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  1. Sevilla v Chelsea

    Amazing job by physios and fitness staf - we have all players healthy and ready to play.
  2. Sevilla v Chelsea

    Mendy Azpi/James Silva Zouma Chillwell Kante Kova Havertz CHO Giroud Puli We could give some rest to Werner, Mount and Ziyech. Writing that I don't actually believe Lamps will play that front 3.
  3. Dujon Sterling

    Anyone knows whats up with him? He didnt go on loan, he obvously is not with first team, but he is not playing for Devteam also (when even Drinkwater and Baba Rahman are playing)?
  4. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    What about Tomori, had some bad matches last season (but who hasn't?), this season he was good when given chance, yet he was frozen out, and even Rudi is ahead of him now.
  5. Chelsea 4-1 Sheffield United

    again tough test for Lamps - whether to go with Kovacic, who is in awful form so far this season, or Jorginho as DM and let our midfield be overrun again. Front 3 will propably be Ziyech-Tammy-Werner, since Lamps dont trust CHO. Hope Werner wont be run to the ground.
  6. Chelsea 3-0 Rennes

    Just please stick to 4-3-3...
  7. Burnley 0-3 Chelsea

    Mendy James Silva Zouma Chilwell Kante Mount Havertz Ziyech Giroud Pulisic that's the team I would like to see. Lamps will propably start Werner or Abraham instead of Giroud (I am ok with that), and I am afraid he will start Jorginho instead of Mount/Havertz (and that will be a tragedy)
  8. Burnley 0-3 Chelsea

    If Lamps starts any other midfield than ai kante mount then I will loose all my believe in him.
  9. Krasnodar 0-4 Chelsea

    Just want to point out, Tomori made many stupid mistakes, but fortunately they haven't costed us a goal. Of course Zouma and others are making this mistakes also, but only Tomori was cut off almost completely because of that.
  10. Krasnodar 0-4 Chelsea

    Would love to see CHO, Giroud, Kova, Jorginho start. And alos to give Havertz a rest and put Mount as 8/10. But of course I don't believe we will rotate so hard. My team: Mendy James Zouma Silva Chillwell Kova Jorginho Ziyech, Mount, CHO Giroud. I would start Silva and Zouma to build their experience, but I hope Silva coult be subbed out around 60 min.
  11. Man United 0-0 Chelsea

    Because whatever idea Lamps has for this team its not working so far.
  12. Man United 0-0 Chelsea

    3ATB seems like panic move by Lamps, it sometimes worked last season, but I hoped we would have our own style this season..
  13. Man United 0-0 Chelsea

    Why is everyone puting Ziyech on? He looked crap in both matches so far, I am not sure him already starting vs Utd is good idea. However, since Lamps hates CHO, that means Mount will start as LW again.
  14. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Whatever, with Ziyech getting healthier, Pulisic playing again, and of course with Mount having to play even on the wing CHO won't see much playing time anymore
  15. Chelsea 4-0 Crystal Palace

    people are saying CHO is poor, I know some of his decisions are baffling, but he took part in both goals. On the other side Werner did nothing all game