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  1. mediator liked a post in a topic by Polo7 in Chelsea 0-0 Lyon   
    Jorgingo is like 10 levels above Drinkwater. Why the fuck did we ever sign him....what were they expecting?
  2. mediator liked a post in a topic by BlueLyon in 23. Michy Batshuayi   
    The attitude of Chelsea fans towards Bats is realy funny. 
    He flopped here, but people love to go pointing out how shit he was, and how average he is now and only scoring against poor teams, trying to downplay his good loan etc.
    Probably just because some are butthurt he flopped and wanted to get rid of him and obviously they dont want to be wrong, so they bring all the negative stuff about Bats, allthrough he is doing ok. 
    Then you will see these same fans bandwagon over players like Barkley or Drinks when they have one good game. 
    Im not saying Bats is now world class, but for fuck sake cant we all appreciate he has good loan at BvB and be happy about it? 
    I guess same fans who shit over Bats will cry if he bangs goals for another PL side. Its hard to imagine now, but same was about Salah and look the situation now. 
    Bats isnt realy smart striker, but he has athleticism and certainly very good finish. I think he can make it in top team within next 2 years if he plays regular football. 
  3. mediator liked a post in a topic by !Hazard! in Chelsea 2-1 Crystal Palace   
    Giroud is miles and miles ahead of Morata at the moment. Shame he didn't score
  4. mediator liked a post in a topic by DDA in The Conte Thread   
    Conte handled the Costa situatiom exactly how he should have, like a boss.
    Costa was acting like a child. He got put in his place and instead of acting like a man and taking it on the chin (like Luiz) he sulked until he got his move.
    The sad thing is with this club is that it doesn't take much to lose the dressing room. At the first sign of a season going bad the players act like a bunch of girls and start throwing their toys out the pram. 
  5. mediator liked a post in a topic by Henrique in Watford 4-1 Chelsea   
    Cahill shockingly bad.
  6. mediator liked a post in a topic by the wes in Charly Musonda Jr.   
  7. mediator liked a post in a topic by OneMoSalah in Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea   
    First time I’ve looked at Kante and thought what is he doing, having an awful game. Bakayoko outplaying him. Not that Baka is playing badly, he’s really trying to pick his level up a bit by looks of last few games.
  8. mediator liked a post in a topic by Belgiannutt in Eden Hazard   
    Can't believe people actually think Hazard is waiting for Courtois to sign a new contract. They were both clearly joking. 
    I highly doubt Hazard is signing any contract until the summer. Not unless he's 100 % sure Real isn't coming for him in the summer.
    On the whole loyalty talk. 
    Sorry but i always find it funny when supporters get on their high horse when talking about player loyalty. 
    How many wanted Hazard gone in the 2015-2016 season. How many were spouting insults at Hazard that season. He was even booed at one stage of the season.
    This was a player that had been key in getting us the title the year before. So where was the loyalty there ? 
    Easy to talk about player loyalty. Simple fact is supporters and clubs aren't any better. We all look after our own self-interest. If a players isn't of value anymore to a club or supporters they'll discard him like that.
  9. mediator liked a post in a topic by Dimitr in Deadline Day!   
    Azpicuelta he can play as a LB  and put Rudiger to RCB
  10. mediator liked a post in a topic by Thor in 7. N'Golo Kante   
    People complain about his passing, but his short game is absolutely superb. Has an excellent touch. I don't know what some people are watching. 
  11. mediator liked a post in a topic by communicate in 7. N'Golo Kante   
    Excellent performance, cover so many ground. Alonso is the motm but Kante was  excellent as well
  12. mediator liked a post in a topic by Polo7 in Álvaro Morata   
    Morata is the type of striker that most people on here have been talking about when slagging off Costa. Give him time, he will come good.
  13. mediator liked a post in a topic by Special Juan in The Board   
    The club has no direction, if we had direction we would be talking about 1 player to complete the squad, we are talking about 4-5 with a week to go of the season.
    The deluded people will talk about a whole month of the window to go, the realist will tell you we could be a bad start away from being out of the race by 31st August.
  14. mediator liked a post in a topic by termninja in 11. Pedro Rodríguez   
    I got no problem with his attitude. That tackle was full of work rate, passion and commitement. Yes, sometimes playing like that will get you sent of, but I prefer that then to have him jogging around waiting for our team to win a ball. And it was for a yellow card anyway.
    I have a conspiracy theory, red card was given in order to increase probability of penalties so they could be tested.
  15. mediator liked a post in a topic by Polo7 in Jeremie Boga   
    Had a great game, but let's not get carried away. I feel like this forum has a tendancy to overrate any youngster that is half decent. 
    Hopefully he will have chances this season to play.
  16. mediator liked a post in a topic by Johnnyeye in Diego Costa   
    just leave, i dont want him to disrupt the harmony in the dressing room with his toxic antics, enough is enough, thanks for all your contribution and for the 2 Premier League titles and League Cup, but no one is bigger than the club, he showed a huge lack of class and respect towards Chelsea. Goodbye
  17. mediator liked a post in a topic by Henrique in Alex Sandro   
    Guys, this forum is crazy. Alex Sandro is not even close of being worth 60m or 70m. He is no Cafu, Roberto Carlos or Marcelo.

    Thats crazy and madness. Its so crazy, that I can't stand the fact some people really believe we offered 70m for him and Juve really refused to sell. Really? I mean, they just sold Bonucci to rivals Milan for 35...and won't let Alex Sandro for 70???

    Guys, you just lost your minds if you believe in those reports.  Of course Telegraph, Guardian, Mail and all those papers around they must keep the rumors alive, since in the "transfer market", creating transfers rumors is the only way to make fans interested in reading football news when there is no football left to play.
  18. mediator liked a post in a topic by the wes in Romelu Lukaku   
    Aubameyang could be an option? 
  19. mediator liked a post in a topic by the wes in Romelu Lukaku   
    Romelu Lukaku's Premier League season 
    Games played 37
    Goals scored 25
    Assists 6

  20. mediator liked a post in a topic by The Skipper in Romelu Lukaku   
    Lukaku's gonna be a hit. Calling it here first. I can't tell you how much the system at CFC fits him. He's going to score loads. 
  21. mediator liked a post in a topic by Special Juan in Romelu Lukaku   
    I'm open to it, why? It's simple, Conte has proved in one season he can get the best from so called 'Limited' players, after all some are calling Lukaku limited so lets go from the base point. The lads 24, a physical monster, not even the complete striker but should that stop us buying him? No, because no matter who or what age you are in life everyone can improve. People keep beating Lukaku with the same old stick and to some extent I agree, but I'm open to see him work under Conte, but if your looking for short comings in a bloke don't use it as a blind guide please, Costa is nowhere near the complete article, he's shite in the air and his attitude at times fucking stinks, not to mention his little dicky fit in January.
    If Rom comes here he will will improve under a world class coach and in a top class side with top class players. He's never had it or been allowed it, because a certain Mourinho did what he did with KdB and Luiz.
  22. mediator liked a post in a topic by akgw13 in Romelu Lukaku   
    87 Goals in 156 Games.
    24 Years old with 25 goals this past season
    Physical Monster with room to improve his skills.
    Scoring goals in a big league with a mid table team
    Love for our team.
    What exactly are people so upset over if we sign him? This reminds me of the Luiz signing all over again, people are complaining and bashing him then he was one of our most important and best performing players. Clearly Conte wants him so IF we do end up signing him instead of hoping he plays bad and thinking you were right get on board and hope he is an overwhelming success!
  23. mediator liked a post in a topic by petre.ispirescu in Antoine Griezmann   
    My thoughts exactly. It's 6/10 now before the EL Final. It'll probably be a done deal should United win it, no deal should Ajax batter them.
    I for one would go for him if United fail to win the EL. Especially now with the Alexis Sanchez rumours gathering pace that he's joining Bayern.
    Griezmann's clearly opened to a change and to be fair I think it'd be a perfect fit for this Conte setup. He's also coming from a similar training and tactics regime. 
  24. mediator liked a post in a topic by the wes in 23. Michy Batshuayi   
    £33m well spent lol  thanks Batsman for clinching us the title I hope conte rewards Michy by letting him play the last two games of the season