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  1. Tammy Abraham

    beat me to it. typical Tammy goal. the assist from will hughes was quality tho.
  2. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Mate, you completely misunderstood me. I do not want to insult you, I am genuinely worried about your mental health. First I thought you were just one of those numerous player fanboys who spam the player threads for a couple of weeks with their absurd conceptions only to grow tired and disappear. But now I am genuinely worried about your mental well-being. I reckon you are at an early stage but you should definitely act sooner rather than later. Altering your perception of reality to accomodate a specific notion is a really dangerous pattern in human behaviour. I have many friends in the Vienna area, maybe I can ask them if they know someone to help you. There are also ways to do this anonymously if you feel ashamed.
  3. Tammy Abraham

    the story goes on http://www.squawka.com/news/tammy-abrahams-decision-to-join-swansea-over-newcastle-labelled-as-pathetic-by-ex-magpies-striker/964017 The only thing pathetic is that bitter guy putting his foot in a 19 year for not joining his old club obviously after not even having understood Tammy's reasons to do so. What a dumb turd. IMO Swansea is a better club for youth development than Newcastle which is why I am fully behind that decision. I hope he will have a great spell.
  4. Alex Sandro

    There are 5 stages of loss and grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. You are currently in the first stage.
  5. 21. Nemanja Matic

    who would have thought https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/3892010/nemanja-matic-jose-mourinho-third-choice-manchester-united-chelsea/
  6. Alex Sandro

    If you are all so sure, then you should bet. The odds for him staying at Juve are excellent 11/2. Easy money for you then.
  7. Alex Sandro

    LOL. This is gold. Especially considering Cahill is 1.5 years older than Bonucci and Baba Rahman will probably never play for a top team again.
  8. 21. Nemanja Matic

    I know. Apart from his obvious deficiencies in logical thinking, this guy's irrational and OTT fondness for Matic does not only blur his view on Matic himself but on all surrounding circumstance. @TheWiz you definitely should seek professional help. This is getting out of control!
  9. Victor Perez- Vitolo

    He is defo faster in real life than he is in FIFA. He reminds me of a bigger Pedro. would not be against if he is cheap but would prefer a left footed winger as we got none.
  10. Virgil Van Dijk

    Rolling in cash is what we are already doing with the Nike deal and TV money. We soon have to find another word for it :DDD
  11. Alex Sandro

    don't know how news- or trustworthy this is but according to more and more Italien sources the deal is off http://www.gazzetta.it/Calciomercato/25-06-2017/mercato-juve-cosa-manca-2001243077860.shtml I hope it is BS
  12. 21. Nemanja Matic

    OHHHH please! Be assured I am so looking forward to hearing again about his nonchalant lobs and his ability to skip past my granny and her 3 dogs in just 2.3 leapyears and him being the cornerstone of the famous Austrian cathedral St. Yoursodeludeditsnotevenfunnyanymore.
  13. 6. Nathan Aké

    But he is so versatile. He can play LB, LWB, DM and CB. 20m would represent a very good return on investment given we paid like 6m for him. Probably too much to turn down if all he would do here is to make up the numbers.
  14. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Do we even need a new CM? if we continue with 3-4-3 we we should be fine if we keep Baker and RLC in the squad.
  15. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Yours are not making Sense either . Correlation does not mean cause. And You are repeating yourself. As if that would mean anything. We also won those titels with Cahill playing 90%. Bayern once won 2 doubles with Hasan Salihamcic, Utd won some with Wes Brown and Chris Evans. Does not mean one need not or should not upgrade on them. Which thank god is what we are doing. We also twice failed in the Cl with Matic having reached the semis before he participated. If us winning some league titles coinciding with his presence is all you got them it is clear to everyone why Matic is below our standards.
  16. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    4 years sounds strange for such a young Player. Wie usuall tie them with 5 year Deals. Blut does not matter. Great news if true.
  17. Virgil Van Dijk

    the last one is bonkers. Hazard as wing back? also who is Alexandro?
  18. Virgil Van Dijk

    I was thinking the same. Azpi would be a perfect RWB IMO. not as offensive as Moses but defensively he is better than Moses or alosno and offensively he is still as good as Marcos. We saw during the season that he is driving up his side from RCB anyway so he would not need much of a transition. Also a return to back 4 would be interesting as it would free another mitdfielder.
  19. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Exactly those numbers are what i am talking about...they are ok, average, exactly what you expect from an average player. Dozens of midfielders in the top leagues produce these kind of numbers. So 347 games under various managers and none has got your idea that he is a "creative mastermind". Tell me, why are you the only person in the world who sees Matic as a creative player? Why has no manager ever assigned him offensive duties? I will tell you, because he underwhelming at it. He has an average technique, cant use his right foot to save his life, has no balance and sucks at finishing. According to transfermarkt, Matic started 29 games in a more advanced position and contributed a whopping 3 goals 5 assists. So when you play him more adavanced you obviously get the same modest output you get when you play him anywhere else. Which is why no one has ever tried to give him more offensive duties again. There are so many players better at that.
  20. Alex Sandro

    Was thinking the same. Sound absolutely crazy. But this is a statement. A marquee signing. We sign probably the best LWB in the world. Can play at LB, LWB and LW But adding it all up including Baba, Alonso and this guy we would have spend close to 150m on an auxilliary position within 2 years. That is madness.
  21. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Dude...We all accept that Matic is an ok player, but you talk of him like he is some creative mastermind. 7 assists is like his best ever offensive output and it is still a tiny number but about the best such an average player can achieve no matter his midfield role. Not even half as much as Matic and still produced 5 assists more in the league. if you really think that Conte will maintain Matic as a starter once we got Bakayoko you are the one in for a surprise. If Matic would do his job defensively we would not even need Bakayoko. Those 7 assists and 27 chances Forget about those tiny numbers. In his 347 pro games, he only produced 22 goals and 26 assists. But I guess that is what you call playmaking brilliance
  22. Mohamed Salah

    I think he will move Mane to LW so he has his right foot to cut onto and remain with Firmino as striker.
  23. Mohamed Salah

    mane and salah will be a fearsome wing duo.Pace to burn. They still won't win shit and I doubt Salah will score as much as with Roma.
  24. General Transfer Talk

    https://www.transfermarkt.de/adama-traore/profil/spieler/204103 tm have him as right footed not sure if that is true but he looked more like a right foot in our matches against them too.