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  1. 28. César Azpilicueta

    I couldn't follow the team the pasts 5-6 weeks, how does Azpi do? Does he play?
  2. Funny Picture and Video Thread

    The guy is dumb asking that but Cole is way more stupid answering that. Dumb f*ck
  3. Funny Picture and Video Thread

    You have a point when you say that these jokes are old and unimaginative, but it's the same with the lame Liverpool, Arsenal or MU jokes
  4. Funny Picture and Video Thread

    In France we have kind of a similar thing that capriccioso posted! When Messi shots 2 feet outside the goal it's: "OH MESSI EXTRAORDINAIRE! SI C'EST DEDANS C'EST PAREIL C'EST ABSOLUMENT MAGNIFIQUE! SOMPTUEUSE ACTION DE MESSI!" ("OH MESSi, UNBELIEVABLE! IF IT'S IN IT'S THE SAME THING IT'S ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! SOMPTUOUS PLAY BY MESSI!") When Ronaldo scores a wonderful goal, it's "Et but de Ronaldo" ("And Ronaldo scores") Funny thing? Both happenend in the Real - Barca second leg. Ronaldo scores the gorgeous goal with the back heel flick, you can hear the commentators being disappointed as hell. At the end of the game, Messi shoots outside the goal, but I think both commentators had an orgasm. You just think Messi scored a goal that counts for 3 goals.
  5. Axel Witsel

    This is not what I was (me at least) talking about. Transfers prices bothered me. Of course. I remember the time when you had a top player for 20M€ or even a bit less. Today for that price, you have a random player. But I'm mostly complaining about players leaving good clubs/championships to join less good for money. Silva or Zlatan were indisputably in the starting 11 of one of the best team of one of the best championship. They leaves for a less interesting championship (an club but I might not be objective). Hulk or Witsel or playing in Portugal and have big clubs wanting them. And they choose to join Russia? Ok Zenit play CL but it's 6 games and then, bye, you will only play championship by 30°F (0°C, don't know if you talk in °F or °C) But that is their choice, I just say that I'm disgusted by what football becomes more and more. An other example, Ekoko, a french forward left Rennes for Emirates at only 23 y-o. Clubs in L1 wanted him, and aybe with one more year he could have joign a good club. But no, he left for money and we will never see him again Chelsea is one of the top clubs of the top league in the world.
  6. Axel Witsel

    I hate this kind of comment. WE don't earn 200k€ per months. WE don't win money on sponsors, commercials and everything. And by the way, money is not THE important fact for me. I already lowered my salary because I loved the job and the company. But once again, the salaries aren't comparable.
  7. Axel Witsel

    Of course it's a step down. But they have money, so it's all good. The day 2nd division of Liechtenstein will be the richest, all the players will go there. Step up, step down, they don't care: it's a step up in their bank account.
  8. Hulk

    Everyday I lose respect for a lot of players who disgusts me. All these players leaving for club just for money, in uninteresting divisions. Zlatan, Silva, Hulk, Witsel and many others are part of it. Theis football makes me sick.
  9. The Serie A Thread

    Have you seen that pitch at Naples? What a shame. Are we in first division of one of the best european championship or are we in third slovakian division? For a great game on the paper with Naples and Fiorentina, 2 technical teams who likes to play football. It should be not allowed by the italian governing body of football (don't know how to call that). They should say "you will play on neutral pitch until you have a decent lawn"
  10. The English Football Thread

    Mertesacker is lucky with referees... Already 2 penalties not given against him
  11. The English Football Thread

    French commentators talked about the fact that there is no striker on Liverpool's bench, but it's the same for Arsenal. Both have 2 strikers, both in the starting 11 and one playing on the side. One single problem and they can be in deep troubles
  12. The English Football Thread

    Diaby is not reliable at all. He is always injured
  13. The English Football Thread

    Yeah but Diaby will get injured and will come back only next august. Sterling is very good.