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  1. Virgil Van Dijk

    Well I think all three young men are more than competent and a back three with world class defenders like Luiz and Azpi in it can afford one understudy. Also that is a difference. We bought Hazard because we had not had a winger with pace and dribbling ability since robben had left in 2007. Now we have a number of excellent defenders.
  2. Virgil Van Dijk

    A player like Zouma, Cahill or van Dijk might have stopped that header simply because they are so much bigger than Ake and the ball would might have hit them but other than that there was nothing he could do about it. These kind of finishes work 1 out of 10 times. Was an absolute fluke goal so it is harsh to judge Ake on that. I am a fan of VVD but I am not sure we need him with Zouma, Christensen, Ake coming through and Cahill, Luiz and Azpi still in their best years.
  3. 6. Nathan Aké

    Lets hope this was not a Kalas and after keeping the best striker in the league relatively quiet in a huge match, he won't disappear in oblivion. Zouma - Ake - Christensen. Atleast two of them have to become regulars here. Pls don't fuck this up
  4. Chelsea - Spurs

    Well well well what a fucking thriller that was watched almost the whole game on the go on my iphone while taking various trains and busses. I swear i crossed at least six streets without looking up as my eyes were pinned to the screen. That was kinda dangerous but totally worth it First of all Conte's team selection was absolutely brilliant. I really doubted his ambitions regarding this game when resting Hazard and Costa, but he totally knew what he was doing. Ake, Willian and Michy really gave their all even though the latter's output was not perfect. Willian simply the dead ball king and we know, he hates Tottenham so he had to play^^ We dominated the game up to their first goal and really frustrated them. After their equalizer I really was a bit anxious as they started rolling, but apart from their goals, which were fluke goals, really difficult finishes that end up wide 9 times out of 10, we contained them and make them play backwards all the time. Also our pressing was fine with some really nice steals which we should have done more of. They will say 4-2 was harsh but Spurs were actually lucky we did not punish their turnovers more resolutely, Alonso and Costa should have scored in the end too. Great finishing really makes a difference. If we continue this and finish as strongly as we did in our 13 games winning patch we will win the double. A couple of special mentions have to go to 1) DAT Matic goals. A few times he takes on these strikes and this one was the best he could ever produce. What a hit, inch perfect in the top corner. Has to be goal of the season. The commentators even criticized Conte for taking off Pedro instead of Matic for Cesc but boy did Matic repay that. 2) Nathan Ake.Great Wembley debut from the little man. defensively resolute, standing his ground against bigger men. He virtually completed what is known as a Kalas in contemporary sports history. Absolutely bossing a rare start in a vital game having the best striker in the country in his pocket only to be never heard of again afterwards^^ Other than that KTBFFH and win the fucking double!
  5. Chelsea - Spurs

    ok resting hazard means we are basically surrendering this tie and going all out for the league, interesting tactic by Conte. I hope we are not choking big time now. I wonder if Tottenham will rest anyone. As for us, we are not gonna score much without hazard. however it might also give us freedom as our play is pretty much dependant on him as well as confounding any man marking tactics by them. I still tink it pretty clear that we will most definitely lose without him.As for Costa or Bats, I think both are pretty much useless bc of lack of form and rhythm.
  6. Chelsea - Spurs

    4 is not exactly a representative sample. Also our performances vs them in the past few seasons have nothing to do with our next game vs them. Yes they are a good team but they have nothing to play´for. Score first and their resistance will be broken. We simply have to win and we should if we want to win the title. This is the exact type of game a title winner should win with eyes closed or with a hard fight or in whatever fashion but simply has to win no matter what. A home game vs a midtable side with nothing to play for. This is not a matter of quality but of attitude. And when winning the title is not enough of an incentive and the pressure is too big this squad simply does not have what it takes to win the title.
  7. Chelsea - Spurs

    Even though it is a cup competition. IMO for the title, the performance for once is more important than the result. Yes Spurs will get a psychological boost by beating us. But we can only improve performance wise and get our confidence back we do not need to fear the title run in. Also Spurs have the selection dilemma, they got a hard away game coming up next week and either will put inall eggs in one basket or try to play 3 hard games on aper with the same 11. We have a straightforward looking game vs Southampton coming up, so we can easily play a full strength team. Whatever that might be.
  8. Chelsea - Spurs

    Realistically and on current form they should beat us easily. My hope is that they are traditionally incredibly shit at Wembley, so we might have a chance. Wanyama and Dembele will harrass our midfielders again so we should not even try to win the midfield battle. Just play Fabregas and let him pump his quality passes up the field. Not very subtle but you just can't contain them. if you try to play in a cultured way on the ground they will just run riot on them. Short passes through the middle just invite them into your half. Just play it over the top in the space behind their onrushing wingbacks and midfielders. Let Hazard roam around so they can't man mark him. Ofc Diego is totally useless so we could as well put Batshuayi, Solanke or even RLC up there, holy shit we could just sign free agent Marouane Chamakh andplay him up front and he would make more of an impact than Costa.
  9. The Conte Thread

    We won't but we don't need to. Lukaku will tear us to shreds(either that or he will go into hiding whilst some guy no one has ever heard of will become the reincarnation of Pelé) . All we need is 90 points. Tottenham can't reach that no matter what and we are more than capable of pulling that of provided that everybody is fit. If not it will get cagey but for the title race, Alonso and friends will get injections so they will be fit. I think Tottenham will get to 1 point and then tail off and we will win the league away at West Brom. However, win the league or not we have to tactically be way more flexibleand cope with injuries over the course of the season. Can't expect to be so lucky with almost no injuriesnext time around. When teams press us and attack Hazard when collecting the ball we almost got no chance and there are better teams out therein europe who will exploit that.
  10. The Conte Thread

    Need some huge balls from Conte now. Maybe even a change in formation or at least starting personnell if Alonso does not get fit again? Big calls to make.Conte is a very good manager. The coming weeks will show if he is also the best.
  11. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    Anelka was frustrating too but tbf he could control a ball. Anelka was quick, good technician and an ice cold finisher. Problem was he was horible when under pressure so would have faltered today, too. so Anelka-lite is about right Costa gave the performance everyone expected from him tbh. We knew Utd would press him and be out to frustrate and rile him up. it worked he didnothing all game. except picking fights with that clown Rojo. We reallyneed a better1st strike rnext seasonand to get htis one back on track he needs a game on the bench.
  12. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    This is really slipping. Every team will now put on one hell of a fight against us because the FA wants them to. The refs will give penalty after penalty and red card after red card against us and still we have to keep fighting. We will slip up more than once after this but we can hope that Tottenham will too. That is our only chance. If they slip up once the title is ours by default. so feckin get our crap together.
  13. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    game over can as well turn it off. what bad luck was that. also not so good bykante.
  14. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    why did Begovic come out of the goal. Luiz is driving Rashford away from goal. Bego was placed perfectly on the line. there is no way Rashrod scores from that angle with luiz covering the far post. it is a carbon copy of the goal cavani scored vs us last season. begovic is no proactive goalie anyway. stay on your line and make the save at the near post.
  15. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    holy crap what a shit half from us. easily the worst half of the season together with the first at the emirates. Utd simply look like they have a plan. a simple one. whacking our players downand and playing long balls for rashford to chase. and its working because we look completely disjointed. the injuries hurt us big time. really ugly game. i gotta feeling Tibo wouldhave saved that one. 1 v 1 is his strength. however with that performance we could as well be 2 down. lucky to be still in the game. i hope conte has the answer.
  16. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    dafuq did they water the pitch with. all our players slipping on this joke of a turf all the time. not being a conspiracy theorist now but utd are clearly better prepared for this slippy turf.
  17. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    hey are clearlyinstructed to foul us as often as possible to stem our flow. and the ref is clearly favouring them.
  18. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    so freckin atrocious. the pressure is clearly getting to us. no composure whatsoever
  19. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    horrible refereeing, pro Utd at OT quelle surprise. wish our striker was as ungry as Rashford.
  20. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    clear handball by herrara or who, crazy mistsake by the ref but we were too open in the middle. gonna be a long game now
  21. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    This is the real test. Lose or draw and the title race is on, win and it is effectively over. I think if we win this, it will break Tottenham's resolve. Their easy fixtures are over and us not slipping to either Manchster team is something that will demoralize em. Still has to be won tho. Up the Chels!
  22. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    TBF they looked absolutely awful when we played them this season. No threat going forward with their only chances coming from some gifted turnovers. but we have to take this seriously. we will surely concede with Pogba/Fellaini/Lingard/Zlatan and their skinny awkwardness somehow forcing a twice deflected, handed offside goal. and they will park the bus sooner or later.
  23. Paolo Dybala

    http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11865/9710480/chelsea-target-paulo-dybala-is-almost-certain-to-be-sold-in-summer-says-palermo-president Obviously been a target for us. 21 year old with decent scoring record in Serie A but obviously badly advised. No club in the world will pay him 15m wages per year. Maybe we can acquire him cheaply, loan the shit out of him and sell him for a profit.
  24. 3. Marcos Alonso

    spot on. great technique and what an important goal. bends it like bekcham with power brecicison, curl and curve.
  25. Bournemouth 1-3 Chelsea

    As expected Spurs won their game, so extra pressure. Luckily Moses is fit again and has to startif he can. Would seriously consider leaving Costa out. He is shot of confidence anyway, couldn't hit a barn door right now and Willian would add a bit of ball retention and has an excellent first touch. NOt much of a goal threat but neither is Costa atm.