonna be Mane 2.0 for them,,his speed is quitely fast...
  6. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    report say we get €6m loan fee + €47m obligation to buy,,so total around €53m. estimation on loss €13m for us,,but still bargain...
  7. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    so,,it's clear he choose for not to lose (at home???) either try to win. hope it's not his main tactics when we face a strong team...
  8. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    bye bye kepa and Jorginho....
  9. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    we can add £10m cash too for bonus to them,,at least 2 dregs can go this summer.....
  10. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    don't underestimate madrid,,even last season they already spent over 300 million. ofcourse with installment payment,,but still they can get whoever they want. and i agree if Ziyech / CHO can't perform good we should consider Sancho for the next target,,,,
  11. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    possible big transfer next summer : Mbappe => Madrid (€180m) Camavinga => Madrid (€70m) Sancho => United / Barca (€130m) Haaland => PSG / Barca (€80m) Messi => City (free) Kante => Inter (€60m) and how about us? looks like if only we can get PL thropy or both of domestic throphy,,roman would splash another money to "test the water" for dream signing like Mbappe/Haaland. and i also would love if we can attract huge talent like camavinga too....
  12. Declan Rice

    Camavinga all day long at DM or Romagnoli at CB,,we need more patient to get both of them next summer rather splash to Rice operation...
  13. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    have a nice debut with france this week,,his dribbling and composure is really good. gonna be a perfect partner for rice in the future...
  14. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    €120m sancho vs €100m havertz!!! if it's gonna be true,,we face another Hazard vs Kagawa again with united this season...😂
  15. Brighton 1-3 Chelsea

    so,,without Ziyech the possible line up is... Kepa James-- Silva--Zouma--Alonso Kante---Kovacic Havertz CHO---------------------Pulisic Werner