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  1. 15. Kurt Zouma

    Absolutely shocking player, doesn't even look composed against Grimsby. Seriously what was he doing on their goal?
  2. Stamford Bridge thread

    Hey everyone. Been a while since I last posted here, I had a small question regarding finding tickets for a particular match and I remember that there are quite a few local fans in this forum, so thought I would ask. Any help would be appreciated. I'm thinking of visiting London and watching the team I grew up with for the first time this season. I've already purchased a membership card, but my question is regarding loyalty points. I understand that of most of the matches vs club rivals in addition to the first and last home games of the season are only sold on the premise that a certain amount of loyalty points are met. For that reason I'm looking at Home to Palace on Nov 9th, or Home to Norwich on May 2nd. Would I be able to buy these tickets on the official website without having to worry about having 0 loyalty points? Provided that I buy them as soon as the purchase window for members opens on the website. I thought it'd be best to be absolutely sure before booking my flight to London. Cheers.
  3. 2. Antonio Rudiger

    Surprised to see nothing on him after Sunday's match. Thought he was a man mountain and completely dominated Rondon physically with each long ball sent to him. Sent quite a few nice long passes too but he's always so good at that. Great start to the season by him. If anyone should feel the threat of AC, it's David.
  4. Willian

    I really believe Willian being at the peak form of his career can be the difference maker in our CL tie. Hazard is still by far our best player, but he can't do everything on his own. Having another player creating all sorts of danger for Barca will massively help our cause. Also, he is and always has been really, really good at driving with the ball from one end to the other. Hopefully we'll see the same at Camp Nou,
  5. 4. Andreas Christensen

    This guy is an absolute jewel. Only 21. Crazy. Plays more maturely than most players into their 30s. Immediately made everyone around him play much better, truly sign of a great player.
  6. The Conte Thread

    Even the thought of him getting sacked is disgusting. You can only succeed with average players for so long. At some point every top team needs top signings that rejuvenate a squad and a manager. Giroud is uninspiring. Emerson is uninspiring. These would have been good signings if they were along with a marquee player, but not by themselves. When was the last time we signed a 'marquee' attacking player? Hazard is probably the last one. I'm not saying Conte doesn't deserve any blame at all. But the lack of quality in this squad is genuinely shocking and this hasn't been addressed at all in the past 3 years. 2 league title wins were papers over the cracks that are the lack of overall quality in the squad. Conte knows we need more world class players, I only wonder how bad things need to get for this club till the board does as well...
  7. The Conte Thread

    Fuck me, I don't want Simeone anywhere near this club. I'm well beyond the bus parking days. Also hilarious to see Sarri and Simeone on the same list of possible managers. Seems like the board (as always) doesn't have a clue as to where we're heading in terms of footballing philosophy. From this style to that, it's ridiculous.
  8. Álvaro Morata

    Right, I'm as frustrated about his performance as any other person. My post probably wouldn't look anything like this had I been typing it straight after the match but I can manage something more level-headed after a few hours. That performance today along with his performance against Stoke reminded me of a certain Edinson Cavani from the beginning of last season, a player who's now become my favorite striker in Europe. Cavani made all the right movements but couldn't finish anything to save his life. Great movement is the sign of great potential, I think Morata seems to suffer from a confidence issue just like Cavani did. We need to give the guy some time because he's young and this is his first season starting week in week out. The Torres comparisons are nonsense, surely they're coming from people who didn't really watch Torres because Fernando wouldn't get himself into those positions in first place (so wouldn't Batshuayi). His finishing was terrible, but that was the only (albeit very costly) problem with his game today. For the most part he was on point with his passes and had good hold up play the entire match. He needs to improve on his finishing ability and confidence. Let us be patient with him, because we can all see the great striker we can have on our hands if he simply fixes his one on one ability.
  9. Álvaro Morata

    Needs to stop looking for the perfect angle or opening. Just smash the ball sometimes ffs.
  10. The Conte Thread

    Paper thin squad, key injuries to Hazard, Kante, Bakayoko, bang average players in some of the positions in the starting XI, not backed in the summer, etc. Still finishing second. Conte is a fantastic manager. It'd be the biggest mistake this board has ever made if we don't back this man in the market, whether that's January or next summer. I firmly believe he can build a dynasty - and that does not necessarily translate to a long stay at the club (which I wouldn't mind) - for the next decade. We have some fantastic talent here; Hazard, Courtois, Christensen, Morata, Kante, Loftus Cheek, etc. With a few signings, especially in the wing-back departments, I can see us improving several levels.
  11. Willian

    Tbh I've had enough of talking about his ineptitude in the final third. But can someone explain how he has the audacity to take free kicks off Alonso? Especially when it's on Alonso's favored side. His selfishness not in this circumstance but in many others is baffling. I don't think we can call it just terrible decision making anymore. He's very selfish and not in a good way.
  12. The Conte Thread

    Do people know what they're even saying? Conte out? Fucking hell. I'm hearing a lot of complaining about not being fluid going forward and not threatening defensive teams like Everton enough etc etc. The fact of the matter is if you're watching the games with close eyes you'll notice that there are no problems in terms of movement, creating and finding half spaces, making triangles between players, etc. The 'only' thing missing right now is the end product. We would have won against Everton with two proper wing backs. The amount of space that was offered to Moses/Zappa/Alonso and the little they provided is absolutely scandalous. With a better winger than Willian, at least one of those flicks would have worked and we'd have probably scored against Everton. If you're looking for a team that looks absolutely clueless and void of any attacking movement then you should look back at Mourinho's 15/16 side. It's funny how people's minds forget things so easily. That team would barely score a goal that wasn't an opposition mistake or simply an individual moment of brilliance. We couldn't even pass the ball out from the back. With this team, we're making the right movements, we're very good at building from the back, our pressing after losing the ball is quite good. What is missing is the little bit of quality from our players. We have great players in this team, but we also have bang average ones starting week in week out. With Alex Sandro Sandro, Sidibe (or any other very good rwb) and a better back-up striker than Batshuayi I bet we'd have at least 9 points more than we do at the moment. It's criminal how we have such poor wing backs in a Conte system - where wing-backs are supposed to play a huge role. None of our wing-backs are great at beating players 1v1 (Alonso is absolutely shocking). None of our wing-backs are good at beating the opponent's press and driving forward with athleticism. They also have terrible end product (Alonso is only good at shooting - given the right amount of space and time only). They alongside players like Willian absolutely no genuine quality from open-play in games where we need them. I'm not even talking about scoring an outrageous goal or making phenomenal passes, I'm talking about having the basic qualities like the ones I mentioned for wingbacks, and not fucking up passes at the end of great movements. This is the problem of lack of quality in the squad, and it was not addressed by the board in the summer.
  13. Romelu Lukaku

    I tried to give him a chance this year, thinking his ability to impose himself in big matches till this point was down to the way Everton set up in big matches, but seems like he is the problem. He can't win headers against Otamendi and Azpilicueta who are two of the shortest CBs around. His hold up play is dreadful in general, workrate non-existent, and finishing inconsistent. Ego of Ronaldo, talent of Bendtner. Lukaku's story.
  14. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Completely agree. I'd argue that Alonso against pressing sides is as useless going forward as he is while he's defending. He has terrible agility and speed and can't do anything of significance against sides who don't sit off of us. This is why I've always said Moses is the better wing-back. The most important qualities of a modern wing back is athleticism to drive forward and beat the opponent's press through dribbling ability, shortly followed by their ability to beat defenders 1v1. Moses isn't one of the best in the league in these two departments by any means, but he is miles ahead of Alonso. Can't believe how atrocious we look on that left side against any semi decent team.
  15. Ethan Ampadu

    You can read my comments about him earlier in this thread so this is by no means a reactionary post, but I simply don't see what this guy has to offer. Good for his age, but he simply doesn't show any signs that he'll be anywhere near Chelsea quality. Absolute zero parts of his game stands out. The only thing he seems to be semi decent at is finding space to receive the ball but that's no good if you don't have the awareness or passing ability to do something with it. Constantly shouting at others when you've got your own problems (and not to mention he's only 17) doesn't look great either. Reminds me of 2015 Ivanovic in that sense. I'm not usually critical with youngsters but I couldn't help but be baffled at the unjustified hype he is getting.