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  1. Norwich v Chelsea

    Pukki is on ahot streak but their other players are shit. We should walk all over them.
  2. Super Frank Thread

    I agree mostly. I thing Tammy is an absolute shitty header of the ball tho. He usually dives underneath crosses like today. I think midfield is the least of our worries. The defence does not really join the pressing and pushes high, so we usually hav e alot of space between midfield and defence for teams to exploit. I really would like to see Bats in this system. His hold up play might be shit but he has the legs to press so he should be able to learn it. Our chances come from playing quick and not building from the back where we would need a big target man anyway. I am not even sure Lamps knows what a nice little poacher Bats is. Maybe he is just like Demba Ba someone who is absolute useless in training but still scores his fair share in games. I understand that Giroud had to be kept on cos he scored and it would have meant throwing Tammy under the bus. But now both have sucked so I think it is Bats turn. Willian, Pedro, Tammy (we need a catchy name for it maybe Tamwilledro) is the most frustrating offense. one i want to never see again but probably will. Miles worse then Anelkalouda. I dont get the insistence on Tammy. Lamps obviuosly has his darlings, especially Mount. But the little fella is a brilliant player, full of energy, pace, determination and can actually score goals. Tammy is absolutely useless. Even Lukaku was better at 20. Already had 17 EPL goals under his belt at that age. But yeah our defence is shit as well. Usually you would expect a chelsea side to get a 1-0 over the line. There are phases were you are shit in any game like Souness said and then you have to make sure you do not concede. But we still played like we were chasign the game and were all over the place in midfield. And part of this was due to faitgue but also i think lamps can improve the tactics on running afte rlosing the ball. Azpi's decline and Pedro consistently losing balls in dangerous positions does not help either. But our right side was clearly target by Leicester yeseterday. Only when Willian came on to do fuck all they attacked his side as well. We are under pressure now and need to win the next two games 100%. I expect us to do so and would have even if we had 6 instead of 1 point in the bag right now.
  3. Norwich v Chelsea

    We are super predictable this season. Start with brilliant power play, create a ton of chances, dont score them, tire and concede. Rinse and repeat. We are not fresh enough, dont defend as a team and most of all are not clinical enough.
  4. 10. Willian

    It really is not if you look at the situation the same amateurs responsible for not selling Willian have brought us in.
  5. 10. Willian

    Thank you for reminding us what a shit show you are, Willian. That must be the worst sub performance of all times. what a disaster he was on both ends. Pedro-Tammy-Willian is an offense straight from hell. We will not win a single game with those three upfront. I am not even sure they will score a goal this season in this constellation.
  6. Chelsea - Leicester

    I guess this was expected. As usual we came out red hot ouf of the blocks and then tired but thats understandable. For the first time i think we scored the number of goals we deserved. Given the chances creates. The result was fair as well. Tammy once againnwas an absolute let down. Willian was the usual clusterfuck. Absolute shit show. Has learned nothing, does not track back properly and 0 end product. Pedro has declined visibly losing the ball in dangerous positions. Same for Azpi. Really should have done better with the header vs Ndidi. Pulisic was anyonymous as was Emerson. Zouma and Christensen were quite ok given they had nonprotection and they bypassed our midfield easily. Really need to defend better. We need Rlc badly. We are so weak always getzing physically dominated in midfield.
  7. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    We hit the woodwork 3 times already and scored 2 offside goals. There is an element of bad luck to it. But yeah we need a finisher. I would honestly start Michy vs Leicester.
  8. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    No worries. Just did not want to let it stand like that. There are many cases when women beat up gropers etc and rightly get applause but Hope solo has a problem woth violence. She beat her unarmed nephew's head with a broomstick till it broke.
  9. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    It was her teenage nephew and his mother. Some heroine...I like strong women but Hope Solo is none, just a chav.
  10. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Sure I do. They destroyed German football.
  11. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Its because its bayern, all is plastic. They get their houses cars clothes food all delivered without asking. They get assistants to run their stuff in their native languages. They get completely isolated from real life. Does not help that guys like Ribery, Lewandowski are also dumb as fuck. Pulisic already spoke more or less fluent German after a few months. He also used to walk through Dortmund, running his errands, speaking to fans. Like an actual human being. Bayern wants their ugly fuckers to be football machines and that is it.
  12. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Lewandowski has been living in Germany since 2010 and still does not speak the language properly. Same with Ribery and all those Bayern shitfaces that are here for 10 years+ and can not even string two words together.
  13. Chelsea - Leicester

    We still have only scored once from open play in 210 mins of football. Goals will be our problem this season on both ends.
  14. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Even that corrupted ref can not make them win. Pathetic performance
  15. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Did it cross your mind that that might have been a tongue in cheek comment?