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  1. Diego Costa

    Decisions has been made. We got replacement for him already. He knew since January he will be leaving. Atletico screwed up with transfer ban now he's in no man's land with no point if return because things went a bit too far. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  2. Dominic Solanke

    He was just tired waiting for a chance that will never come just like Chalobah and Ake... Here to train youngsters for other clubs.
  3. Chelsea 1-2 Inter Milan

    Anyone have good streaming for this game?
  4. Kenedy

    So if it's not offensive what he wrote on Instagram who caused this storm shit by not knowing what "porra" actually mean?
  5. Chelsea v Sunderland

    I think if players told you this in the face you still wouldn't believe.
  6. Chelsea v Sunderland

    I think most of people here are pretty stupid. They witnessing prove that players were deliberately underperforming but still they choose to blame Mourinho. Muppets.
  7. Chelsea v Sunderland

    Anyone got a streaming?
  8. Chelsea v Porto

    Not ideal but still better than being knocked out.
  9. Daniel Sturridge

    His injury rate is amazing. Basically getting injured everytime and everywhere.
  10. Chelsea v Porto

    Let's be positive lads. 1-1 and we going through.
  11. The Mourinho Thread

    The question is who wasn't?
  12. Can someone bring me up to speed about what the hell happened ?
  13. The International Football Thread

    We've beaten Germany for the first time ever!!!! So fucking proud of our players.
  14. Wulfert van Ginkel

    Hope he'll recover well from his injury he impressed me a lot during pre-season and made me sad to see him being unlucky with this injury but lets hope it'll only make him stronger and he'll be back on the pitch in no time
  15. Kevin de Bruyne

    Shame we giving up on another talented player hope we won't regret it as much as selling Sturridge.