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  1. Man Utd v Chelsea

    5 days rest should be sufficient for all players from today to be fresh. Go all out to win this and then tank the city game with an academy side i would say
  2. Chelsea - Barcelona

    One final thought. We created loads of breaks. But we were unable to finish them off, the final ball was untidy and played with too much haste. We will get these chances in the away leg too. If we manage to be more clinical we will win.
  3. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Yeah and thank fucknhe cant play vs us. Would have ruined our gameplan if they had any danger from deep
  4. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Yeah and thank fucknhe cant play vs us. Would have ruined our gameplan if they had any danger from deep
  5. Chelsea - Barcelona

    There is still a narrow chance we quality in the return leg via the away goals. that would be sweet albeit improbable. The thing is in the away leg we are the ones who have to score now so it will be really dangerous not to allow them too much space. However if Messi has a day off even worse than today or picks up an injury, we are favourites. They are an absolute shadow of their glory days, only that badly aged front 3 other than that Paulinho, Rakitic, Umtit, Aleix Vidal etc are no better than our very own Moses, Fabregas, Alonso horror show.There is no doubt our vintage sides would have wiped the floor with this lot but it might also be a valid point that we did not quite achieve the same as our similarly weak 2012 side managed against their vintage class of 2012
  6. Chelsea - Barcelona

    They really were. They still got the quality to play it perfectly when it counts and they got the space but if we had been more attentative in that one situation where christensen makes that blunder adn also azpi goes to ground to early we would have won this game quite comfortably. If they repeat this performacne at City they will get hammered.
  7. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Coutinho is cup tied and there is a reason why they left dembe out - he is not up to speed like morata
  8. Chelsea - Barcelona

    That is not because spurs and us are from london but because we got decent opposition whilst the other english team drew some bunches of clowns that have no business playing cl
  9. Chelsea - Barcelona

    we can take pride and strength from this for the two games in Manchester. I think we can take at least 3 points from there.
  10. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Same old barca always cheating
  11. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Cakir is such a clown
  12. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Bullshit. They have now idea what to do. Without christensens gift they woult not have scored in century. We have had all the chances and bad luck not to be multiple goals up.
  13. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Drinkwater will come on too
  14. Chelsea - Barcelona

    The ref is so weird
  15. Chelsea - Barcelona

    No they are not but we are a team in transition and they are a well oiled machine. Still we have been the way better side