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  1. 10. Eden Hazard

    anyone have the full interview with Henry?
  2. 10. Eden Hazard

    lol relax mate.. no one said ship him off or anything. He's by far our most talented baller and we're quite shit without him but he's not quite the world conquering, ballon d'or winning, knight and shining armor we thought he could become is he? It's been 5 seasons and he is still yet to develop any ruthlessness or consistency to his game. We get a whole lot of 7/10 performances with Eden. But we get a 9/10 every blue moon it seems. The reason I said i'm bored of him is because we've seen the same passage of play with him a thousand times over. He dribbles and sneaks his way around players so gracefully, so beautifully but as soon as he gets to within 20 yards of the opposition's goal.. we see all the flaws to his game.His decision making is so so bad. I don't know whether it is because he's a genuinely just te kindest most giving player in the world... but fuckkkk me, I dont think there's been a game this season and last where I hadn't thought JUST GO! Take them on you cunt. And he doesn't. For instance, if you remember towards the end of the match he turned Wanyama so beautifully and left him on his arse... he was faced with one or two Spurs defenders who stood at the edge of the box. I'm screamingggg juss shoot or even take them on ffs.. cuz tbh it is the dying minutes of a game that is already lost, really and truly who cares if you pop a shot and it goes into row Z or is blocked by Eric Dier. But no... Eden does what he always does. He went for a one two that he KNOWS he won't get back. That same passage of play happens week in week out. Does he not juss say fuck it sometimes?? Like seriously, you can only play a back flick around the corner to Costa and not get the return pass that will set you through on goal sooo many times to the point where your like fuck it mate.. I'll try my luck. Maybe its that or maybe its that he, deep down KNOWS that he cannot strike a ball properly. Literally, his shooting technique is so so bad for a player of elite quality. He can barely get the ball off the fucking ground fffsss. Look at his corners, literally the same shit every time. I feel bad for the CBs who run 50 yards to come into the box and Eden puts in a cross that almost always hits the first man. And to top it all off, in the last few weeks, I've noticed that his final pass isn't the best. So idk man.. maybe it is juss me and maybe a salty cunt but I watch Eden closely because players of his ilk are what football is all about. Players who glide across the pitch, the graceful cunts who juss play pure football. That's Eden and I love watching him play but I also want to see him at the top of game. As a Chelsea fan and an Eden fan, I'd be doing myself an injustice if i watched 5 years of his playing for us and tried to say he's on his way to win a Ballon D'or or he's top 2/3/4/5 in the world. He's not. He has the talent to, yes. But in his 5th season at the club... I can truthfully conclude that.. from the halfway line to the edge of the penalty box, Eden Hazard is a KING. He's on par with Messi. After that, he's as average as they come.
  3. Victor Moses

    never have i seen a player look DOWN more than Moses. Legit never gets his head up when he's attacking. And his crossing is awful...
  4. Nathan Aké

    better than Alonso
  5. 10. Eden Hazard

    am I the only one who is a bit bored of this lad? yes he's class asf but its been 5 seasons and he still has the same problems in his game. please just take him off corners until he learns how to properly strike the ball
  6. 10. Eden Hazard

    Agree with a lot of your views on Eden but Hazard can only dream of being on Leo's level. At the moment Leo has something like 51 goals in 53 matches in 2016. Although I agree that his agility and explosiveness has deteriorated a bit in the past few weeks, he still manages to adapt his game by not really trying to dribble past 3/4 guys like he usually does. He's happy to play the playmaker role and he plays that far better than any winger/forward in the world and he scores at will even when it seems like he's not trying. Now, when it comes down to PURE enjoyment factor, you can say that Eden edges Leo at the moment because this level of performance really is not expected from Eden. We're all a bit surprised and we love him and he's carrying us. So of course.. its a bit surprising so we are ecstatic. Mind you, I believe Eden has done pretty much what Messi has done in terms of adapting his game to try and be more decisive. Eden doesn't juss dribble past 3/4 players anymore. He's doing what we've wanted from him all along.. productivity and when it comes to producing; no one comes anywhere near Lionel Messi.
  7. 10. Eden Hazard

    Page 1,000 ffs. Hopefully 1,000 more to come of him at his best
  8. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Completely disagree. I think he's got a peach of a left foot. Immense technique. The chance we had towards the end of 1st half where Pedro turned immaculately was all started with a Zidane esque touch from Marcos. If there's one thing you can't dispute is his technique in my opinion. Wouldn't be surprised if he pops in a free kick for us in the near future.. lad has got a class left foot
  9. 10. Eden Hazard

    funny thing is he tends to fade away after we gas him up too much. thoroughly enjoying his 3 game goalscoring streak. Massive game on Saturday, you reckon he can make it 4? Don't think he's done that in his career tbh
  10. 27. Andreas Christensen

    Rate this lad more higher than Zouma if im honest. Zouma is a big, fast guy but doesn't show to poise that Andreas has. I feel like having Zouma who is a bit rash at times and Luiz who is also a bit rash at times with a natural fullback in Azpi would be a bit of a disaster in the long run. If anything I'd prefer Azpi-Luiz-Christensen back three as opposed to a Azpi-Luiz-Zouma or Zouma-Luiz-Christensen back three. Nonetheless we should bring him back asap and play him. His potential is unreal.. reminds me a lot of Pique, just less dominant than him. If he can add that to his game he'd become one of the most complete modern defenders in the world.
  11. 30. David Luiz

    David Luiz is probably the least respected player in the league.. even tho he's one of the most talented. He's constantly being targeted since the day he arrived. And this just goes to show how awful English pundits are when it comes to analyzing Luiz's game. The way they disrespect him even tho there aren't ANY English defenders that can do what Luiz did yesterday. He was absolutely pulling the strings. Pretty much dictating the game from sweeper. The range of passing, the bravery.. I remember him being pressed by Musa and Vardy and he calmly passed around them. His pass to Pedro right at the beginning of the second half was immaculate but they didn't even care to mention his name when he put the ball right on Pedro's foot from 70 yards. Imagine Stones did that? His free kick, the technique. WHAT CB can do that?? And just like every single Luiz game, they started talking - almost laughing - when he made a WORLD CLASS intervention to stop Vardy from scoring a tap in. They didn't see it as an amazing interception, they saw it as a typical David Luiz moment where he almost scored an own goal. All of these pundits played football in an era where all you had to do as a CB was to boot it clear and win headers. They don't have any idea what a modern CB is. Also, another thing I found funny is that Kante won MOTM. I'm not taking anything away from Kante's performance but he was his usual self. People are goin on about his pass to Moses... that wasn't particularly difficult and he's was doing that for Leicester last season as well. They gave him the award because our good ol' English pundits like the hard men, the workhorses and they frown upon the players who let their technical ability do the work for them. ESPECIALLY when the player is a CB.
  12. 10. Eden Hazard

    BOLDED SECTION!!!!! I genuinely think if he was at a different club, he would've developed into a future Ballon D'or winner. Not at this club tho. He's lost a lot of the good attributes he had at Lille. Go watch his Lille match comps. He was 10x more aggresive. Maybe its cuz he was at a small club and he HAD to. But nevertheless, if he worked under Pep or a top attacking coach, instead of working under clowns like Rafa, Jose, Hiddink and now Conte... none of whom can play proper ATTACKING football. Modern football as they call it.
  13. 10. Eden Hazard

    Fuckk meee.... this is giving me headaches.
  14. 10. Eden Hazard

    I'm sorry but Eden is a weird weird player man. I've tried really really hard to understand him but I'm struggling to understand how he can just seem content with not having the ball. And how he doesn't want to be the difference week in week out. We all have doubts over his mentality and on Sunday it was clear as day what he's like. Didn't seem to care too much when he didn't touch the ball in a dangerous area for 10-15 mins. Didn't care too much when he did receive it because -barring one ocassion- he didn't do anything with it. I feel like this season he's been instructed NOT to come deep and pick up the ball like he did in previous seasons, but my lord.... how can you be the main man of the team if you don't show for the ball. I was super dissapointed in his finish after the run.. he had the entire left side of the goal gaping.. it seemed to me that he tried to put it through the keepers legs like he did against De Gea but you could see his not a very good finisher from the way he lost composure and fucked himself up with the touch right before he shot. And then the other 1v1 looooooool. I almost fucking threw my phone at the TV. It's acc confirmed he's a serial pussy. How you can do that when your team is 2-1 down (and the way we conceded the two goals were the most annoying ways possible).. how you can see that and then have a chance to equalize and you just jump out the way????? Fuckkk sake... I think I've lost all hope in him being a top top Ballon D'or winning player if I'm honest. Maybe he's just not as good as we all think he is forreal..
  15. 10. Eden Hazard

    Eden Hazard has officially been ended on this platform ffss..
  16. The Conte Thread

    Honestly might consider following a new sport if Branislav Ivanovic, Gary Cahill and Oscar are starters for my club. And also if I see Nemanja Matic stumbling across the pitch with his lanky legs all the way to the left corner flag and then stopping and losing the ball. I can't deal Fix is Conte
  17. 10. Eden Hazard

    Another elite performance in all aspects except one. Except one.. LOL. The same one. Call me a perfectionist but to this dayyy, I cannot and will never understand Eden Hazard. He brings me sooo much joy. But I will never understand him. The one aspect I'm referring to is his shooting.. or lack thereof. Let me shoot a few stats at you because I was so baffled.. I had to do some research: Eden Hazard averages 1.1 shots per game. Eden Hazard averages 0.6 shots outside of the box per game. Today marks the 10th Premier League game where Eden Hazard has failed to register a shot. That is absolutely shocking. He has taken 32 shots in 29 Premier League appearances this season. Meanwhile, players in his quality bracket.. The Bale's, the Reus', the Griezmann's are all well into their 100s for registered shots this season. *Cristiano Ronaldo has registered 300+ shots this season * but that's beside the point. We wonder why he rarely scored this season.. and we say shit like, Eden Hazard is not a goal scorer, he'll never hit 30 (more or less) a season. And yes, we are right. But he can. He is capable. He just DOES NOT shoot the fucking ball. For the life of me I will never understand why, as an attacking player who can create space for himself like Eden can because of his turn of pace and quick feet.. AND he has a good left foot as well. I don't get whyyyy he doesn't shoot more. Quote tweet with a solution lol or a reason why this fella just does not shoot the bal (for the bants)
  18. 10. Eden Hazard

    I definitely agree that he looks in much much better shape than he has in any part of this season but I also think he didnt look half as explosive as other parts of the season. Maybe he just lacks match sharpness but usually you can't get the ball of Eden, whether he has his back to goal.. or if he's on the half turn. On Saturday, he seemed to be losing the ball with his back to goal more often than not. His acceleration seemed a bit off idk. But still, I dont want to sound like a person who is never happy.. Just a few observations.
  19. 10. Eden Hazard

    "Doubtful" for the game against City according to Guus, according to Twitter. Any conformation?
  20. Kevin de Bruyne

    Thank you Jose Mourinho. The gift that truly keeps on giving..
  21. 10. Eden Hazard

    I reckon the next few months (before, during and after the Euros) will define this guys career. He needs to take a proper look at himself and realize he's been wank!! For an entire yearr.. He needs to get in the gym and work on his fitness. He's not overweight.. He's just not as sharp as he was last season. Sure dropping a few kgs would help but he needs to find a way to stop getting reoccurring niggly injuries, that hurts a player's sharpness. Eden's sharpness and acceleration is so vital to his game, losing that would make him half the player he is. Also, he needs to realize THIS is his time.. We're all doom and gloom on here because we think every player should develop like Lionel Andres Messi. 38 goals at 21. 47 at 22. 53 at 23. And 4 Ballon d'ors before he reaches what is normally considered the "peak" of a player's career. Generally between 26-29 (give or take). We're even MORE butthurt cuz his main contender (kindaa), Neymar.. Is a year younger and SURELYYY if Ney is playing performing, Eden should too. Hazard is still 25. Next season NEEDS to be him "transition" season. Where he develops immensely as a player. Both in his mentality and physically. He should reach his physical peak in the coming years. Leo Messi was never a ridiculously built guy, but when Enrique (a fitness freak) came to the club, he kicked Messi up the arse and got him into shape. Even Bale went from skinny teen to a ripped beast in the last few seasons. Eden needs this. Nothing drastic but a little bit of a transformation to improve his overall game. Hopefully Conte can help do this. The one thing I've been skeptical about Eden's overall game.. Technique wise is how he strikes the ball. He seems to have become progressively worse since he joined the club. I won't get into detail because I think we've all noticed. You can't just go from scoring screamers in 12/13 to not being able to get the ball off the floor in 15/16. Somethings wrong and it's fucked because he has two good feet. This is the one area of his game -technique wise- that needs to improve immenselyy. The talent he possesses is ridiculous and he's still relatively young. But another year of nothingness and this.. idk, nonchalantness (you know what I mean) where it seems like he doesn't care if he's the worst player in the league or the best in the league, that might just shape the rest of his career. He needs to bounce back! Obviously I'd love it to be at Chelsea, but he's an amazing talent and I would be happy to see him flourish elsewhere if it came down to it.
  22. 10. Eden Hazard

    This video makes him seem half decent uno lool. He had stints of good form, good dribbling, creativity. Nothing near his old form
  23. Antoine Griezmann

    Any chance of us actually getting this fella? He really is an elite football player.
  24. Arturo Vidal

    I was just thinking about that. We really would have an elite midfield three. IF this does happen, all we need is to sell a few of the dead weight in our club and restructure our defence.