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  1. Chelsea adidas kits 2015/16

    Why else would these other brands be coming to Chelsea with shirts that they've made pitching them to the board? I doubt it's just for banter......
  2. Chelsea adidas kits 2015/16

    I don't know the ins and outs of it to be honest. Just the photos I've seen of the mock shirts.
  3. Chelsea adidas kits 2015/16

    There's been Nike and another well known brand pitching to the board. Unless Adidas offer us big money they'll be gone unfortunately.
  4. Chelsea adidas kits 2015/16

    Not for long...
  5. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    He's already gone unfortunately.
  6. The English Football Thread

    I find it rather amusing how people react. In 27 (TWENTY SEVEN) European countries this would've been deemed completely legal. No questions asked. Everyone would go about their day as usual. No news stories. No sackings. Nothing,but because here in the UK it's 16 everyone is going mad. What makes the UK age right? If he left it a few months until she was 16, again he's fine to pound the fuck out of her. What difference do those months make? What does she learn? What does she develop? When you put it in to perspective it gets rather tedious. I understand the laws there to protect children, but in my eyes this wasn't a child and they did not need protecting.
  7. Get Emanalo Sacked

    You mean to suggest that we can't assume that Emenalo is single handedlythe issue, that only we notice and not anybody of importance of the club? That he decides every transfer alone and also decided to sack Mourinho? Preposterous, he's completely to blame...at least that's what these uninformed, ignorant morons would have us believe. Imagine trying to get a man sacked based on absolutely nothing.
  8. Get Emanalo Sacked

    Cringe worthy.
  9. Ramires

    I wouldn't put it past people to bump this thread each time he scores saying how much we need him now
  10. Stamford Bridge

    The FA have already said that they won't facilitate 2 teams in 1 stadium as it would ruin the fixtures. Won't happen.
  11. January Transfer Window - Likely Ins and Outs

    Hearing talk that a transfer is imminent. No word on who it is etc.
  12. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Because it's the managers job to control the team?....
  13. Man United 0-0 Chelsea

    Regardless, we bring RLC on and he fucks up and loses us the game that could be a huge detriment to his confidence and impact on his progress. It simply wasn't the sort of game for youth.
  14. Man United 0-0 Chelsea

    Sick of people lambasting Hiddink for not selecting RLC or playing youth. It's his 2nd game in charge, he'll still be assessing the squad and will obviously stick with the current first team this early in to his tenure and in a game as big as United away. The youth will get a lot more chances under Hiddink than they did Jose. Mark my words.