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  1. General Transfer Talk

    As we love shit strikers - I'm putting Wellbeck into contention πŸ˜„
  2. Edinson Cavani

    I'm not a great fan of either - but Giroud is the better of the two works hard and links up play but is nowhere near clinical enough That's our problem we have zero CLINICAL finishers
  3. Edinson Cavani

    I know this is 2 years old - but such nostalgia for the Hulk talks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. Chelsea 2-0 Man City

    I know what isn't happening (your namesake) - you clearly aren't partying πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘
  5. Chelsea 2-0 Man City

    Just gotta have a little faith
  6. Chelsea 2-0 Man City

    To highlight the madness in this place. Page 3 - We are shit, Alonso is a CUNT, Sarri is a joke Page 16 - Winning 2-0
  7. Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

    Great to see you too Yes, all good - life is Manic and work has been crazy. I have been lurking from time to time Yes, I don't know why he continues to play out of form players, but the guy isn't an idiot, so must feel he has no choice. I guess his and other managers logic is, they cannot get critisicised for playing 'known' players. If they played kids and lost - it's 100% on them. Although it's easy for me to say - I would definitely make the team a Meritocracy- if you are in form, you are playing... But, it's easy for me to say as I'm not a pro manager, I don't see what happens in training every day. Maybe the youngsters do fuck all in training and show little commitment, maybe the old pros train better? I have no idea and unless Sarri comes out and admits why - I guess we are all speculating? I just cannot see him deliberately playing a crap team. It took arguably the greatest manager in the World (Pep) time to adapt and build his team how he wanted. City gave him time and patience- why can't we do the same with Sarri is my point? Sarri needs at least 3 transfer windows- then judge him.
  8. Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

    As one of 5 Premier League clubs- I'm seeing the transfer ban (if it happens) as a potential catalyst for change. We will HAVE to promote players from the youth ranks and that will save us considerable cash - which can be used to secure decent targets now. One person is never bigger than the club- so if Hazard goes, Hazard goes - it will be a shame, but we will recover. We do need a 3 year plan and a manager who can build a football identity. If you guys don't believe in Sarri, who are you wanting?
  9. Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

    But haven't we said exactly this about the previous 4 managers? There's a problem with the core of this club - it makes managers do strange things - maybe it's the pressure of the Axe falling on them. I don't know - but either: A) The players aren't good enough B ) The managers are caught up in some weird pressure cycle which promotes shit decisions...
  10. Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

    Hey Mana It's cool to disagree mate. My rationale for the comment is that every team above us has had a consistent Managment structure, footballing identity for some time. They are now reaping the benefits. Arsenal are slightly different, but they previously had a manager for 20 years. - so the football philosophy, identify and player acquisition was all in alignment. We have had so many managers and crazy ass signings - American defenders, a dude named Dildo - I don't see City, Liverpool and even the Spuds doing this. I like Emery, he's told the fringe players they can go. We need to do the same, but put trust in a manager to deliver and give them 3 years. Sarri might not be perfect, but he's our manager and he needs supporting through at least this winter and next summer's transfer window If he then cannot get it right, sure it's fine to start questioning him. But, as it stands this is a team he has inherited and his signings have played well and made a difference IMHO. I'd love to see him have another few summer's. Happy for you guys to disagree- that's what a forum is all about
  11. Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

    Really? Calling for his sacking? FML It's this attitude which has landed us where we are today.
  12. Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

    Same old story. Outside of the starting 11, there's little quality. It's symptomatic of needing a huge clear out in the summer and a bit of stability managerial wise. We need 2 or 3 key signings to balance the team and ensure we aren't playing Muppets. Will we give Sarri time? Will we fuck, he will be out the door quicker than a fart in the wind. Keep doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity:)
  13. Chelsea 0-2 Man City

    Yes, they need to act and ensure we have a 3-5 year footballing plan.
  14. Chelsea 0-2 Man City

    It would be great if we could produce some world class talent from the academy- that is actually given a chance... previous managers haven't had the balls to do it. Maybe this time we have a manager that may realise we have no other options.
  15. Chelsea 0-2 Man City

    Ok so we are fucked then are we - we should just give up and hand City the title? So the richest is best? Seriously take yourself away from the computer and have a word with yourself
  16. Chelsea 0-2 Man City

    Relying on one player means we are already in big trouble and just as Mr Excalibur said- the bailiffs have turned up to collect on our past transgressions. We will rebuild and if we finally back this manager, play some great attacking football with new players.
  17. Chelsea 0-2 Man City

    I was talking historically Gerrard slip BA's finish of a lifetime
  18. Chelsea 0-2 Man City

    But they buy players to fit Peps philosophy and they don't go mental their transfer record is low - they always ensure they have a deep squad. Pep has learnt this about the EPL
  19. Chelsea 0-2 Man City

    We have a few strikers and whilst none are FIFA legends- we never seem to utilise them to their strengths. The manager needs to play players to identify his options and how they will work in his system. It's an evaluation. I can't see how you guys can't see that? We might buy new players- but it needs to be done as part of a 3 year plan otherwise we are just shuffling sideways and never progressing forwards like the other clubs (City, Liverpool and sadly Spuds)... United are in Jose 3rd season meltdown
  20. Chelsea 0-2 Man City

    It's not... I promise you. Look at Loserpool had the best strikeforce in the league and won fuck all.
  21. Chelsea 0-2 Man City

    One player does not fix a broken club, team or philosophy- it's this mindset that has put us in this position. We need to back the manager with a 3 year plan and overhaul the squad and youth teams to align with our footballing philosophy. Simply signing a striker will ultimately change nothing and is painting over the abyss.
  22. Chelsea 0-2 Man City

    Exactly- the guy has had 2 weeks and our best players aren't even back training. It's madness really to expect anything more? I think people like negativity - bad news travels faster than good news - it's the human psyche... City are evolutions away from where we want to be. They have had a single philosophy and executed it with patience over the past 10 years. We have zig-zagged- and done well - but all the time, fans have said we need a bit of stability. It hasn't come and now hopefully, the penny will drop with the Board and the squad and the fans that we need to sort ourselves out. Define what we want to be and execute that plan - don't give up when it gets tough - that's the cowards way out... Greece won the Euros with a very average team - but teamwork and togetherness are massive ingredients to success which are consistently overlooked. Until he has been training them for 2 months - it would be remiss to make a judgement. IMHO
  23. Chelsea 0-2 Man City

    This a million times this Some of the comments on here make me think are some of you really fans? Or if you are, then the self entitlement needs to stop. You get fuck all given to you in life, you have to go and earn it. Fact: Mourinho came back and ruined this club by selling lots of awesome talent Fact: Many at the time agree the players were shit and Mourinho knew best You see the issue with those two statements. The problem isn't with the individual players it's with the TEAM and Chelsea - we need a period of stability and proper investment into a SINGLE playing style - a footballing identity. Chopping and changing managers fucks this up. You can't judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, just like you can't keep moaning at these players. This isn't Sarris team, but if we keep him for 2-3 seasons it will be. For now just accept we are going to be shit and inconsistent and get behind the team- not keep fucking moaning.
  24. 29. Álvaro Morata

    Deffo deserves another season. Even Drog wasn't all that for the first few seasons... Patience...
  25. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Sadly he isn't going to make it at Chelsea, just not good enough... The gulf between looking amazing at Under 21 level and playing full time is just too big. Definitely need a Chelsea B Team in the lower leagues, will help determine the better players immediately as boys vs boys is no test, boys vs men is where you learn about a player...