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  1. Mauro Icardi

    well strikers are all about confidence and form. Maybe until summer , someone new emerges. But most probably we will take someone from the second row ala Plea, gomez, silva, augustin or haller.
  2. Chelsea v Man Utd

    I have to say, a weekend without a Chelsea game still feels weird even though we are shit lately. I was just rewatching old highlights from the glory days of 2004-2012. When you see hwo those player fought in the most wicked of circumstances you see what a difference it makes if you have leaders and players who give a fuck. That show of passion and character si something i really miss today. Now another, not as brilliant generation of players comes to an end, i hope we can build a new balanced team. Heck, let every new signing run through a check of character first like most banks do before interviews. No little fairies and divas as most young players today but grown men. Can you imagine Drogs or Lamps having a barber coming to the hotel on a gameday or having a golden steak?It will be difficult to find there are many talented players around these days but few who can shape and lead a team which is what we need now.
  3. Malmo - Chelsea

    should have simply sold CHO when the money was still on the table. he might or might not be worth more some time in the future but we will never get that much for him again.
  4. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    that was unbelievable. he is so begging for the sack. But the board which should have been more patient on like half a dozen occasions now is holding on to Sarri just to make point. Please Sarri just resign and take Kovacic, Barkley, Jorginho, Alonso, Giroud, Willian and all those other average anti-footballers with you. He reminds me of an old, wrinkled but just as stubborn version of AVB but instead of his holy Frankenstein monster Romeu he has his useless sidepass merchant Jorginho. Equally deluded ass plagues.
  5. Malmo - Chelsea

    and fucking Kovacic just jogging behind their slow as fuck striker instead of simply overturning him and pushing him more to the flank.
  6. Malmo - Chelsea

    It was against a shit side in pre-season. We should have blown them off the field. A good Chelsea side would have scored double figures agaisnt those narcoleptics but we even assisted them to score.
  7. Malmo - Chelsea

    or defend. Sarri has completely receded us from a okish side to an absolute shit house in just 6 months. what a piss poor coach. The players are just as bad but with his tactics and selections they could try as hard as they want and we'd still be an average side. Would fire the whole lot of them as obviously most of them dont want to be here
  8. Malmo - Chelsea

    This is by far the worst chelsea side i have seen. Even the torrid 2011/12 one was better simply because they were giving a fuck but this is the an absolute shame. seldom seen such a disgraceful performance despite winning.
  9. Malmo - Chelsea

    the players dont even wanna score another one, just ticking the clock down. fucking pathetic. i agree tie is not won yet but this means Sarri will not rest in the reserve fixture which means we will lose the league cup final for sure.
  10. Malmo - Chelsea

    holy fuck CHO great awareness
  11. Malmo - Chelsea

    Pep and Klopp are coaches who can make players better instantly. Sarri is a coach who makes every player slowly but steadily turn to absolute shit.
  12. Malmo - Chelsea

    CHO is just as shit as the rest, just younger.
  13. Malmo - Chelsea

    Great corner Hazard. thank fuck Sarri brought you on
  14. Malmo - Chelsea

    everyone knows he is neat and tidy technically but he is ineffective in offense and defense as he just demonstrated
  15. Malmo - Chelsea

    great defending Kovacic still 2 away goals. doesn't matter.