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  1. Man United - Chelsea

    So Pulisic loves the Bolivian powder then 🤔
  2. Man United - Chelsea

    Issuing 3 yellow cards didn't help 🤣
  3. Man United - Chelsea

    Yeah maybe I don't pay enough attention until the final 3rd - and then it is glaringly obvious. We do need to improve and yes that Penalty is crazy. So is Shaw handballing and not being given a second yellow. The tackle on Pulisic The ref was just a joke it is so corrupt it is untrue. We would have more luck winning an election against Putin - that's how bad it was 😳
  4. Man United - Chelsea

    Yeah if you don't buy a lottery ticket you can't win it. It could have drflected in, DeGea could have had a Kepa moment- anything could have happened. Kante has so much confidence until he reaches the periphery of their box and then just goes to shit. It's definitely a mental thing with him.
  5. Man United - Chelsea

    Massive over reaction. I would expect in a few days you will be embarrassed at this...
  6. Man United - Chelsea

    Yes a returning from injury player getting cameo appearances is typically how it works. Look at how Chilwell was integrated. The problem for Ziyech is he currently looks off the pace and doesn't warrant a starting position. This was in contrast to Chilwell. STF was probably an autocorrect of SFL - I have been here for almost 10 years and I remember your criticism of all managers well 👍 I actually don't mind the debating with you on opposing subjects. Our club has had a bad philosophy of hiring and firing managers, this has left us with a ridiculous bloated squad where it is hard to shift players on. We need at least 3-4 seasons of stability to clear out the dead wood. Was SFL my first choice? No. BUT whilst he is here I will back him as much is possible. He achieved CL football in his first season - he has hit the requirements demanded of him. We definitely rode our luck, but he did it nonetheless. This has now earned him a shot at this season and extra players. If at the end of the season we haven't improved then Frank will have little defence of that and neither will I.
  7. Man United - Chelsea

    Well thanks for the depressing conversation guys and gals. I'm happy with the result - we have stopped leaking stupid goals and the team looks more organised. Lots of new players all needing to bed in and arguably the toughest league in the world. If we are still having shit at Xmas maybe I will change my mind about SFL management. Just sad to see a forum of Chelsea fans being super negative about every aspect all of the time...
  8. Man United - Chelsea

    He has played in the last few games since being declared fit? As in every chance he has had to participate- he has been. If he played from the start people would also complain...
  9. Man United - Chelsea

    You do realise they have spent more than us over 2 seasons 👍
  10. Man United - Chelsea

    You watched Ziyech right? He needs to stop reading the Willan book of corner taking. Frank is giving Ziyech plenty of opportunity but he's rusty as fuck and will be at least a month before he is anything like useful... Pulisic is very flat and Kai and Timo are adapting to a new league. It all takes time
  11. Man United - Chelsea

    Poch is not the answer....
  12. Man United - Chelsea

    Without them scoring 👍 That's a new feeling
  13. Man United - Chelsea

    Will take a point
  14. Man United - Chelsea

    Shaw handball ref plays on should be a booking and second yellow
  15. Man United - Chelsea

    Mendy MOTM
  16. Man United - Chelsea

    Yeah put words into my mouth? If the players are playing shit - then what can the manager do apart from change them? Is Lampard perfect no? Does he deserve all of the criticism on here? No also
  17. Man United - Chelsea

    It's ok it won't go to penalties 👍
  18. Man United - Chelsea

    Someone needs to introduce Tammy to protein bars - build some muscles
  19. Man United - Chelsea

    I'm happy about Mount
  20. Man United - Chelsea

    Haha Mount and Abraham.
  21. Man United - Chelsea

    Dude please... Our team isn't playing well - players aren't in form. It doesn't matter what fucking manager we have. Timo and Havertz first season- they need to learn. Ziyech looks dogshit but needs minutes. Pulisic playing 6/10 - all Lampards fault.
  22. Man United - Chelsea

  23. Man United - Chelsea

    How has it been a season? He's just signed 6 fucking players. Until everyone is match fit and playing in form - how can you know?
  24. Man United - Chelsea

    So what changes are we expecting then?
  25. Man United - Chelsea

    Because playing freestyle attacking football fucked us and he doesn't want to get sacked by Xmas. It's going to take time to sort this team- we all knew this.