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Gary Reid

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    I was there when we were shit
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  1. John Terry

    Paul Elliott om the chanel 4 news not happy with the result
  2. Luke Shaw

    14 England appearances at youth level so far. Of course that tells us next to nothing about him. http://www.saintsfc.co.uk/page/ProfilesDetail/0,,10280~58216,00.html
  3. Romelu Lukaku

    To be fair to the lad last season wasn't the best season to be trying to impress, alot of the squad played their worst football of their Chelsea careers last season. Fingers crossed we'll get out of the blacks running in pre-season and the early league games and see the team playing with more fluidity and confidence. That'll make it easier for the likes of Lukaku to impress and force thier way into the first team.
  4. John Terry

    I'm mixed race myself. My father was a sprinter and my mother was a cross-country runner. Has anybody wondered why Anton Ferdinand? When you consider all the players Terry's played against in all the massive games, why Anton Ferdinand?
  5. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    I agree with the poster who mentioned seeing Josh and Romeu given another chance, more so with Romeu. He impressed me in the games I seen him play. I rate him.
  6. Florent Malouda

    I thought he was one of the better French players in the second half, his first half was abismal though. I'd love to see the Malouda of 2009-2010 make a miraculous reappearance, sadly that'll not be the case. He had one of the better songs from the Mathew Harding though.
  7. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Neville ejaculating during his commentary of Torres goal against Barca was one of the most memorable pieces of tv coverage this season for me
  8. Fernando Torres

    they laughed when we bought Shevchenko but we had the last........oh.......em, nevermind
  9. Fernando Torres

    Torres didn'tplay any worse than anybody else in the Spanish team tonight. I agree with the tika-taka comments too
  10. 10. Eden Hazard

    Kids do driveby shootings on thier bicycles in Liverpool, UK. That's not a joke by the way
  11. Juan Mata

    There's no shame in pulling on your shirt for your country
  12. Juan Mata

    The lad wants to win an Olympic medal, what athlete wouldn't? I wouldn't want to pass up the chance to win one for the sake of a pre-season run out against the Seattle Sounders or Man City in the Charity Shield. Of course no-one wants him coming back burnt out or injured, but Juan Mata knows Juan Mata and if he thinks he can do it all, good luck to the boy.
  13. Fernando Torres

    Fingers crossed he'll have a good game tonight
  14. Fernando Torres

    Nobody wanting to give him another season to see if he can deliver?
  15. Fernando Torres

    Torres has been a disappointing acquisition. I'm sure most Chelsea fans feel the same way as I do about him and really hope that he'll come good this season. Having said that, you can't ignore the reality that he has not provided the performances Chelsea fans had expected last January.