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Gary Reid

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    I was there when we were shit
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  1. John Terry

    Paul Elliott om the chanel 4 news not happy with the result
  2. Luke Shaw

    14 England appearances at youth level so far. Of course that tells us next to nothing about him. http://www.saintsfc.co.uk/page/ProfilesDetail/0,,10280~58216,00.html
  3. Romelu Lukaku

    To be fair to the lad last season wasn't the best season to be trying to impress, alot of the squad played their worst football of their Chelsea careers last season. Fingers crossed we'll get out of the blacks running in pre-season and the early league games and see the team playing with more fluidity and confidence. That'll make it easier for the likes of Lukaku to impress and force thier way into the first team.
  4. John Terry

    I'm mixed race myself. My father was a sprinter and my mother was a cross-country runner. Has anybody wondered why Anton Ferdinand? When you consider all the players Terry's played against in all the massive games, why Anton Ferdinand?
  5. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    I agree with the poster who mentioned seeing Josh and Romeu given another chance, more so with Romeu. He impressed me in the games I seen him play. I rate him.
  6. Florent Malouda

    I thought he was one of the better French players in the second half, his first half was abismal though. I'd love to see the Malouda of 2009-2010 make a miraculous reappearance, sadly that'll not be the case. He had one of the better songs from the Mathew Harding though.
  7. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Neville ejaculating during his commentary of Torres goal against Barca was one of the most memorable pieces of tv coverage this season for me
  8. Raul Meireles

    I have to agree with the previous posters about his work rate and effort, he does put a hell of a shift in. I'd also have to agree with the criticism of alot of his passing and what appears to be a lack of concentration. I don't want to love the guy but somehow I do. It's probably because none of us has ever shouted at him to shoot from a decent position outside of the box, we already know he will, same with Essien. Do you know what I mean? If you can imagine a scenario when Torres or Kalou cut the ball back onto thier other foot in a good shooting position and the chance goes begging and you say "he should have squeezed of a shot there"......we've never had the opportunity to say it about Meireles. Usually because the ball is sailing 10 feet over the bar by the time we've thought of the whole sentence, but still he never thinks twice about taking a shooting opportunity on.
  9. Jose Bosingwa

    I'm not attacking anyone's commitment or support to and of Chelsea, But if statements like the following are made then people will voice thier disagreement. People know that I support the scapegoats and do not similarly support the entitled members of our squad, respectively. What scapegoats? Who on Earth made any of the Chelsea players scapegoats? Scapegoats for what? I will always rate the scapegoats above the entitled, because the entitled can swan around doing what they like and the majority of us still think the sun shines out their boots while the scapegoats get one little thing wrong and they're figures of immense hatred. What you're doing is the opposite. Judging John Terry on the hate figure status that has been created around him is the opposite of the statement you just made. Jose Bosingwa is not a hate figure.....he's just wasn't one of our better players. John Terry is better than Bosingwa at kicking a ball around a patch of grass . Bosingwa is better at every other aspect of life; take out the fact that Terry is an excellent footballer and plays for Chelsea and you're looking at a man with no plus points whatsoever. There is no way on this Earth that you can make a statement like that without have a firm PERSONAL knoledge of the two men, it's utter bumpf. Even without a personal knowledge of the men an informed oponion would at least cite the vast amount of charity work, and I'm not using vast out of turn there it is vast, that John Terry does as registering as some kind of plus point. So I happen to not believe that our legends are the source of everything that is good and pure in the world, and that our less talented players are responsible for AIDS, cancer, terrorism, and global warming; that might make me different to a lot of posters on this forum but so what? What the hell is this about? Try and find a happy middle ground between these two extremes. I've trailed through this thread and nobody has said that Jose Bosingwa has been responsible for AIDS, cancer, terrorism or global warming........he does surrender possesion of the ball frequently but I'm very sure that nobody ever died because of it. I'm not permitted to think that Terry is inferior to Bosingwa? Of course you are my friend. But alot of people think you're wrong and they're entitled to illustrate the reasons why. Am I to formulate my opinion on the value of a man purely based on how good he is at football? Yes. What else are you going to judge a footballer on? His cooking? The simple reason being that none of us know either of the men and don't have the knowledge about them needed to make an informed opinion about their 'value' as people. Peace and love Chap
  10. Jose Bosingwa

    I can't get on hi back about that. The whole way up to collect the trophy he was like a child going to see Santa. He couldn't keep his excitement inside him and I like that in a person.
  11. Jose Bosingwa

    He was near climbing over Di Matteo on the walk up
  12. Jose Bosingwa

  13. Jose Bosingwa

    I think you'd have more joy arguing this point on a Spurs forum Cap
  14. Jose Bosingwa

    but they were and nobody is upset about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEpkKSmGlSM
  15. Fernando Torres

    they laughed when we bought Shevchenko but we had the last........oh.......em, nevermind