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  1. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    There's no option to buy, Florentino Perez isn't stupid. I don't like what deals like these says about the club tbh. In regards to Kovacic, he seems like a good player who could possibly become great if he had any above average passing ability, which he doesn't really.
  2. James Rodríguez

    To those disparaging James arguably unfairly, this one's for you. James has largely been a "flop" in Madrid because Perez, as Football savy as he is... decided to purchase him without any truly justifiable grounds. Since BBC always plays in Madrid come hell or high water, James can't play in his best positions. There are some reasons that arguably come down to his attitude and work ethic, but that wasn't always a problem. When Bale got injured in late 2014 and Ancelotti played a 4222 with James and Isco on the sides, James was imperial. I remember his pressing and tracking back was very energetic, committed, and intelligent in movement, and the way he found passing lanes and looked and moved to become a passing option to his team mates was incredible, along with his passing itself. He was playing as a right midfielder of sorts. During his first year, especially the first half, James was impeccable in the sense that he was playing at the top of his abilities. Now, he has no real dribbling abilities (but he can handle the ball very well and has good agility), his right foot is non existant (and thus his left foot is extra prodigious to compensate) and can't beat players per say (he's not slow), but other than that he's very capable and can play RAM, CAM, LAM all very well. With Ancelotti he even played in a 433 as a LM competently. I suggest you look up his 14/15 matches against Atletico, Barcelona, Liverpool, Villareal, Granada for example to get a grip of how good he was everywhere.
  3. The Mourinho Thread

    Not really when it comes to tasks. 4-3-3's how i see them have specific tasks for much of the game. A drop off doesn't mean true 4-3-3 at all. A midfielder in Hazard's place would have probably tracked the run. Defense was also quite stretched, to have an attacker defend a diagonal like that is a bit of a stretch.
  4. The Mourinho Thread

    I think one of the reasons Jose has stuck with the 4-2-3-1 is because you can have a more attacking counter setup, my point being that with a 4-3-3 you always have three midfielders, you have more midfield tools to pass, block, intercept, etc, with the 4-2-3-1 yes you can drop off but that also comes with a bit of a connotation that, that is not their main purpose, which is different with a 4-3-3. With 4-2-3-1 you can arguably notice the lack of forward tracking, something that was seen from hazard against atletico for example.
  5. The Mourinho Thread

    It is no doubt important to defend with 8 at the very least(important matches anyways), 4-2-3-1 implies a more complicated and less natural defensive scheme for attackers. 4-3-3 is prob the most fashionable formation atm as you have 3 midfielders which is one more that 4-2-3-1 while one of the three forwards can help from a little to alot depending on opponent.
  6. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    I was playing around a little bit, but please, if i showed any viciousness it was probably seen in your eyes as far too much confidence, arrogance, and you cant tell me this place isnt filled with it, lol, afterall, behind these words u indeed talking to a human just like your self, maybe im talking so philosophically because im listening to benedict cumberbatch, ffs. Anyways, incase u didnt understand from my quick write up.. That 0-1 happened late last year when Carlo was still trying to find the right cards, building the lego death star, he had barely begun. Isco did not play the way he does now, we played in a 4-4-2 and we didnt do a good job with it at that time. This was when everyone was pointing fingers at madrid's defense and a few months later madrid went on a roll barely conceding, then carlo made tactical mistakes against barca, atletico, but he has learned and so has the team and everyone is performing at a very high level. http://www.zonalmarking.net/2013/09/30/real-madrid-0-1-atletico-madrid-diego-costa-leads-the-line-superbly-in-excellent-atleti-display/ Carlo and the team can go back and look at their mistakes but also at their victories and learn from them, this is why to me the 0-1 is irrelevant and the 2-2 was due to tactical mistakes but even then atletico needed a super goal from outside of the box, and another great shot from the left, and EVEN then barely held on in the end after we had also missed plenty of opportunities. The way i see it, madrid in theory both has plenty of stuff to study from, and also plenty of talent, equipment in their swiss army knife that atletico does not. Maybe we could have said atletico are warriors, but if recent showings say anything is that real madrid's men are vikings then, for how theyve looked super great in a defensive 4-4-2 and changed in attack to a 4-3-3. The madrid of late is not comparable to anything before the copa del rey. Things take their time to build, there is a saying that goes PERDER ES LO NORMAL it mean the normal thing is to lose, to win the team has to do exceptional work and thats precisely what madrid has done and what it needs.
  7. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Ima tell u why we will win sherlock u see we are taking la decima home we'll kill them in 90 mins keep an eye on the clock carlo is a real detective reminds me of holmes he's gonna make dem heads bounce he'll pull a trounce he wont have a bit of mercy not even an ounce his cognitive skills are reminiscent of dr house. << i suggest u go to google so u can browse if u pay close attention you will see we've been stinging our opponents like honey bees we beat both barca and bayern 6-0 aggregate we pound them so hard, to have babies they''ll need a surrogate carlo has fixed the team's issues finally got them to defend as eleven that is y we been slicing dem heads like honey melons everyone is confident, their energy is rising like a star they are setting a new bar playing the best footy madrid has seen in a decade this aint no crappy facade everyone is performing at their peak, working together, and carlo will have learned from his mistakes when he wins la decima he'll catch a well deserved break for all the bs headaches that the media can cause simeone will either sitback and counter or pressure like crazy incase of a sitback madrid has the ability to dig their balls into atleticos rack if they pressure we will counter it will look amazing
  8. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Chelsea unfortunately could not handle the team which Real has a record of 7-2 against, in the last 3 meetings. the men at the white house send you their greetings i can only imagine your current feelings Looks like mourinho just couldnt pull the right dealings. Meh its only natural mou is a creature of habbit its the fourth time in a row the real hunters shoot him down like a rabbit they get their knives and they jab it check tommorow on zonal marking for an explanation for the reasoning behind your lack of celebration mou must really hate these recurring manifestations they praise him for reaching easy semis with luxury teams but when it comes to THE battle he says bye bye to his dreams he just couldnt put on the jeans doesnt know how to match up his beans you know what this means? Mourinho is not as good as some might think he is no hit only miss he wont be drinking no champaigne today, only atletico's jizz
  9. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    the thing with Madrid is that the win against Barcelona in the copa del rey was not simply a mickey mouse trophy, it was a win of the team, its final rebirth of the season after the debacle in la liga against barca and sevilla. Since specially the dortmund match, Isco has been showing he can indeed function deeper in the midfield with more defensive duties and midfield work, himself and the whole team have all been having 5 star games in the individual and in the team aspect of the situation. It is no coincidence that madrid have made their mark against the tiki taka empires with a 3 match aggregate of 6-0, which would be more if the players were ultra clinical, aka perfect, aka unrealistic. So Madrid and its players have realized like never before the importance of teamwork, no matter what game plan they have to unleash in the final, recent showings hint towards madrid being capable of anything as long as its tactics, players, are top notch, if "luck" is on their side then even better. The fact that Alonso will be missing from the final i personally dont feel will be a big deal. Illarramendi i trust can handle things, despite the signal iduna episode, i trust him, madrid can field a midfield with illarra, modric, di maria to more or less keep what theyve been rolling, or if parking the bus is done by other team, then isco would play instead of illarra and modric could be tried in alonso's role for the final. Madrid has the confidence, peace of mind, equipment, and momentum for it to be considered as pretty dangerous. Pepe and Ramos are playing the matches of their life, these men only need 90 more mins to reach the highest of dreams, they will go out with the ferocity of white tigers who havent eaten prime rib in 12 years. They have the talent to break down teams and the solidity to move up and down and counter. Weakspots? i dont know, maybe u can still point at the cbs, but if they continue on their recent strides, then u cant. This madrid finally defends as a team.
  10. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Would be a step down for Varane to move anywhere really. He's coming back from injury, anyone who expects him to be at full flight has unrealistic expectations. Perez is in his last term, can't see him going for any longer, he is gone in summer of 2017 when varane is barely turning 24, by then it is expected for Manolo Sanchis to step up in presidential race, madrid shall only improve as an institution in the near future. If Perez has kept the travesty that is pepe, then surely he will keep Varane who is by far one of the biggest talents this world has seen in quite some time.
  11. La Liga Thread

    LOL @ many of these fanboyish comments about mourinho and real im reading, but to each his own... Well Ryan, Varane is coming back from injury and isn't even near being 100 percent fit yet he did a very good job today imo. Other than a bit of a lack of speed in some situations can't see too much to blame him on, he is a top class talent, did a much better job than pepe who ended up commiting a challenge on fabregas that should have been called a penalty ffs, looool. He could have done better for Alexis goal but this is majority diego lopez's fault. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=humS1WU-jCU As for Carlo, Madrid is still in experimentation, considering what the situation in the club is atm it is understandable that madrid isn't playing amazingly, even then i feel madrid are a bit unlucky to lose today. I will wait till end of season to make a judgement on carlo, he has been very unimpressive thus far though and hes done plenty of mistakes in my book, already. There are things to sort out, players that have to gain form after injuries, tactics to be solved...Heck ronaldo might end up playing more centrally and this process has already started really, 90 percent of his goals this season have all come from positions where him playing @ the left is mostly irrelevant. I don't like carlo as a manager so far, he exudes no confidence, his personality as a whole is a let down in a way, and tactically he is not impressing, he should get a rompous sack by end of season if there is no definite improvement, if madrid gets eliminated out of all competitions early this will only be easier to happen. If madrid waits until next winter to fire him, madrid wouldnt be getting a new long term manager until almost 2 seasons from now lol. Carlo has till may, if madrid has no redeeming qualities and hes still manager by 14/15, then perez is am imbecile. Maybe id be more leniant with him but the guy has ostracized casemiro, keeps playing the joke of khedira, has taken so many minutes away from carvajal just to play arbeloa which has benefitted in no way (quite the opposite actually), keeps trying these lame two striker formations, after 3 months still has the team looking more or less clueless...Really if by may madrid sucks as much as it does now, theres no need for him to be in madrid, unimpressive in all ways, there are other managers with better personalities and very nice tactical ideas out there. EDIT: also talking about madrid, pogba is going to be put to sale next season and i believe that madrid do have a form of dibs on gundogan from dortmund, if carlo could find a way to play ronaldo elsewhere than on the left then it could be realistic to push isco to that position (or away from 3 midfield positions) and instead buy pogba and gundogan and play trio of them 2 with illarramendi, which would of course be monumental, but bale is a problem here...It could happen.. I think madrid gets pogba, barca gundogan. And madrid either move isco forward and play pogba modric illarra trio or bench modric, and buy new cf.
  12. The Mourinho Thread

    Like i heard someone else say, the league is a marathon not a sprint, and there are different circumstances surrounding different situations, have not been watching chelsea lately but ffs, there has to be patience, with a new coach or a clear change in tactics one should start making real judgements by late jan early feb.
  13. The English Football Thread

    From what i have read though, Petrov is now in remission, good for him, hope he recovers, this would make you think he's terminal.
  14. The English Football Thread

    Opinions differ for various reasons but i believe the majority want to see Casillas as the 1st choice keeper. I think im going to write a bit of a long post so bare with me. First of all the Spanish media and the fan base make a big deal out of this, they specially did so with Mourinho because most fans, AND the media considered it a political/power move from mourinho considering his history as a manager and in real madrid. But i do think that in the bottom line he was not comfortable or satisfied with Casillas' behavior and output. Now with Carlo it has stopped being an argument about the man doing this, and more about the goal keepers, of course the media and fans are thinking about Casillas' legend and status and want to see him start but if this has happened with both mourinho and carlo, its simply because indeed Lopez is providing good enough evidence that he can bench iker. I think that both Carlo and Mourinho have both in part benched Casillas for political reasons, but it is true that Iker has been in a bit of a decline over the past few seasons, and when looking at traits, Diego Lopez is a more complete goalkeeper than Casillas. Iker is all talent, reflexes, speed. When you get older you may start losing that. All in all the rumor is that Casillas will be used in CL games and Copa Del Rey while Diego will be used in La Liga games, this is happening because the coaches want to instill the firm fact that madrid must not let politics over run its football, and also because Iker is no doing enough to win the role over a very in form diego lopez. The rumor is that Iker could leave even by winter if his situation doesnt improve due to this being a WC year, but i doubt that since Del Bosque has so much faith in the hierarchy. I think that if Diego Lopez keeps this going then Iker may vary well end up leaving, and Madrid will either stay with Diego for a few years, or sell him and Replace him with a guy like De Gea. So the whole world isnt pointing fingers at carlo because it's a different man doing the same thing. Problem is Mou tried to bench the biggest Spanish pillars such as Ramos and Casillas when his power was dwindling due to the sporting and (other) failures while in madrid. Carlo starts clean slate with Zidane. If they have done this its because they want to gives games to Diego Lopez AND Iker, or leave one of them with ZERO if they dont perform. Either way this is not pointing well for iker, and if iker leaves it seems confusing to me what we would do with diego, as it would be a perhaps good move to go for De Gea. This is no longer Mourinho vs Casillas, its now full on war between Lopez and Casillas, as it should be, fact is that Mourinho had planned doing something like this for a long time apparently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CE1qc98m-vo As a Madrid fan my self, i love iker but i want to see a change in scenery. I want De Gea here, i also want Arbeloa, Pepe, and Khedira to gtfo, heck even Benzema if he doesnt perform. Only worry is that it looks like his replacement would be Suarez and i dont want that kunt in madrid. I think that by next year atleast 2 of the names i mentioned will have left.
  15. La Liga Thread

    Daniel Carvajal. Still has work to do on his defensive skills, but this guy could be one of the world's best if he keeps on the good road.
  16. The English Football Thread

    Most Madrid fans are angry but just putting it out there that i stand by my opinion of him regardless of emotion. Mou has everything better suited for him @ england. Club, Fans, Press, and even team. He should do well but only time will tell. Have to see more of United, Tottenham, City, we cant really pin point who's where atm i suppose. Barca winning the title? Im not sure. Their defensive line is meh, their prodigious players aka iniesta, xavi, are getting older. Busquets could get injured more. ( dont know how long hes out due to his current injury.) Also still have to decide on whether Tata Martino is relevant as a manager, tactician, coach,etc. Carlo doesnt have a great league record, but these are different circumstances. I dont know atm but im not going to rule madrid or barca out, atm im gonna say its up in the air, im gonna go with madrid winning the la liga. We seem to have more "momentum" to put it in short terms. I wish the best to chelsea and i will try to watch more of it, and arsenal now due to ozil.
  17. The English Football Thread

    Well as i previously said, With carlo and the arrival of bale, two big problems arose for him. Carlo wants to bring more balance at madrid, he wants a team that can defend better together, thus the elimination of the 4-2-3-1 and his attempts at trying to change the identity of madrid from the previous 3 years. With Isco here ( a more complete player), and bale's arrival, ozil is a bit irrelevant, because ozil was infact not even playing in the same position anymore. He was playing in the right in a 4-2-2-2 or a 4-3-2-1 and with the arrival of bale, the limitations of ozil's game, and the implementation of a new system, its justifiable to see him leave imo. The biggest question mark for madrid is what will happen if isco gets injured. Right now i think u could move modric to isco's place and put illarramendi in modric's place, and one of casemiro or khedira in the other midfield place. Thats the only question mark due to ozil's departure imo. I would have expected to see benzema leave, and ozil perhaps try harder to learn to defend, but in the end this is what happened, mutual understanding between club, coach, and player that parting ways was the way to go. Ozil sent a nice message to madrid fans for his goodbye. My respect to this german maestro who i will never ever forget. Or stop watching for that matter.
  18. The English Football Thread

    edit: sorry my bad, coentrao stays in madrid, not going to united. The premier league is more exciting to me than ever. Tottenham looks exciting, so does arsenal with ozil, chelsea with mourinho, united...Im going to have to wake up earlier lol.
  19. The English Football Thread

    I edited my most recent reply I edited my most recent reply, it has my reply to what you edited. Madrid is the hardest job in the world. Florentino Perez is an economical master mind but when it comes to football he is a moron. If i ever meet Perez face to face, this is what i could do to him. Perez always makes a mistake, usually because they dont have correct footballistic foundations. This is why madrid has failed time and time again under him. His latest giant mistake is mourinho, he brought the wrong man for the club, the bets were too high, you dont bring an actor like mourinho to the biggest soap opera in the world without expectations of fallout if everything goes wrong, and it did. But the truth is that perez put his faith in mourinho and gave him the power NO MANAGER HAS EVER HAD IN MADRID, and mourinho failed. About barcelona, most of the league match losses and cl losses throughout the 3 years, had the faulty foundations mou built in the team, written all over it. I dont think barcelona is really a gigantic problem, they have also been a bit overrated, a calmer coach with better ideas would have been more successful than mourinho i think. You are correct that some jobs need different managers, this wasnt the right job for mou or the right acquisition from madrid. This is why carlo has been brought in, and he is starting off very good. A calmer person with different ideas.
  20. The English Football Thread

    Also i would like to say Ozil has an amazing final ball.Probably the best in the buisness. -Final Ball -Vision -Free Kicks -Corner Kicks -Crosses he is a goal making machine if in the right system. But the beautiful game has more substance than what we might see sometimes. That is why you will see very few great players with the "AM" title, that were as limited in a package as he is. Edit: As long as arsenal defends well as a team and has a good midfield when it comes to defense then ozil could be good. But overall Mesut is not so great organizing play from deep, or defending, 3 main reasons he leaves madrid are, bale arrives, ozil's downfalls, and also the fact that we dont play a formation where he can shine the way he used to any more in madrid. Ozil was irrelevant to madrid, and now hes at arsenal where he could thrive more than he ever did i think.
  21. The English Football Thread

    A few months ago i came to this forum and i gave my view point on mourinho, i think its still accurate but it was a bit negative lol, i will give my assessment of him here again in a more light hearted way. I have a blog i havent updated recently due to time constraints but here is an article i wrote about his time in madrid. http://therealmadridzone.blogspot.com/2013/06/mourinhos-legacy-bringing-mourinho-to.html Now on to my opinion. The only thing i really like about mourinho is his personality in a sense. A bit of a baddass (in a sense) but thats about it. Mourinho is not a tactical genius, he is a reactive coach. if he is left with 10 men he will try to fix that, if he sees an opportunity to exploit something, for example send balls on the top to get a guy like lukaku to exploit a shaky defender like sergio ramos or marcelo he will do it. He has always been a counter attacking specialist, you will not see what i call "total football" from him. The dutch and catalans interpret it as possession football, but i interpret it as intense pressing football where the whole team attacks and defends together. ( player like ozil is not ideal for this). You will see this kind of football from dortmund and bayern. They can play both possession football and counter attacking football very well, they are complete, total. (in a sense) I call it total football because of what klopp says here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PPcx_rnyzc This football takes time to produce, but if done well, and with time, it is amazing. Hence dortmund 4-1 bayern 4-0 against madrid and barca respectively. They sent a message. Mourinho on the other hand likes to counter, but in madrid he didnt do a good job at making a balanced team. We never had a competent right back, midfield, centre back partner ship, and the 3-1 part consisting of benzema, ronaldo, di maria, and ozil was very very unbalanced. Since his tactics are a bit limited he fails ironically because he tends to sit back and counter, well when other teams park the bus, he has had problems time and time again throughout his career at braking them apart, limited football. Guardiola is correct when he says "he with the ball controls the game". Problem is, mou is allergic to it. (in a sense) He also has a personality that can cut his time in places short as we have seen in the past with chelsea and now madrid. I explain this more in my blog. Mourinho in MY opinion is overrated. Due to time constraints ive only been able to watch chelsea-madrid, chelsea- hull, bayern- chelsea, from chelsea this season, but you can already see again that you are not going to see total football from him. But this is england..in time he can probably set up something good. I place my bets he will have a more successful time in chelsea than madrid, better atmosphere for him, and more balanced team than what madrid had at the time. Winning is what counts, but hes never done anything revolutionary, and his time in madrid leaves him in evidence as aside from barcelona, madrid failed almost every time it faced a true opponent, and only won 1 relevant trophy in 3 years and the most expensive side in the world. - the la liga trophy.
  22. The English Football Thread

    i think hes worth it as long as you have the right team around him. During his time in madrid, everything was very unbalanced, yet due to the talent level madrid managed to survive a bit, but the midfield problem was put in evidence almost every time madrid faced a top class opponent. Ozil has counter attacking philosophies in his veins, due to his silky movements and skill one might believe he prefers possession football, but i think he thrives in counter attacking football, he is more of an ss type of player, could maybe even play false 9 if he had a shot that was worth a dam. Arsenal will have to get a better defense midfield imo. The truth is that during his time in madrid, when the team was down, he never really came out with a performance that gave madrid a train ticket to paradise. Im talking about a game changing performance like messi vs arsenal or ronaldo vs porto, if the team was down ozil was down, hes a very special player in this sense. He also has horrible shooting skills in my opinion, he has pretty bad defending skills which is one of the reasons he is leaving madrid. He even got benched for it in his last ever game for madrid. THE LAST IMAGE MADRID FANS WILL FOREVER HAVE OF HIM, IS OZIL LEAVING THE PITCH IN ANGER AFTER BEING SUBSTITUTED. -bad defending - horrible shot - doubtful stamina but if you put him in a team that defends well, a potent midfield with good ball recovery men, then it could work. Ozil's father said about 2 years ago that he wanted hi son to be in a team that was molded around him, well lets see if wenger can do what he must to get the most out of ozil.
  23. The English Football Thread

    Ozil is the casualty, and rightly so. A very limited player, if anyone ever saw Guti from madrid play, Ozil is like a refined version him, the mold of what guti should have been, but he also has the same downfalls, no midfield play, ozil is basically a forward, doesnt help defend... He will need for arsenal to be wrapped around him more so that in madrid so that he can shine, lets see how wenger deals with the defending. Ozil not needed in madrid, good riddens to the german maestro. Its a trend that managers are punishing players who are "lazy" when it comes to defending, and are too 1 dimensional in a sense. This is what midfielders like isco, iniesta, oscar, kroos, gotze, have over guys like mata and ozil Thus mourinho trying to ostracize mata out with new signings that are more akin to his flavor, and ozil leaving.
  24. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    I am seeing that two football forums are being hacked by "hacked by federal/morrocan from hell", anyone have an idea what the hell this is?