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  1. General Transfer Talk

    People asking for 4 more signings (lwb rwb cm st) habe to remember that without costa and matic (and not counting pasalic remy baba rahman) we already have 14 nonHG players and we can only sign 3 more non hg players.
  2. General Transfer Talk

    So we have already signed three youngsters this summer?
  3. General Transfer Talk

    Hasn't Arsenal signed Kolasinac?
  4. General Transfer Talk

    There are rumors of them being interested in Faouzi Ghoulam
  5. General Transfer Talk

    I would love to see Kyle Walker here, however its doubtfull \tottenham will sell to us.. As for Llorente - if we are you looking for replacement for Michy he would be perfect
  6. Bernardo Silva

    Noone is excellent during all game. Hazard also has many moments of invisibility, when he is walking around the pitch not intersted in game.
  7. Andrea Belotti

    Are we even connceted to Andrea Belotti?
  8. General Transfer Talk

    One question - selling Costa to China in summer is even possible? Isn't transfer window closed then there?
  9. General Transfer Talk

    I was against him when there were rumors floating, but because Conte is not trusting Michy anyway I think he can be great backup for like 2 years - familiar with PL, very good in the air, and at this stage of career he propably would be ok with not being first XI regular.
  10. General Transfer Talk

    Maybe Llorente? Especially if Swansea goes down.
  11. Andreas Christensen

  12. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Was great today
  13. General Transfer Talk

    I would be very surprised if Matic is gone while Cesc and Chalobah stay. Conte prefers him over both of them
  14. Marco Verratti

    Is it any reliable source?
  15. General Transfer Talk

    Nope, in the 25 players squad - you can have only 17 nonHG players (over U21 age). Currently we have 13 nonHG players. If Begovic leaves and we will not replace him with HG GK we will have 14 nonHG players - that will leave only 3 spots open