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  1. Chelsea 1-0 West Brom

    Was at the game and said we needed an early goal - didn't get it and thought we looked slow and lacklustre - I don't like the early Sunday games!!! what a goal from Diego though - amazing! Simply amazing - from nothing. WBA did what we all expected and if Rondon could hit a cows arse with a banjo might have been in trouble. Luis had a shocker - but happy he's gotten it out of the way stamford bridge was a nice place to be again! KTBFFH
  2. Chelsea v West Brom

    I'm going to this - so we best be winning 😂😂😂
  3. The Conte Thread

    The only reason the net transfer spend is lower is because the small northern club had to sell its best players, much like the other small London club who sold their best player and spanked the money everywhere. As for numbers of signings - sure Klopp is way ahead - but years without winning anything has forced him to buy young talent which is unproven cheaply - it's a gamble - until you actually win something - it's still work in progress... Klopp is a good manager - no doubt about it - but do you really think Liverpool have the ability to win? Mentally the team is useless - look what happened at Bournemouth i get you like trolling - but seriously come back when you win something 😂😂😂
  4. Steve Holland

    Surprised there's not already a thread on Steve (please move if there is) So the non-footballing geniuses at the FA have decided that Steve cannot do his Chelsea job and the Part-Time Assistant Manager job at the same time and he's set to leave Chelsea at the end of the season (where we could conceivably be champions) I'm really worried about this - I remember when Butch (Ray Wilkins) left - our form dipped considerably It's just a ridiculous situation - it benefits both parties to have Steve employed in 2 roles and ensures he remains sharp - whilst also getting exposure to other English talent and perhaps differing methods of training and preparation for knockout games - which would certainly help us in the Cup and CL league. Seriously considering a petition for Chelsea and England fans - anybody else interested in signing? Or do people think a change of blood could be good? Interested to know.
  5. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    All contract negotiations reach a stalemate- then compromise is reached. Storm in a teacup
  6. Steve Holland

    It's 'debunk' not 'debug' - sorry I'm a pedantic arsehole 😂😂😂
  7. John Terry

    It's not just football quotes- it's the vitriolic racist hate inciting posts that drive me mad - like Muslims want to ban Christmas etc and people fall for it!!! The world was a better place without Social Media IMHO
  8. Looking for TV

    I rate Sony - have 3 of me and an LG and the Sony's are great - sure the UI is middle of the road, but they have focused on the picture If you are going 4K make sure the HDR panel is 10bit and at least 1000 nits - 500 is the barest accepted nit level. Personally, I would wait until after Jan and the big shows - manufacturers discount then as new models hype is building and seriously- there's nothing new coming Avoid curved at all costs - when we had Convex (CRT) tellies - every 'expert' lauded flat screen and showed scientific proof of how it was better, then curved came out (concave) and there's absolutely no evidence it's better - what it does do beyond any refute is distort the picture- don't buy into the hype, even on a 105" curved I preferred my 80" flat for gaming... just my observations- feel free to use/disregard
  9. Steve Holland

    Their bitterness knows no bounds 😂😂😂 2-1 lmao 😂
  10. Steve Holland

    As I understand it the FA have forced him to give up Chelsea if he wants to remain as Assistant Manager. Every footballing person has said he can do both jobs easily This is what happens when our national game is run by non-footballing persons!
  11. The Mourinho Thread

    His Shadow next 😂😂😂😂
  12. The Mourinho Thread

    Same old story 😂😂😂😂
  13. Kurt Zouma

    No worries mate 😄 I guess we could debate this subject forever 😂😂😂 I hope we continue to challenge and evolve as doing nothing is standing still. I think City next season will do what you predict- but this season might be a bit soon However - we are top of the league and I'm loving it
  14. Middlesbrough 0-1 Chelsea

    Never happy mate - always wanting to buy players and not give players a chance.... And in the next post will complain no youth players get a chance 😂😂😂 I have had to eat my words on Moses and Pedro - both have been great this season! Ok, Pedro maybe had a quiet game in places - but I put that down to the International break and the 11 men behind the ball tactics of Boro and they were the home team!!! We're not going to play amazing every week - but winning is what counts pas for the Alonso criticism - just shocked TBH - he gets up and down the line all game and puts in lots of crosses - do people not remember how we played before? Oh well - I'm buzzing and not gonna let the moaners spoil my mood 😂😂😂
  15. Middlesbrough 0-1 Chelsea

    Just shows the media know fuck all - according to them Conte was getting sacked 😂😂😂😂
  16. Middlesbrough 0-1 Chelsea

    Did well - the International break did fuck up our rhythm a bit Pedro was unlucky twice Still sit there in shock watching our team this season vs last - Diego is a machine and no silliness - just goals. Moses and Kante are great - even Matic getting back to his best. Bring on the Spuds - 😃 They might have fluked a win against the Pikeys - but hopefully we spank them 4-0 Top of the table - long may it continue!
  17. John Terry

    Daily Star? And as for boring - so what - it's getting the job done on the pitch. That's what counts. Life isn't all about fucking about 😂😂😂
  18. Kurt Zouma

    In a forum - you express views, that's my view. Labelling it 'Rubbish' is your opinion- and I disagree - you are the epitomy of 'buying success' How does Leicester City fit into your view of the world, or didn't that happen? I gues Porto winning the CL didn't happen either? Or Greece winning the Euros? How about Portugal? With 11 Superstars comes massive egos. You end up with a team like City... Lots of promise - no end product. Finally, look at United and their dominance over the past 20 years - a solid team with a sprinkling of superstar players...
  19. Oscar

    Of the dressing room? 😂😂😂
  20. Kurt Zouma

    Trouble is, the world and football especially- do not work like that. City arguably have the best team in the league - but we're above them... you can have 11 superstars - hasn't worked that well for Real Madrid has it? IMHO it's better to have a team of hard working players with a sprinkling of World Class players - that's what we should be aiming for.
  21. The English Football Thread

    Probably slow this morning - is it because #4 spot is Arsenal? If so - nice work 😂😂😂
  22. Tammy Abraham

    Agreed - he is probably due a loan spell in the PL before being dropped into the first team here. But he needs to be patient and he will get his chance. Conte doesn't seem to be a hypocrite - and he has dropped JT and Iva with little or no fuss in the papers - so the players obviously respect him. To date - where possible- he has tried to give some of the younger players a chance. So I'm relatively confident. The form Diego is in, makes him first on the team sheet (well him and Hazard) - but it's a marathon not a sprint and others will get their chances. So Tammy should see and recognise that. Lukaku is only really developing in the past season or two and is still a bit 'raw' - so demanding to be played isn't a great strategy- hopefully others will learn from that episode....
  23. Tammy Abraham

    Sounds bollox IMHO - Conte has already said he likes him
  24. Politics & Stuff

    On this side of the pond it actually looks the other way round I get that people are unhappy - but like Brexit (I voted remain) it's now time to roll up your sleeves and say - "What can I do, to make my country a better place?" Stopping arguing with people about the result was my first step. Politicians don't change the world - people do - Scientists, Inventors, people giving and sharing etc. Dont fixate on a falsehood of one person having all the power...
  25. Marco Verratti

    Just pull the trigger - this guy is a must have!