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  1. Eva Carneiro Appreciation Thread

    God damn it medias are so f-ing stupid always pointing about how no Chelsea players/manager was at the wedding! Collegues at wedding is not a thing, it's not an obligation. Especially in that case. So why do they have to that stupid?!
  2. Eva Carneiro Appreciation Thread

    Ok so it's just Mourinho being a d*ckhead And I love how his ex tries to roll her in the dirt. She's your ex, dummy, how surprising is it that you try to destroy her?!?! Lol what a circus.
  3. Eva Carneiro Appreciation Thread

    I haven't seen too much about it so I don't know that much.Basically, she ran to help an injured player and Mourinho got pissed, and doesn't allow her to be on the bench anymore? Is there more to know? Because like that, it just seems like Mourinho is being a huge d***. I'm probably missing something right? Maybe she ran onto the pitch at a moment Mourinho wanted to stall? If I'm not missing much, then I really hope she wins. I like Mourinho, always liked him, but there should be a limit to what you do even if you're pissed.
  4. Eva Carneiro Appreciation Thread

    My version:
  5. Eva Carneiro Appreciation Thread

    Because people believe anything and if somebody says "that's her" then they don't look further and share it as Eva Carneiro.But it's Eliska Kovarova. And if you do a google image search, a lot of websites also claim it's Kovarova. And I don't know why in hell Eva Carneiro would do a picture like this. It's from a time when she wasn't famous, so I really don't see why this kind of picture would exist of her.
  6. Eva Carneiro Appreciation Thread

    Not her
  7. Eva Carneiro Appreciation Thread

    Great pic I wonder where it came from in the first place!
  8. Eva Carneiro Appreciation Thread

    Thanks! PIctures are named "1280" so I'm waiting for the 1280pxls And by the way, the first one in bigger:
  9. Eva Carneiro Appreciation Thread

    Christophe Lollichon, french GK coach, intelligent guy, appears sometimes on football tv shows in France. He was Cech's trainer in Rennes, and Cech came in CHelsea and texted Lollichon, inviting him to come to Chelsea too. Eva is a delight, as usual
  10. Eva Carneiro Appreciation Thread

    Don't you know the word "respect"?
  11. Eva Carneiro Appreciation Thread

    Haven't even thought about this possibility but yeah it's more likely
  12. Eva Carneiro Appreciation Thread

    Milan is just surfing on Eva Carneiro's wave. They probably looked for the hottest physio they could find. Not a great process IMO