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  1. Ross Barkley

    From Nainggolan to this guy. End me. All I hear in the English is media is how Barkley has talent and mostly it stems from the fact that he's interpreted as a 'technical' and 'flair' player that makes things happen in the midfield, none of which are true. If you actually pay close attention to his game, you'll realize he does nothing but pointless side to side passes to other midfielders that do not advance the attack. He also doesn't contribute defensively. Stay well clear. He's actually worse than Oscar.
  2. 7. N'Golo Kante

    7 months into his Chelsea career and I still can't wrap my head around it, is this guy even real? Sometimes I'm truly left speechless by him. His quality on the pitch put aside, his attitude on and outside it impresses me just as much. Such a humble person and a great role model. Long may he stay with us. God knows we're lucky to have him.
  3. Adama Traore

    Forget about him, buy the Lemar guy from Monaco. He is a fantastic player, Massive upgrade over Pedro/Willian for me.
  4. 19. Diego Costa

    Imho, this thread and the treatment Costa has been receiving is absolutely pathetic. The notion of him having no commitment is utterly nonsense and I have no idea where it's coming from. Is it that people think he didn't train because his head was turned by the Chinese offer? Nothing but a myth; Conte already cleared that up. What isn't a myth, however, is his commitment on the pitch, where it matters most. He never backs down from a challenge, he tries his best all the time and inspires teammates in doing so. Even during his worst season with us, he single-handedly earned us multiple points by not giving up till the very end. Consider the ridiculous criticism of his commitment, but also consider the amount of insults he's received through all this drama. Our player of the season, and our best striker alongside Drogba in the last decade or so, has been treated like an absolute nobody. It's almost as if people were waiting for something to attack him with. Ffs, we're not Arsenal. We don't disrespect people who've brought good to this club and not only that but the level of effort they've shown the pitch. Knowing Costa, he will be fired up to shut up all the drama if he starts vs Hull. I'm confident he'll bag a brace in his return. Forget about what's gonna happen in Summer; He's our player till then and he's not the type of player to hide, that's why we have to support him.
  5. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    Can't blame him for desperately trying to prove his worth, he doesn't deserve all the pressure. That being said, imaging replacing this guy with Llorente... I don't care who the opponent was, he is miles ahead of Llorente in terms of quality. How many minutes has he played with Hazard on the pitch? Them two would be a deadly partnership; Hazard thrives from quality link-up play and Michy is also very good at this.
  6. Marco Verratti

    If his description of Verratti is simply 'a tidy passer', I imagine not so much. I would even take Rabiot over Matuidi. I swear people chat so much shit.
  7. 3. Marcos Alonso

    He isn't world class or anywhere near that by any stretch of the imagination, but he is also never going to be the annoying player. If you hadn't watched him before and looked at him, you would assume he is your typical donkey player who frustrates the hell out of you but that's not the case at all; He is intelligent, has very good technique, and above all knows exactly when to join the attack which is very important for a wing back. We maybe could have done with a better option, but I'm very happy with Marcos. He should also start taking free kicks with that absolute peach of a left foot.
  8. Chelsea v West Brom

    What I like about Conte is that he's got a title-winning mentality, he pays the same attention to each and every game. I don't wanna jinx it, but I believe complacency is not gonna be an issue under Antonio. I remember that during the Euros Giacherrini said, "Conte doesn't leave anything to chance". There is a reason he won his first Serie A title carrying Juve from seventh(from the previous season) to the top, and two seasons later he went on to go the entire season undefeated. He is a very self-critical manager and never accepts complacency. You can see it in his words: 'Work' and 'Improve'.
  9. 30. David Luiz

    All this talk about him being protected by Azpi and Cahill is absolute nonsense. He defends the most out of all three of them and he is also our best ball-playing defender, by far. People must have really underrated him if they still feel that way. I agree that he fits the Bonucci role like a glove but to essentially say that he is being carried by the other two defenders is completely wrong and dismissive of his outstanding capabilities as a defender.
  10. Alexis Sanchez

    How about paying 100m for Griezmann and being done with it? There are rumours of Simeone leaving at the end of the seaosn two. Better than Alexis, younger, fits that right forward position more than Alexis, although Alexis is very good too. I think buying Sanchez is harder than triggering Griezmann's release clause.
  11. The Mourinho Thread

    If anyone ever wants to listen to more of Jose's bollocks, look no further than Ander Herrera. He speaks so much nonsense and delusion and it's unbelievable how he's so similar to Jose. Even talks like him. I bet he is a guaranteed starter every week now.
  12. The Mourinho Thread

    I hope this is proof for the fans who all along thought Jose had passion for us and that he was a Chelsea fan within. No he wasn't and no he isn't. Last season he portrayed an abysmal image of the club by constantly getting sent off, getting bans, and taking digs at other managers (all of which hurt the club and clearly are not signs of passion). Not only that, he is now also taking digs at his former club that he claimed to love and adore. Not only hes fucked off (thank god he did) to a rival, but he's stabbing us in the back like an absolute hypocritical bastard he is. How about we mention a manager who actually love us? You know, someone like Di Matteo. Not only he played for us for years and won us our biggest trophy, unlike Jose hes never rambled about how much 'passion' he has for the club. He is truly one of us.
  13. 24. Gary Cahill

    He is shite but I guess in this system we can afford to keep him as starter till the end of the season. If there is a good CB option available in the winter, someone like Romagnoli, we shouldn't resist buying him. Would be perfect for that position.
  14. 19. Diego Costa

  15. Man City v Chelsea

    We are developing a philosophy and we need to stick with it. It's about time we start playing like a modern team because I'm tired of seeing JT and Cahill hoofing it upfield to no-one. We have some very talented players on the ball and we should play to their strength. There is no top team in Europe without great press-resistance. Just look at Barca, Paris, and Bayern for example. The ease in which they deal with the opposition's press is remarkable and at the end it's the foundation of their attacking play. Playing a long ball when necessary isn't a bad thing but when you do it over and over again, you end up giving the ball away almost every time. In Antonio's words, the only way to improve is to 'work' and I'm certain he knows we can and should improve in this aspect.