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  1. Next Manager?

    yup. would not be the Chelsea way to get things sorted out early. This would eliminate room for late drama which we all love so much at this club. The article makes him look very much like club. Alterating between high press and deep block, fast transition in a 4-4-2 to offense and quickly getting people behind the ball. But what I saw when i looked a tthem, the team looked more like our Sarri Chelsea with a very rigid 4-3-3 that people figured out. But I like his empasis on young players with high energy level and work ethic. Esp Mount, Wilson etc made runs you would never see a player in tha tposition make usually. I remember Mount sprinting up and down the touchline in the Leeds game multiple times in stoppage time and wilson to defend at his own corner flag opposite of his own position. Maybe it was not even planned but Derby surely knew how to put a shift in and never gave up fighting, even if not always successful. What I am really curious to see is what Lamps will do with Jorginho. The only thing that Lampard never did opposed to players like Xavi, Iniesta, Kroos, Jorginho and most of todays CMs was tactically controlling the game, sometimes advertedly slowing down the tempo, giving rhythm with short passes. Lampard was very direct and even when he fell back between the CBs he would always look for the optimal pass to score a goal in the attack. Which is where those hollywood passes pinpoint to Drogba's chest often came from. I dont think Lampard would have been unable to do the Queerpasstoni and exchange passes back and forth but that was just not the way we rolled. We looked inferior to the only team back then who already had those tactical midfielders, Barcelona, when we actually were not. We just were set up differently, whcih is also why we beat them multiple times with Lamps playing a key role. Anyway, the point is: Can Lampard use Jorginho to full effect never having played himself in a team with this kind of midfielder or having been coached by someone who uses a player like this? I dont even think it is a must. Coaches like Klopp, Kovac, Deschamps operate succesfully without a Jorginho-type player, whilst most other managers and pundits have identified these kidn of players as the key to modern football like Guardiola, Pochettino, Zidane. If Lampard is not this kind of coach, Jorginho could acutally hold us back building a high energy heavy metal football team.
  2. Next Manager?

    I think we will play 4-2-3-1 with Jorginho-Kante double pivot. Azpi-- Luiz--Rüdi--Emerson --------Kante---Jorginho------ Pulisic------RLC------CHO---- -------------Giroud---------------- with everyone fit. A bit of a meh side. would be more interesting with Reece james for Azpi and Tammy for Giroud but quality stay same. Maybe some returning loanees can make an impresion. The new manager for sure has a huge roster to pick from
  3. Next Manager?

    Yup it has been just as dull tbf. Solid but neither spectacular in front of goal nor overly stable in defence. His tactical concepts really are not mature yet and I doubt that the feelgood factor alone will carry us through the season. I am also not sure if Lamps is a feelgood-type manager. He is a genuine, smart, calm and introverted guy. Not a cheerful character like Conte or Ancelotti who focus on keeping a good atmosphere. What he has going on for him is the massive respect from anyone in the club. But as long as this is not backed up by tactics it will not be enough. Whoever becomes manager is set up to fail. I dont want it to be Lamps.
  4. Ola Aina

    10m is about right. one time the club did not fuck up his contract situation and at least recovered the investment in his education with a bit of profit on top. Wish him all the best.
  5. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    This we looked like shit and the amount of points we picked up in the second half of the season is shameful. The others were just as poor no denying. But if Emery in his first season and a loser mentality club, Rookie manager Ole taking over Mourinho's shit show and Spurs with all their injuries are the yardstick then good night. Even more shameful is however how we played against the smallest of sides with stupid errors, no clear offensive plan except giving Hazard and later RLC the ball and hope for the best. Even when we won we really rode our luck whilst most of our defeats we realyl deserved. On the surface it looks like a successful season and i am ecstatic with 3rd place and cup win but having watched 95% of our games the past 14 seasons, i rage quitted so damn often this season just because we were so gutless, frustrating, boring and one-dimensional etc As a chelsea fan and as a football fan i will surely not miss him.
  6. Eden Hazard

    She is usually great at selling stuff. (Even if we completely fucked up the kdb, salah, sturridge and lukaku sales but im not sure she was in charge of those) but she is shit at buying. And like in capital markets, buying and selling require completely different skillsets. So someone with such concentrated talents should not have such a wide range of responsibilities.
  7. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I think the posession approach is even more ancient. the key to modern football is speed and accuracy. both in mind and in the foot. Most goals come within 10 seconds of a team losing posession. The team who is sharp, quick to react and clinical in execution is the one to prevail. Liveprool won the CL like that and probably most leagues where also decided by the teams playing like this. Klopp created a team with maybe 3,4 world class players that matches peps 15 world class players squad by perfecting the transition. going from pressing to attacking to sitting deep to counter attacking. You can pass some small teams into submission but not the ones who are coached well. I rather trust Allegri get our players working like that than Ten Haag who may mould some talents into his ideas of football but we need someone to coach experienced divas like the ones we have.
  8. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Bayern fams are wetting themselves with him in Germany now and salohanidzic believing that him extending is BS. Hr is just Germany to attend Rüdigers wedding tho
  9. Next Manager?

    In Germany Rangnick is rumoured to be a candidate for the job. For those who do not know him, he was at the helm for the investor-backed hoffenheim and rb leipzig project leading them from the lower leagues to el places in alternating positions as coach/technical director. His style is pressing and winning the ball high and then attacking as quickly as possible or sitting deep and counter attacking. He either plays 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 but is overall postionally flexible, just demands high work ethic. He is adept at identifying and developing talent, not at all a cheque book manager but would spend on young and upcoming players. I also thought hard about him but before but he usually had full backing of owner and board so this job may be out of his depth. No easy character but one of the sharpest footballing minds in Germany.
  10. Chelsea banned for TWO transfer windows

    limits reputational damage tho
  11. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Thats true but if he goes to bayern we will never get him. If he goes to psg or Spain and fails we might get him. I would rather bayern sign an overrated player like Carrasco or Draxler and make the same mistakes as 2004 to 2010 and underinvest in average players but they seem to have learned their lesson and get proven quality. Runours are he prefers bayern tho whuch will probably conclude their interest in other wingers. I hate how they usually get their targets quickly. When we were still splashing the cash and going places in the CL we cpuld attract top talent too. But now we are further sown the foos chain. Even without transfer ban we only get specialist signings like Jorginho, pulisic, Kepa, fabregas, costa before and not really the super hot commodities everyone wants.and i think only half of that is down to our lack of success as we had the same problem after our 2 recent title wins. I suspect our lack of ambition displayed by low balling, unprofessional negotiating and failure to get deals done as major reason top talent shuns us.
  12. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Yup i still hope, they miss out on him. So far Bayerns plan A is to create FC Deutschland with Sane and Draxler above Carrasco, Pepe and CHO on thier wish-list. Though i did not perceive pepe as hyper-fast. More like nippy but with supreme game intelligence and positioning so he might just read the game too well to be ever spotted in full sprint. Would love him too esp given how deadly he is and that we are lacking aleft footer.
  13. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    If our treasury department was smart they locked that exchange rate in with a forward or at least filled their euro accounts. But even if not, i think volatility can work in our favour here cos the amount we have to pay is fixed but the time we have to pay it is not. I expect the pound to fall till a few weeks after brexit. At some point the BAnk of England will be forced to lower rates tho and the pound will appreciate.
  14. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I feel that Ten Haag would fail spectacularly just as Bosch did at BVB. We would collapse defensively. I think Allegri is the only way we can win things in the next few years. With Hazard gone we have basically a mid-table squad with luxurious depth. Our only world class player is Kante with Kepa and Rüdiger coming closest, all more defensvie than offensive players. So IMO our new manager should know how to build a team around a defensive foundation. Allegri does. When Conte came here we ripped up the league without major spending and with inferior squads compard to the Manc teams. We did so because his tactics here caught the league on the wrong foot and once they adapted we were out of reach. Now without the quality of Costa and hazard, the only way i see us reaching top 4 is grinding out results. Allegri managed to teach Juve 3 different formations in no time. If he can recreate that here, i think we have a chance to reach top 4 adn win the odd cup. If ofc our objective is to transform into this bullshit posession football philosophy then he might not be the right man. But neither is Lampard or Ten haag. Lampard is out of his depth given the situation. Even if he will be given time and no title objectives, he might very well lose the players with all the rotten illoyal guys we still have at the club and can not get rid of. You can not transform the identity of a club without buying and selling players. If this is really what we want then prepare to suffer, because continuing Sarris work here wil make us uncompetitive for years. Now, we still have time to revert ot what we are good at.
  15. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    He is not gonna join Bayern tho. They will either get Sane, Carrasco or another star winger. Add to that they have Coman, Gnabry, Afonso Davies and they sometimes employ Müller on the wing as well. Further they just brought up the Korean Jeong from their B-Team. So why would they play another youngster when they already have 4 wingers 23 or younger. Kovac has no real record of bringing up junior players either. CHO is not stupid, he should see through that. IMO, they have long given up on CHO and made other plans. They just keep taling about CHO to annoy us. CHO is either gonna sign that contract, which honestly he should. No better time or place for him right now with all the trust the club the club put him. With the transfer ban and Hazard having left, he has the chance to start for a top10 club in the world at 18 years. 100k is also more than he would earn at Bayern. He either is gonna sign the contract and become a star, which I think he will or he walks on a free next season and will never be heard of again.