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  1. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Didier Deschamps
  2. Chelsea 0-3 Bournemouth

    Perfect time to hire Di Matteo
  3. Chelsea 0-3 Bournemouth

    Bye Conte.
  4. Edin Dzeko

    1. Would've you signed Drogba at 31? 2. He can help us in 3 other competitions 3. Right? He's the best available option for us. I'd personally be delighted with him.
  5. 29. Álvaro Morata

    The cursed number 9.
  6. Need Advice with away game

    Email the club and check. It won't sell out though. We've played them so many times recently it'll put a lot if regulars off.
  7. Atletico Madrid 1-2 Chelsea

    The return of liability Luiz.
  8. Diego Costa

    Makes more sense from Atleticos perspective. They sign him now and he can't play until January....leave him at Chelsea until then to cause disruption and knock 10m+ off his price.
  9. Deadline Day!

    I always find it incredibly creepy when they photoshop someones head onto another players body. What is the need?
  10. Deadline Day!

    Get out of here with your rational thoughts and logic. How can this be tolerated in such a negative & pessimistic environment. Hang your head in shame.
  11. They're waiting for the Adidas deal to expire before announcing so the players can use Nike shirts in the presentation.
  12. Romelu Lukaku

    If you took away every single one of Lukakus goals for Everton they would've finished in the same position. They rely on him for nothing.
  13. The English Football Thread

    They need 2 points for guaranteed safety. They will be safe by our game. Other games will go in their favour.
  14. Everton 0-3 Chelsea

    I literally don't get the "they have nothing to play for" argument. They have plenty to play for. They have a very good home record to withstand. They have a reputation to withstand. They can still mathematically get CL football. Also when have a team with nothing to play for bowed down? If anything they're harder to play against. They're the underdogs. There's literally no pressure on them. Can someone please explain the suggestion that they have nothing to play for is a positive?