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  1. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Lmao first time I have laughed on this forum for a while... 👍👍👍🤣🤣🤣 In the old days would have earned you a nomination for post of the month 👍👍👍
  2. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Apart from play Giroud and possibly Alonso what else could he have actually done?
  3. Chelsea - Arsenal

    We cannot defend better. It's been like this all season? If the players aren't good enough you concede. Look at Liverpool pre-Virgil days... We need new players to even compete for 4th place. Our players are bang average now - the squad has slipped into a level of mediocrity. It's a long way back - so you might want to strap yourself in 👍🤣👍
  4. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Winning is everything though. To be fair Mount was pretty dire when he came on. Barkley was Barkley And Bats was a fucking liability. We actually started with our best 11 - but for some reason people seem to think we are a world beating team. We are bang average - as the results suggest 👍 But Klopp took 6 years to get it right, but Lampard has a few months... It's super fucking annoying. It also shows how much Hazard covered up for these players- I truly regret any slating I did of him now...
  5. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Sadly I agree. Kepa needs benching and Emerson sucks more than Bats
  6. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Exactly you can only Polish a turd so much and we have some gleaming fucking turds in our squad - but it's all Lampards fault... Of course...
  7. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Cech more like and Cudicini who were both amazing keepers for us.
  8. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Just not good enough- we are poor and our league position is flattering.
  9. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Bats is fucking hopeless - I honestly think a 90yr old Drogba would be better than Bats. Should have played Giroud. Always score against old teams
  10. Chelsea - Arsenal

    How is that Lampards fault? It's Kepa who HE DID NOT sign
  11. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Well Kepa is hopeless
  12. Chelsea - Arsenal

    See keep the faith 👍👍👍
  13. Chelsea - Arsenal

    To be fair he fucked up last game against us
  14. Chelsea - Arsenal

  15. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Abraham should have scored there. Unmarked free header. Goals win games- we don't have a striker.