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  1. The Mourinho Thread

    There are two big differences with City. 1- City started in much worse shape than we did. When Mansour took over the club, City were a mid-table side. Chelsea were Fourth. We were in much better shape (not to mention having a young Lampard and Terry already playing great) We all hate Ken Bates for a reason but he also started to invest in Chelsea before Roman came along. For those of us who were supporters then, Chelsea were a lot of fun to watch and they had a good club. 2-City was dealing with a much more competitive spending league. When Chelsea started spending huge, nobody else in the Premier League was. In 2033-2004, Chelsea spent 153M pounds. Arsenal, their biggest rival at the time, spent 16M pounds. Chelsea spent 290M in the first three seasons of Roman's time at Chelsea. I doubt the entire rest of the Premier League spent half of that net.. When City was starting to spend like crazy, they did so in a league where Chelsea and soon United and later Arsenal were all spending big already (or in Chelsea's case, they had spent so much earlier and were still flush with that talent). If you were a team wanting to spend big now it would also be harder to move up because you are not the only one.
  2. The Mourinho Thread

    One of the reasons I hate the cult of managers is that I feel that managers overall don't actually make a huge difference. They can make a small different and sometimes, that small difference is the edge you need, but the media and fans give them way too much credit/blame usually. The real job of a manager at a club like Chelsea is managing the egos and motivating the players. Look at Mourinho's record overall at Chelsea. 8 years starter. I'd say about 4 of those years overall, Chelsea had the most expensive club in England and maybe the world and all of those years, Chelsea was one of the highest spending clubs in the world. In 8 years with an elite spending club Mourinho won the following major trophies: 3 Premier League titles, 1 FA Cup. In the five years in between where Mourinho wasn't a manager (where overall Chelsea had less talent) Chelsea won 1 Premier League title, 3 FA Cups, and one Champions League. Did Mourinho overall do any better than could have been expected? The answer to me is no. It's not a slight on Mourinho but a reality of managers. The managers that get called geniuses are also the managers who happen to manage the most talent. In the end, the teams that win are the teams that have the most talent and spend the most money. What Ranieri is doing with Leicester this season is far more impressive than what Guardiola has done with Bayern.
  3. The Mourinho Thread

    As others have pointed out, the transfers or lack of in the summer are not a real point. First off, we still spent more than the vast majority of clubs and bought Pedro who is a great player. Secondly and more importantly, we won the league last year. This is not a team four points out of first where a slight improvement or increased depth would have made a difference. This is a team near the relegation zone despite being filled with quality players. This is probably the worst sustained performance of a team of this quality I can remember.
  4. Next Manager?

    When Mourinho took over, I thought it was a mistake because we had the wrong sorts of players for him to build his team, so, we sold them and bought more fitting players. Now, however, we are a mess with no style and no sound of the club so anyone can take over and rebuild. Something I think is missing from a lot of name managers is the ability to be flexible. Mourinho, Van Gaal, etc... they have to build their teams to play a specific way. You'd think that a good manager could just get the best out of their players no matter what the system.
  5. The Mourinho Thread

    How can people pretend that a dozen players weren't trying AND NOT blame the manager for that? If he can't control or motivate his team, he deserves to go anyway. I have never liked the cult of Mourinho. No player is bigger than the club and managers are worth a lot less than players. There was no scenario where Mourinho keeping his job made sense. We were awful, his antics were childish and disruptive, and Chelsea were not improving at all. This was not a rash decision in the least.
  6. The Mourinho Thread

    Except, this is a baker who chose and bought his own ingredients. I think managers and their impact are generally overrated but unlike RDM, AVB, Grant, Scolari, or even Ancelotti, this is completely a Mourinho squad. He has had three years and north of 150M pounds to spend on building this squad. Not only that, but he also inherited a squad brimming with young talent. He chose to get rid of many of them and replace them with his kind of players. The other thing is that the players aren't bad. Hazard was the best player in the premier league last season. Pedro, Costa, Oscar, Azpi, Fabergas, Matic, etc...have all been great for periods very recently and all are basically useless right now. This is an extremely talented club. On paper, easily a top-4 team. If you have a player not performing, it's on them, if you have an entire team not performing, the manager should take the bulk of the blame.
  7. The Mourinho Thread

    We have 15 points in 15 games. We haven't looked like a quality team in about a year. This, if anything, is overcompensation for sacking a few managers too early. RDM got fired when we were four points out of first after the winning the CL and the reason he was fired was that we didn't build a unique offensive style. Ancelotti was fired after coming in second and neither RDM or Ancelott had the same ability to choose their squads and build them in their images. How do you do that and then let Mourinho manage the team into almost the relegation zone halfway through the season?
  8. 10. Willian

    He's a bit of an odd player. Amazing energy, fantastic at free kicks, wonderful work rate, but I hate him on the ball. He is very slow at moving the ball once he receives it and runs sideways and in circles a lot instead of attacking. At the top level, you have to move the ball quickly and Willian just doesn't do that often enough. It's a strange contradiction that he's been both our best player this season and also that he has been too central to our attack.
  9. The Mourinho Thread

    Yeah. Been lurking a bit but life got in the way of posting.
  10. The Mourinho Thread

    I agree there's no hope but I want him gone for other reasons. I'm sick of the BS. The mind games, the immature garbage. The tantrums. I don't find it endearing or interesting. It's extremely childish. I want a manager who can just shut up and manage the team sans drama. Chelsea doesn't just need a new manager, it needs a culture change.
  11. Didier Drogba

    So, explain why Drogba is close to being one of the greatest Chelsea players please. TWO years of 12+ goals in the league. Apart from those two seasons, he had a pretty mediocre goal-scoring record for the other 6 (87 goals in 237 games is not good). He was a very good striker who had two fantastic seasons and happened to play on fantastic teams so he had a lot of big game moments (he also had a lot of bad moments in big games which is normal) . We have had a lot of very good strikers but none have ever been on teams like Drogba was so never had the opportunity to have those massive games in front of the world. Chelsea have had a lot of very good strikers. Bentley, Osgood, Dixon, Tambling, Greaves. What makes Drogba stand apart from any of those players except that he played on better teams and was able to play and score in big games? By and large, those players played for longer for Chelsea and were more consistent. You look at someone like Lampard or Terry who were excellent players for Chelsea every single year for about a decade on the same team. I'm not saying Drogba was not a great player overall, just that because of his big-game moments, many Chelsea supporters have elevated him to a status he doesn't belong to. As for belonging to the best of PL forward, there's not really a serious case. Henry is the best Premier League striker ever IMO (but Shearer is very close). Henry got UEFA team of the year 5 times in 6 years (he scored 26+ goals 6 times). Wayne Rooney has scored more than 16 goals in 10 straight years. Hassailbank did it 7 times. Fowler did it 6 times, Shearer did it an amazing 11 times. Michael Owen did it 7 times. Van Nistelrooy did it 5 times in 5 years. Van Persie has done it 5 times. Drogba did it twice. You're comparing a player who had two excellent seasons with players who were excellent for 5-10 years. Hassailbank is a good comparison to Drogba because they both played 9 years in the Premier League (and both played with Chelsea.) Here is where Drogba finished in the EPL scoring race in his career in the EPL. 16, 10, 1, 24, 54, 1, 12, 59, X. Compare that to Hassailbank who finished 4, 1, 1, 2, 14, 13, 4, 14, 113 in his Premier League time. You don't see the difference? Hassailbank was a top-5 scorer in the league 5 times. He was a top-15 striker in the league 8 straight years. Drogba finished top-5 in the league in scoring twice. He was top-15, 4 times in 8 years (and won't be this season either obviously). Hassailbank also had a year in there with Atletico where he finished second in the league in scoring in Spain (24 goals in 34 games). You don't think if Hassailbank played on the slightly later Chelsea teams, he also would have scored lots of big goals in big games? Of course he would have. Drogba was a great player but not an all-time great.
  12. Didier Drogba

    Was awful. Normally, I think small sample sizes are absurd to look at it, but in this case, there is reason for concern. If a player looks out of rhythm or mistiming things, that is very often down to just lack of gameplay, but Drogba this is pretty much how he can be expected to play. He is 36 YO and has not been a top striker in about 5 years. He was declining quickly even with Chelsea, becoming effective in only a handful of games in his last couple of years with us. Look at it this way, had Drogba stayed after the CL win what would have happened? Almost certainly one more year of continued decline before Chelsea not offering him another contract and him going on his way. Because he left Chelsea, people didn't see that decline, but it was there. We have a much worse player than the one who was mediocre for us 3 years ago. (16 goals in 60 league games the last 2 years at Chelsea). I've been thinking a lot about Drogba. Drogba has been a great servant to Chelsea, seems like a genuinely good human being, was a real pleasure to watch, and was key to a lot we did , but his legacy is going to get seriously re-examined the further we get away from the emotions of winning the CL. He was a very good player playing mostly on great teams but not really close to being one of the best Premier-League strikers or the best Chelsea player ever. This is a player who scored over 16 goals in a season only twice with Chelsea and only more than 12 in the league twice. These are not particularly high benchmarks and are fairly low benchmarks on what was a high scoring team.. Wayne Rooney has done 16+ goals 10 straight years. Henry had 7 straight seasons of at least 22 goals. Van Persie has done 16 5 out of the last 6 years. Hassailbank did it 8 times.
  13. The English Football Thread

    Great game to watch. Too early in the season to care about the points either way so just happy to watch an excellent game.
  14. Wulfert van Ginkel

    The right move for his career and Chelsea. It's one thing to stay and fight when you have a good chance to win regular playing time, but I'd be worried if someone would turn down regular playing time for a legendary side and choose comfort and an occasional sub appearance.
  15. Wulfert van Ginkel

    Kalas was never going to play 20 games. Terry, Cahill, Luiz, and Ivanovic were all ahead of him at CB. 4th/5th choice CBs don't get any playing time on any team and it was obvious before the season that Kalas wasn't going to play much. Luiz was our first replacement midfielder when Ramires and Lampard was our midfield pairing. We have since added Fabergas and Matic. Ramires is third choice and Mikel is the guy Mourinho likes to bring on late in games to help close things out. It is hard to see MVG getting very many minutes barring major injuries. He's a better and more well-rounded prospect than Romeu so I have higher hopes for him but at some point, he is going to have to play more than just a few minutes here and there in order to take the next step in his career.
  16. Mohamed Salah

    It's not about "anyone can win it", it's that its depth is much better. If you wan t to completely discount transfermarket values, you can look at # of internationals. The Premier League has by far the most. Or, you can look at the money spent. The Premier League buys by far the most. The biggest difference, and what makes the Premier League the best league, is that there are almost no easy games. Teams at the middle and bottom of other leagues, even top leagues, are dire. Levante was the #10 team in Spain. They have no players of any interest. Celta de Viigo are the same and they finished 9th. Why is this? Because Spanish teams are almost all in debt and have been forced to sell all their decent players. They also can't attract talented players from elsewhere. They also play in a league which is geared towards getting Barcelona and Real Madrid money. Teams in the same area in England are filled with internationals. Look at Newcastle. They have a bunch of internationals and not ones from poor sides, internationals from Holland and France and Ivory Coast. They are not close to a title contender in the Premier League but in a lot of other leagues, they'd be fighting for a spot in Europe. The World Cup had 105 Premier League players in it. No other league had more than 81. The top few teams in Spain and Bayern Munich could beat any English team right now, but ever single level of depth after that, the Premier League dominates and when comparing it to leagues like Switzerland, it's a different world.
  17. Mohamed Salah

    Strongly disagree. The Premier League is easily the best league in the world because of its depth. Could Basel beat Burnley? Maybe but that's the range they are in. Salah was the best player in the Swiss league and he's the kind of player who would be a regular on a mid-table team (which is not an insult because that in itself takes a lot of talent). A team like QPR who is a poor team in the Premier League still has players like Remy and Taraabt that would be among the best players in the Swiss league. According to transfermarket which is only a very loose reference, Basel has a total market value of 44M Euros. That would put them only above Burnley in the Premier League. Beyond this, mid-table teams in the Premier League are so far and away better than in any other league. Teams like Swansea, Newcastle, Southampton, etc...have a lot of talent. Again, using transfermarket (you could also just look at the rosters and see the quality of players too) The #10 side, #15 side have talent worth- EPL:109M Euros, 78M Euros La Liga-59M Euros, 45M Euros Seria a- 78M Euros, 51M Euros Bundesliga-72M Euros, 52M Euros It's rough, but it's also not even close. The #15 team in the Premier league has more talent than any #10 team in any league. The Premier League spends a lot more money than any other league all the way down and therefore has a more talent than any other league
  18. Mohamed Salah

    That's without counting Ramires or Fabergas who can both play in attack and Mourinho also likes using a second striker a lot with one playing as a winger. I agree with you though. I doubt Salah is going anywhere. Loaning him would leave us really vulnerable in case of an injury anywhere in the midfielde. He was bought to be a rotation player/squad depth and that's what he will be. He will get his chance to play too. It's a long season.
  19. Oscar

    I agree and while it's disappointing for Oscar's individual potential, it's what is best for the team right now. I also think that despite filling his role, he is maybe the most replaceable of the starters. Willian or even Ramires (if we wanted to go more defensive) can provide the same sort of thing so Oscar needs to play well to keep getting regular starts.
  20. Oscar

    In our system, the #10 is mostly going to be Willian or Oscar, someone who works hard and puts defensive work in that allows Fabergas to go forward more. I am fine with that.
  21. Frank Lampard

    He definitely will not play against Chelsea no matter what.
  22. The English Football Thread

    That's just not true. Something like 5-10% of all goals are scored in stoppage time. You can't ascribe to luck to what is actually extremely commonplace. In fact, the end of games is actually statistically the most likely time to score. According to this logic, you can outshoot a team 150-0 with 99.9% of possession but if you don't score until added time, you are lucky to win. If a team outplays another team and they win, it isn't luck. Even if you believe that scoring in injury time was lucky (which it isn't), it then means that not scoring during regular time was even more unlucky. Arsenal were the better team and they won. Where is the luck? Lucky is when a team is outplayed and scores a fluke goal or gets a bunch of big breaks (from referee, injuries, and so on.)
  23. The English Football Thread

    Arsenal weren't lucky. Scoring in the 92nd minute is no luckier than scoring in the 17th. The outplayed Palace. 76% possession. 14 shots to 4. Chamakh should have conceded a penalty that wasn't called, etc...They weren't lucky to win, they deserved it. I always find it funny how much people overreact to one game, especially early in the season. United won 4-1 away to open last season. Arsenal lost 3-1 at home to Villa. The year before that, the eventual champions United lost their opening game. You can't drawn any conclusions about anything from one game whether it be how a team plays or how a player plays. I know it's pointless to say this because no matter, after Monday's game it will be Costa can't score (if he doesn't) or Costa was a steal (if he does). And it won't be Costa. It will be everyone and everything. If we play well, we are going to win the Premier League. If we don't, we screwed up and have no shot. I just wish more people on here had a little more long-term perspective and fewer knee-jerk reactions.
  24. The English Football Thread

    How are they lucky? They have 75% of the possession and have outshot Palace 9-2
  25. The English Football Thread

    Just so imbalanced as a squad. Januzaj continues to be one of the most overrated players in the Premier League (being young and talented and playing for a big-name team will do that) He makes absolutely atrocious decisions. Tries to turn every single play into a goal-scoring chance and gives the ball away constantly. He had SIX turnovers today. The entire rest of the United team had 4.