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  1. Kevin de Bruyne

    Champions League! is a higher level then international friendlies and qualifiers LOOL! oh wait so you actually think its easier to score for top teams then it is for crap teams??? so by your logic then players like Suarez, Aguero, Lewandowski and Benzema cant be among the best strikers in the world as they all play for good teams, so players like Ighalo, Agirretxe and Javi Guerra must be among the best striker in the world as they play for crap teams!
  2. Kevin de Bruyne

    Costa has scored more goals at a higher level then Lukaku and for better teams, and since when does Costa hide? he missed chances yesterday and kept going and ended up scoring the winner! Lukaku runs away when faced with competition!
  3. Kevin de Bruyne

    yeah Lukaku would walk into the Chelsea team this is a guy who got scared to compete with Torres and Ba and then when Benteke got injured and was out of the WC Lukaku still couldnt get a starting spot in the Belgium team! he couldnt even handle competition from Origi! and you think he would walk into our team! If Torres and Ba scare him, Costa and Remy would give him nightmares.
  4. Kevin de Bruyne

    no i have praised him when he has played well, i simply said he was poor against the 3 best teams in the PL he has played against this season (Spurs, Liverpool and Man U) i dont think that is an unfair comment, but people still want to act like he wasnt poor in those games, its just an observation i have made that far too often in big games he seems to have an 'off day'
  5. Kevin de Bruyne

    a lot think he has gone off the boil, and expect more from him due to his price tag. here are some quotes from Bluemoon. Thats quite a few fans who have been criticizing him! there is no denying his form has dipped, surely even you can admit that
  6. Kevin de Bruyne

    So what? he scored the winner! Vardy has had 54 shots this season and scored 13 goals i bet Leicester fans are fuming with all the shots that didnt go in!
  7. Kevin de Bruyne

    what did Costa do? he only scored the winning goal for us, no big deal.
  8. Kevin de Bruyne

    being the best of a bad bunch doesnt mean he was actually good! Man City fans have been critical of him recently
  9. Kevin de Bruyne

    Costa won us 3 points yesterday, De Bruyne done nothing against Liverpool! great comparison!
  10. The Boxing Thread

    Great fight!!! Judges scorecards were a joke! it was a closer fight, Canelo didnt really impress me again, but done enough to edge it, he has to fight GGG next!
  11. Kevin de Bruyne

    Dont want to sound like i am hating on the guy but the 3 best teams he has faced in the PL, Tottenham, Man United twice and Liverpool he has been poor! worrying signs for City fans
  12. Mario Pašalić

    he is a real talent!
  13. Diego Costa

    lol the fact you have to result to name calling says it all, so are you saying its harder to score for a team like Everton then it is to score for Chelsea?
  14. Diego Costa

    Robbie Keane will have something to say about that...
  15. Diego Costa

    scoring for crap teams doesnt mean you can score for top teams, Lukaku is so ineffective when he has no space, that is what he will have to deal with if he ever gets to play for a top team again!