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  1. Alex Sandro

    I have a feeling Lukaku is done already. If that's the case Van Dijk seems to be the only one left to be finished or almost finished.
  2. Alex Sandro

    Dani Alves I imagine.
  3. Alex Sandro

    Said by a Juve fan: "Posted by Agresti? Seals the deal, that's two our of starting players gone now. Fucking joke" Seems like it's happening
  4. Willy Caballero

    Conte should pull a Van Gaal and sub him on before a penalty shootout. Overall very decent keeper, happy with this signing.
  5. Romelu Lukaku

    Personally I was one of Lukaku's biggest critics for the longest time. I always believed that the technical deficiencies in his game would prevent him from being a top player and he could never improve his abilities in this aspect substantially. However he's slowly and gradually proved me wrong. At this moment of time it's pretty clear that he is better than Costa technically and also possesses a higher football IQ. His awareness of space and movement of teammates relative to his position in or around the box is also a big improvement since his time at Chelsea. He's very good at being the striker who receives the ball in his feet and makes a sharp turn, using his strength and speed. Then he can open his above average vision for a striker to find teammates or make something happen himself. I never understood the similarities to Drogba around the time when Mourinho arrived for the second time. Aside from the fact that they are both big and black strikers, there really weren't any other similarities. Drogba's biggest quality that Lukaku never had at the was the intelligence to use his strength effectively. Imo Romelu was and still is a physically stronger player than Drogba. However, if you watched both play around that time you'd think that Drogba is the stronger player in a sense that he used his strength to shield and hold up the ball way more effectively. But now Lukaku has grown a lot in this aspect. He uses body much better than he did before and alongside his improved technique, he's edging closer and closer towards becoming a perfect striker. You can see what I'm talking about in this newly posted Youtube video: As you can see, his combination use of his body and the ball have improved drastically. People often complain that he struggles using these in big games, but as @The Skipper mentioned it's fairly obvious that Everton play very defensively in big games and look for scraps up top. In these type of situations it's very harsh to judge a striker's performance and abilities. But even then, if you look at the table I posted above or the statistic that @pHaRaOn posted you'll see that he's managed to have a very solid big game record in his CV. I think this record will improve even more if/when he comes to Chelsea and he'll become a hit here, comfortably scoring 20+ goals in the league if our season goes relatively well.
  6. Benjamin Mendy

    What I would give for him and Nelson Semedo as our wingbacks...
  7. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that there's someone in this world who believes this lanky slow brainless Serbian is better than Zinedine Zidane? Everyone has an opinion and all but fucking hell.
  8. The Conte Thread

    Good. I understand that everyone's angry including myself but there's a genuine silver lining to take out of this fa cup final. When we last won the title in 2015, we all saw that the performances in the second half of the season weren't good enough. Even though we won the title, the success itself was in some form papered over some of the cracks in the squad. The issues were not handled in the transfer window as we suffered from a huge case of complacency. Sure we should have performed better the following season with the squad we had, but the lack of activity in the transfer window played a huge part as well. When we lost 3-0 to Arsenal earlier on in the season, we made a huge change in terms of system, starting players and their positions, changes that sparked a 13-game winning streak and eventually lead to this incredible season. League winners and cup runners-up, we must not forget that we were all merely hoping for a top four finish. I think this season, THE major key to our success has been the consistency against smaller teams. The performances in the big games have not been good enough and this is even more indication of this season being a clear case of a managerial masterclass by Conte. Sure, we've had great individual performances by every player throughout the season, but we can all agree that there are some positions that could clearly take upgrading during the transfer window. A common theme has been against top oppositions who heavily press us, we simply cannot cope with the pressure and that has a lot to do with some of the personnel. We need to remember, top teams in Europe won't respect us and will be pressing us the entire match. The way we perform against those sort of teams right now will lead us to constantly sit back and look for scraps upfront. Alonso might be a fine option against smaller teams, but he simply can't get out of pressure simply because he isn't slow and agile enough. The same applies to Matic. These two players lack a lot of self awareness when it comes to receiving passes and playing with the ball which leads to the loss of possession. Kante is the same, but at least he's agile enough to help himself sometimes. What we can take out of this defeat is that now maybe the board will try to be the least complacent they can in the transfer window. Just like how the defeat against Arsenal at the Emirates lead to the change in system, maybe this defeat will cause our board to listen to the demands of the manager and spend in the summer, and spend big because our rivals aren't fucking around. TL;DR: Hopefully this defeat will give a wake up call to the board and reminds them to spend in a transfer window where our rivals, especially the Manchester clubs, will be severely strengthening their squads.
  9. 21. Nemanja Matic

    This isn't even the worst of it. Wait till we play the top CL clubs with him in the lineup, it will be chance after chance for their forwards cause this man doesn't have any awareness whatsoever when receiving the ball or in possession of it. Nor does he have the agility and the skill to retain the ball under pressure. Kante suffers from the same problems as he does but at least the Frenchman has the pace and agility to get himself out of trouble sometimes. Improvement in his the summer needed big time. This midfield will get crushed in Europe if it's kept this way.
  10. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Allegri for me is the best manager in the world. For me he's been top 3 for three years now and weirdly underrated, despite his great success. No-one touches him from the tactical point of view, especially his flexibility. If we're looking at things more generally, he started with Juve using the 4-3-1-2 formation in his first season and almost won a historic treble with a squad that Conte claimed to be not good enough to compete for the CL. Next season, he lost Vidal, Pirlo and Tevez and after a horrific start to the season he reverted back to Juve's 3-5-2 and showed his ability to manage a very tough situation and lead the club to the double. They'd have arguably much more to say in Europe as well if it weren't for some questionable referring calls in the Allianz. Earlier this season he experimented all sorts of formations to find the perfect balance after Pogba's departure. It was only against Lazio in the second half of the season that he used the 4-2-3-1 the way we see it today. But the important thing to notice is that Mandzukic isn't exactly a winger in this formation, he plays more narrow and this allows Sandro to use his amazing stamina and offensive abilities throughout the game on the left flank. This Juve team are drilled to absolute perfection and they're a joy to watch. But what I like most about him is his game awareness and the approach to games. He knows when his team should press high(and he's not afraid to do so against any opposition), when to drop deep and when to keep the possession of the ball(something Juve have greatly improved on since switching to this new formation.) More specifically, Allegri has world class game management skills, the subs he makes relative to the direction the game is heading are very astute. But game management isn't all about substitutions, and like I said above Allegri is very good in his approach to games and its different moments. If Allegri wins the treble for Juve he will go down as Juve's greatest manager ever after Lippi; A magnificent accomplishment after three years. My family are all Juve fans, causing me to like them as long as they don't get in the Chels' way, but I hope Juve win it for Buffon alone.
  11. 21. Nemanja Matic

    We've to a point in our evolution as a squad that half of the players are good/very good, and the other half are complete liabilities. Matic certainly belongs to the latter category. I've asked the question for ages, what does Matic genuinely offer? Going forward, his inability to use his right foot or cope under pressure with a decisive touch, a swift turn, and an accurate and wisely decided pass, -the qualities we expect from a dynamic midfielder partnering Kante- have been completely crippling a lot of our transitions from defence to attack, or attack in general. Defensively, he's one of our most overrated players. Too many times he tends to help his CBs or Alonso needlessly, hence leaving gaps in midfield for the Eriksens and the Herreras to cross or shoot. He's bang average at reading the play and intercepting chances, too often he chases and doesn't read well enough. For a player of his size, he doesn't possess the expected body strength and doesn't assert himself over opposition players. All of this leads me back to the point I made initially, there are too many players in our squad at the moment that are not fit to play at the top level. Back in the 2000s, we had a lot of players who'd do the 'dogwork', but the same players also offered a lot for us going forward. In our current period(particularly since Jose arrived) we have too many players that may tick the boxes for the former, but they offer absolutely nothing going forward. Recently this has turned us to a team that does nothing but sit back against big European clubs and hope for scraps upfront. In fact, the work Antonio has done with this technically limited squad-imo sixth best in the league-needs to be admired. In the summer we really need to invest in players all around the pitch that are a step above our current options in terms of technical ability. P.s: Aside from Matic, Alonso and Cahill are two other examples. Speaking of Alonso, even though he offers much more end product to his game compared to Moses, at the same time he struggles much more against strong oppositions and we'll see more of this once we're in the champions league. Moses has the ability to turn quick and resist the press, Alonso doesn't.
  12. The Conte Thread

    People may think Alonso missing was what hugely contributed to the result, but in fact it only did so indirectly, as it highlighted our biggest weakness: lack of enough ball playing CBs. During our time with Mourinho one of our biggest problems, especially against big teams, was the lack of press resistance and ball playing CBs. We constantly struggled against teams that would heavily press us, leaving us to be very deep in the box and hoping for scraps going forward. Ball playing center backs in modern football are no joke; they allow your team to be more resilient against pressing teams-which are usually the best teams in Europe- and also advance the attack, not having to rely on your attackers dropping deep and going past three or four players to just get into the opponent's half. Whoever thinks ball playing CBs aren't a must in modern football is living in the past. With Antonio's back three, what's made us so much more resilient to the opposition press has been having Azpi and Luiz as two defenders who are comfortable with the ball and under pressure. Today, we had only David Luiz as the only defender out of the three who can do the same. Antonio's worst mistake however was shifting Azpi to the left, this made everything ten times worse since he isn't comfortable on his left at all. Fortunately he realized his mistake soon enough and reverted his position with Moses but he should have had Ake in the squad and play him and Moses as wing backs. 1/3 defenders that are good with the ball is simply not enough for a back three. This game certainly reminded me of the Mourinho days. I hope Antonio learns from this lesson, and I hope we sign Van Dijk in the summer for this exact weakness(and because he's an upgrade on Cahill of course).
  13. 19. Diego Costa

    He was an abomination today and has been for months, pure and simple. Tbh it's not even a question of form anymore, it's a question of whether he's making such obviously terrible decisions and mistakes just for us to let him fuck off in the summer. I genuinely believe that is the case. One of my few criticisms of Antonio this season has been his man management of Batshuayi. It's really going to bite him in the ass now because not only Batshuayi has never been given a chance despite Costa being absolute shite like this, when he is going to be given a chance he'll suffer from lack of playing time and pressure from fans. The last thing we need is another Ivanovic and Filipe Luis saga.
  14. 19. Diego Costa

    I used to be the biggest Costa fan but now I genuinely think he's playing terrible on purpose to force us to sell him in the summer. Some of the stuff he does during games is absolutely scandalous. Scuffing a pass with his left when the ball is on his right and he can feed Hazard on a breakaway? Horrendous technique when completely unmarked and a shot which would have ended up in the streets if it wasn't for the deflection? Completely ignoring the best passing options and always choosing the bad ones? These are just some examples off top of my head, but my point is that they are not anything you'd expect of a simply out of form or 'donkey' striker. For me his head is completely gone. Win the title and sell him the fuck to China in the summer. That's all.
  15. Alexis Sanchez

    Tbh I would would like to see Hazard-Sanchez-Bernardo Silva. Sanchez works best as a 9 imo, he doesn't have the best link up play for a winger, but more than enough for a striker. I think that's a better front three than Hazard-Lukaku-Sanchez