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  1. Chelsea 0-1 Bournemouth

    Couple of half time subs needed
  2. Chelsea 0-1 Bournemouth

    Willian is fucking dreadful, that ball needed to go left to Pulisic
  3. 10. Willian

    He’s shocking, his end product is and always has been woeful
  4. Chelsea 4-4 Ajax

  5. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    I edited my post, as a pundit he is absolutely useless. Constantly looking to others to confirm his opinions and is massively biased towards Chelsea which makes it ridiculous when we are the team playing.
  6. 22. Christian Pulisic

    Can’t be ignored now, impressed by his drive
  7. Burnley 2-4 Chelsea

    How the fuck is someone as thick as Frank Sinclair on sky sports 👋🏻🤦🏽‍♂️
  8. Chelsea 2-0 Brighton

    Mount is the best player on the pitch
  9. Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea

    I hate Willian but I cannot wait until he takes Pedro out the side
  10. Give Us Feedback/Bugs Thread

    Yeh I have this issue also
  11. Chelsea 0-0 Man City

    Too many championship manager arseholes that know fuck all apart from YouTube on this forum
  12. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Is conte still available?
  13. Chelsea 0-2 Man Utd

    Time for Sarri to go
  14. Chelsea 2-0 Man City

    Ed002 Wannabe
  15. David Luiz

    He should be playing in mid