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  1. Group G - Belgium, Tunisia, Panama, England

    Yeah but how shit was the team selection? walker in cb? lingard a starter? maguire over cahill? trippier? young over rose? was basically a 1b team today if you ask me
  2. Group G - Belgium, Tunisia, Panama, England

    This england team will never get past a quarter final. No mental strength cant even beat these clowns
  3. Group G - Belgium, Tunisia, Panama, England

    In the past england would always be shit and win this game 1-0 . Nowaday they get chances galore and draw vs nobodies
  4. Group G - Belgium, Tunisia, Panama, England

    Ref basically decided the game. 2 clear pens vs kane not given and gifts the terrorists a pen for basically no contact game will end 1-1
  5. Group G - Belgium, Tunisia, Panama, England

    No ide awhy southgate plays clueless young, trippier, walker out of position, maguire, linguard ehile having superior players on the bench
  6. Group G - Belgium, Tunisia, Panama, England

    Wtf that referee is blind
  7. Group F - Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea

    Löw once again brought that upon hinself. Persisting on selecting players based on as well as choosing the weong newcomers. their performances from 4 years ago. Khedira is not really up to it anymore, özin has always been the worst of chokers, Müller is a shadow and I got no idea what Plattenhardr is doing in professional football. Anf gomez is by far the worst of the true no 9s in the pool. It is really some feat to have this pool of players available and botch the selection so badly. Leaving pacy players at home Once again drains our counter attacking threat too.
  8. 10. Eden Hazard

    we changed the system to this torrid 3 at the back playing with 5 players to accomodate him and give him basically a free role. No player not even Lampard has enjoyed this much positional freedom in Chelsea since I watch the team. You can argue that because he has donkeys like Alonso and Moses supporting him on either flank that he has to do a lot on his own but no one can argue that he has not been given enough positional and tactical accomodation. On paper he might be a wide 10 or 2nd striker (which basically is a no. 10) but he is allowed to play as much as a true no.10 as one can.
  9. General Transfer Talk

    How can they simply terminate their contracts? don't they need to pay the release clause then?
  10. 10. Eden Hazard

    Hopefully he is out of the wc but recovered before pre season ends so he is fit for Real... Err...i mean us ^^
  11. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Yes we are heavily reliant on him but in this case we are in a strong position. he still has 3 years left on his contract. But kante is the kind of player we should literally throw money to make a statement. Not only because he deserves it (as does Azpi) but because of the example he is with his workrate, commitment and professionalism. So tie him down to another 5 year contract. Also similar to Hazard, both are 27, this is the last year anyone will be willing to pay big money for a players of that age so next year we are pretty much safe as the big clubs will probably not come knocking again for what basically is an ageing player.
  12. Roman Abramovich

    Well Ratcliffe is way more wealhy than Roman. But Never trust a ManU Fan.
  13. Gonzalo Higuain

    this has shevchenko written all over it. you might argue Shevchenko was in way better shape and the serie still a better league back then. Will be an absolute catastrophe if we sell 25 y.o. Morata and 24 y.o. Batshuayi and want to build our future on 30 y.o. Higuain and 32 y.o. Giroud. Good luck with that. and don't get to me with Tammy. He will never be even as good as Morata. Higuain is the Fabregas of strikers. Should be at his peak at 30 but already has so much football in his bones due to starting at such an early age that he moves like an old man and his goalside contribution barely papers over the cracks.
  14. Allison Becker

    But goalie is a completely different question. Courtois is a good one but still he maybe makes like 3,4 saves per season that actually save points and only a class goalie could have made and letting in 1,2 that are really harmful despite his class. I reckon even if some of these goalies are a bit worse the net impact will be minimal. For a winger on the other hand it is probably the most important position in the modern systems. a small difference in class can easily be 15goals+assists from that position.
  15. Jean Seri

    A midfield of Kante - Seri - Barkley/RLC/Bakayoko. Athletic as fuck and no end produkt..... so business as usual