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  1. Next Manager?

    Benitez or Fat Spanish Waiter as he was nicknamed a few years back - wouldn't be a bad shout, he's used to having no money and is actually a half decent coach. I don't like his past - but it is in the past, so he could do a short-term job (but always short-term with us)
  2. Next Manager?

    The guy that in the World Cup kicked the ball against the post and it smashed him in the face during a goal celebration 😁😁😁😁
  3. Eden Hazard

    Wise words 👍 It all hinges on our ability to identify and pay sensible money for decent players 👍 Hope with Cech in the fold - this works out better from now on. Finally we are starting to appreciate serial winners. I believe Cech when he said he only went to Arsenal as London based and he didn't want to disrupt his family 👍
  4. Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal

    Only the programme it was dusty 👍😁👍
  5. Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal

    We always do well in stadiums which change colour 👍👍👍
  6. Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal

    All day TalkSport been saying Arsenal will win. I didn't come on here and jinx it and I didn't bet either. I had my CL Final programme next to me and my lucky boxers on Would fucking love to see Piers Morgan right now 😁😁😁😁
  7. Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal

    Haha specialists in failure as always 😁😁😁 European Kings as always Boom
  8. Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal

    Lmao 😁😁😁
  9. Chelsea banned for TWO transfer windows

    It's a massive thing in UK/US at the moment - positive discrimination! Massive distortion
  10. Chelsea banned for TWO transfer windows

    But but she's a woman... that should be applauded right? Fuck no! #meritocracy is the only way forward - gender is irrelevant- best person for the job.
  11. Chelsea 1-1 Eintracht Frankfurt

    Unbelievable Well England dominates Europe Best league in the world 👍👍👍👍
  12. Chelsea 1-1 Eintracht Frankfurt

    Where is he in Tel Aviv I'm going there week after next for work
  13. Chelsea 1-1 Eintracht Frankfurt

    Gonna see a hypnotist I think - I cant believe how negative these useless cunts make me feel
  14. Chelsea 1-1 Eintracht Frankfurt

    Definite goal
  15. Chelsea 1-1 Eintracht Frankfurt

    Higuain attack breaks down they counter. The guy is a liability Even Hazard fucking it up totally