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Magic Lamps

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  1. Wolves - Chelsea

    the 1-4 was taken down as a Tammy own goal which means that Kepa pushed the ball against tammy and it bounced into goal from there. So his issue wasnt the wrists but tammy not reacting quickly enough. Still Kepa should obviously be catching that weak header straight at him.
  2. Wolves - Chelsea

    we were until today, from the performances we put in. Today we gote extremely lucky scoring from our frist 3 shots on target. But so far this side is a magic box you never know what you will get out of it.
  3. Wolves - Chelsea

    I noted that too, the players took their time and if in doubt played the ball backwards. That was clever and effective. Game management had definitely been addressed. Still we need to get our heads right. even at 1-4 you should not panic. and especially should not be vulnerabel to the counterattack like for the 2-4 with alonso completely vacating his position. We probably should keep the back 5 if Kante and Emerson are not fit for Liverpool But long term I see us moving back to 4-3-3 cos 3-4-3 negates our best position which is midfield.
  4. Wolves - Chelsea

    weird game. typcial chelsea to draw at home to the worst side in the league and then win away scoring 5 goals vs the strongest side we have faced in the league so far.
  5. Wolves - Chelsea

    without pens i bet my ass they would have 0 points so far. graet finish by mount, i was just about to write how mount and Bats have not scored today is beyond me. But Mount is very muchin the ink of Lamps in his playing days with the late late goal to settle the game.
  6. Wolves - Chelsea

    from the amaount of chances he had today, batshuayi would usually score at least one
  7. Wolves - Chelsea

    6mins added on. manu will probably get deducted 2mins from regular time
  8. Wolves - Chelsea

    cutrone should be sent off with these two dives
  9. Wolves - Chelsea

    again kepa should do better and push that shot away
  10. Wolves - Chelsea

    damn now it is gonna be nervy
  11. Wolves - Chelsea

    Get tammy off the pitch if he is cramping goddamn
  12. Wolves - Chelsea

    kepa should catch that bal lwith ease it is straight at him
  13. Wolves - Chelsea

    obviously never gonna keep a clean sheet -.-
  14. Wolves - Chelsea

    The commentatory said he had ice on his groin. so at least he does not need permanent medical attention. still worrying and a sign we should buy another world class defender asap
  15. Wolves - Chelsea

    come on alonso our defending is so so bad again after having been excellent the firs thalf. rüdigers presence alone makes such a difference. willian needs seriously to quit the pitch, he is such a liability in defense.
  16. Wolves - Chelsea

    our defending has reverted to shit without Rüdiger. Lets hope its nothing serious, just a precautionary measure. willian you idiot what a tool sub him out
  17. Wolves - Chelsea

    what an incredible striek again the dude is insane
  18. Wolves - Chelsea

    well the goal stat is, the other stats are of a guy slowly wandering around the pitch with occasional jogs^^
  19. Wolves - Chelsea

    oh shit why o why rüdiger injured again
  20. Wolves - Chelsea

    Tammy's stats are hilarious top speed 31kmh, average speed 6kmh, touches 2, shots 2, goals 2 Phantom Menace
  21. Wolves - Chelsea

    Bring on Pedro for Willian and thats it. It was coming tho. all those aluminium hits, we should have scored in the games before, we were bound to have one efficient game for once
  22. Wolves - Chelsea

    Damn. the young lads are on fire. the cross from alonso was excelelnt tho, credit where its due, he has been alright so far. Btw embracing alonso, he is at about 2'' taller so I would say that Abraham is a strong 6'4''(193cm), maybe close to 6'4.5'' in the morning.
  23. Wolves - Chelsea

    well, now park the damn bus. we have 5 defenders on the pitch. if we can not see a result out with that amount of defensive players+ the defending prowess of willian and mount on the pitch, we are truly doomed.
  24. Wolves - Chelsea

    what an amazing palyer that tomori guy is, created that goal basically on is own, mount should have got a penalty and again a finish from abraham.
  25. Wolves - Chelsea

    the intelligence from tomori tho to see the goalkeeper too much on the the left and then just curl it in the other end with the inside. Mesmerizing.