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Magic Lamps

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  1. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    And it was started completely needlessly in the first place. however Brexit could still turn out to be a smart move in the Long haul even if it is almost suicidal in the short term. With populism and dictatorship returning to EU countries, their stupid constitution may well cripple the EU as evident by what Poland and Hungary are now doing.
  2. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Not just the oldest player to score a cl Hattrick but the oldest player to do so in top European competition overall since Puskas in 1965. third most European goals in the last 2 years. if this is not greatness then what is
  3. 18. Olivier Giroud

    I think we should let him start the next two games no matter what. Then rest him to have him fresh for the festive period.
  4. Sevilla - Chelsea

    I am confident we can take on any team in the world bar Bayern
  5. Sevilla - Chelsea

    We have massively improved but we need a title before we can buy into him for very long haul.
  6. Sevilla - Chelsea

    Yeah maybe their new clubs let us borrow them back for that purpose 😂
  7. Sevilla - Chelsea

    I am pretty sure Lamprd trots out the starters for Saturday to get them a bit of match rhythm already
  8. Sevilla - Chelsea

    Have been preaching how much difference a goalie makes for ages now. Really happy Mendy is the calming presence we all wanted
  9. Sevilla - Chelsea

    It taking 10 years for someone to repeat that makes Lampard scoring 4 in a match multiple times even more amazing
  10. Sevilla - Chelsea

    Still time for a fourth. Would be our first four time scorer since Lampard 10 years ago
  11. Sevilla - Chelsea

    Perfect Hattrick for oli
  12. Sevilla - Chelsea

    Emerson is putting in quite a shift
  13. Sevilla - Chelsea

    He will start bitching around early enough
  14. Sevilla - Chelsea

    Should score that easily tho
  15. Sevilla - Chelsea

    Why are we bringing on the big guns tho? Needless risk of injury
  16. Sevilla - Chelsea

    Get Oli off and out hin right in the starting lineup vs leeds
  17. Sevilla - Chelsea

    He always delivers when it’s clutch tho. today his performance is something else tho. Plays like a playmaker and no.9 at same time
  18. Sevilla - Chelsea

    Sevilla bringing the big guns
  19. Sevilla - Chelsea

    I hate how Southern European footballers have made such a culture of always moaning, whining, diving. Sucks the joy out of the sport
  20. Sevilla - Chelsea

    Pulisic is so rusty
  21. Sevilla - Chelsea

    It is also our b team and we are quite comfortable
  22. Sevilla - Chelsea

    Var is so crooked
  23. Sevilla - Chelsea

    Spanish teams are so annoying always demanding cards or penalties
  24. Sevilla - Chelsea

    Clear card elbow top head but nothing given ofc
  25. Sevilla - Chelsea

    The ref is once again so torrid