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  1. Chelsea - Spurs

    Kante-Matic, Kante-Fabregas both pairings have their issues. Kante-Matic isn't good enough on the ball and Kante-Fabregas isn't good enough off it. Regardless of who we play Tottenham will have superior midfield and wingbacks. I just can't see us outplaying this Tottenham side. Only way i see us winning is if we keep things tight, defend well and then take full advantage of whatever chance(s) we get in the game.
  2. General Transfer Talk

    Said it before, would love to have Lemar on the LWB position. Him and Hazard would be a nightmare to defend against. Wouldn't mind a Bakayoko- Kante midfield if it meant more attack-minded wingbacks. Also what do people think of getting Mendy or a player like Mendy (fullback with good height and physical abillity) to play LCB ? I've been thinking about what left footed cb's we could get in the summer that would be able to play in the role we'd want but i just can't come up with anyone. Would make a lot of sense considering they'd be comfortable on the ball and pushing forward with it. They'd be used to defending in wide areas. And they'd offer tactical flexibillity as we currently don't have any ideal left fullback to play a regular back four (Azpi is right footed and too limited going forward and Alonso gets too easily exposed as a fullback.)
  3. 10. Eden Hazard

    Watch the upper line. It says "Since 2009/10 "
  4. 10. Eden Hazard

    This is brilliant.
  5. Chelsea 2-1 Man City

    Looks to me like their going to play an offensive 3-4-3. Clichy stones kompany as a back three Fernandinho and Delph in midfield Navas and Sane as the wide players, Silva, De Bruyne as CM's and Aguero up top.
  6. Chelsea 2-1 Man City

    Why don't you just fuck off then. You clearly don't like this club so why the fuck are you pretending to support it ?
  7. Chelsea 2-1 Man City

    Euhm well I guess stock up on food and water to prepare for the apocalypse.
  8. Chelsea 2-1 Man City

    Even if we were to lose to city we'd still be 4 points clear with 8 games left to play. It would add pressure yes but we would still have to drop points in 2 games and that's with the assumption that Tottenham and City win all their remaining games which i highly doubt they will.
  9. Chelsea 1-2 Crystal Palace

    After the assist i can remember several good actions by Hazard and Fabregas. Costa's chance were he slips and the goalkeeper saves was created by Hazard and Fabregas. Also the 1-2 with Hazard-Fabregas where the goalkeeper saved the Hazard shot. Second half they were a bit less but If costa passes that ball to Hazard it's an easy tap in. Then there also the pin point cross Hazard delivered to Costa which he headed wide. That would have been a goal and 2 assist. Second half Palace were defending really narrow which lead to a lot of space in the wider areas. That's the reason Pedro was more involved as we were frequently passing the ball into the wider areas. I was actually dissapointed with Pedro and Alonso. For all the space and time they had and as involved as they were in the second half the deliveries and end product were very poor. Annoyingly enough the few times the delivery was on point the positioning in front of goal wasn't. Such an incredible frustrating game. I'm actually getting annoyed just thinking about it again.
  10. Chelsea 1-2 Crystal Palace

    Pedro by far, our best player ? Not sure what game you watched. Pedro had a very mixed game. Did some good things did some bad things.(Gave away the ball before we conceded the first goal aswell) Fabregas and Hazard were quite clearly our best players. Both involved in our first goal and created several other chances.
  11. Chelsea 1-2 Crystal Palace

  12. 10. Eden Hazard

    He's not going anywhere. We don't want to sell and don't need to sell. He's also not the type who would force a move or throw a tantrum. Also good news, Hazard visited his first club in Braine le Comte and gave a short interview. He said that he thinks he'll be ready for the next Chelsea game.
  13. 19. Diego Costa

    No Diego's off the ball movement is sharper and better.
  14. 10. Eden Hazard

    No news so far about that. All depends on how bad the injury is and how quickly it heals. Belgium has 2 games. the 25th and the 28th but the one on the 28 th is just a friendly so i'd be very suprised if Hazard played that game. He said: "Hazard in the last training felt a bit of a problem in his calf and for this reason I preferred not to risk him." It remains to be seen whether Hazard joins up with the Belgium squad for their upcoming games against Greece and Russia. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/598059/Chelsea-News-Antonio-Conte-Eden-Hazard-injury-update-Stoke-win
  15. Stoke 1-2 Chelsea

    Great win, great effort shown by the team. Stoke, what an absolute shit stain of a club. The amount of dirty fouls and off the ball fouls that were going down was just ridiculous.
  16. The Conte Thread

    People need to realize that our managers actually have a big influence on our transfer targets. You just need to look at which players we 've been linked with since we signed Conte as our manager. The majority of them are either Italian or play in the Italian league. Clear examples are players like Koulibaly and Nainggolan. In the summer we made a number of bids for both these 2 players. I mean yes sometimes the board themselves recommend a promising player (like Batshuayi) to the manager but i'm certain that they first discuss it with the manager before buying. I don't get why people have such difficulty with the board having the final say on transfers. Whether it's a board or a manager both will have bad transfers and good ones. Also i'd like to point out that we actually did go for Stones and Pogba in the summer after our PL title. It was reported that we made bids for both.
  17. Chelsea 1-0 Man United

    Not suprised. This is the same fan base that claimed Kagawa was better then Hazard. They've always been very salty when it comes to Hazard tbh.
  18. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    True but i think 3 would be reasonable since we've gotten a significant amount of money to spend. For me it would be CM>RWB/LWB>CB>RW. Looking at the players we'd want to replace Pedro for me is the least of our worries. Both are given lots of time and space on the ball. Alonso can't go past players as he just doesn't have the skill or pace to do it while Moses might go past players from time to time but then he struggles to play that final ball. For me both are an issue and both need replacing.
  19. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Alonso is decent but i feel both Alonso and Moses are too easily nullified going forward. He's a good squad player but i'd really be looking for an upgrade in the summer. Next season if we actually want to achieve something in the CL we need better players then just decent ones.
  20. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    I'd risk it tbh. They'd be a nightmare to defend against and they'd compliment eachother quite well. Plus there don't really seem to be any well rounded wingback options for us to go after so i think our best bet would be to look at attacking players like a Lemar and try and mould them into a wingback.
  21. Romelu Lukaku

    Fuck no. When he's not scoring goals he's freaking useless. Would it really be that much to ask to just get a striker that scores goals but who can still contribute in other ways and can actually control a fucking football.
  22. The Mourinho Thread

    Not really a good comparison. It's more like dumping your ex. Being in a relationship with another girl and then having your ex constantly take digs at you and your girl. Finally you respond by telling her to fuck off and then she goes and acts hurt and pretends to be the victim. Also on a sidenote i absolutely loved the Conte Mourinho bust up. Mourinho and Faria looked scared shitless. Pretty sure Conte could have taken on the entire fucking Man United bench.
  23. 10. Eden Hazard

    I don' think the PL is superior but i do feel it's a more difficult league to play in as a top team/player that plays for a topteam. Teams in the PL are allowed to be a lot more physical then in la liga. Referees allow more in the PL then they do in la liga. That definitely favors the lesser teams. Even the lesser teams in la liga play out from the back and try and play possession football. In the PL there's a lot more teams playing a more direct, rigid, counterattacking football. Which makes la liga much more of an open league then the PL is. The difference between the top teams and the lesser teams, both financially and quality wise, is also a lot bigger in la liga then in the PL. A lot of that has to do with teams in la liga selling their tv rights individually rather then in the PL where it gets sold collectively and then divided in a more equal fashion. Just to illustrate how big of a gap there is between Real/Barca and the rest of la liga. In 2013/2014 Atletico madrid won la liga they made 42 million euros selling their tv rights. Barcelona and Real Madrid each made 140 million euros. About Hazard-Neymar comparison. I understand what you're saying but i feel Neymar has had more opportunities to shine on the big stage and he's also played in more favorable conditions then Hazard has. So i just don't think the comparison is a fair one.
  24. 10. Eden Hazard

    Disagree. I'm sure i'm gonna get stick for this but i didn't think he was that great actually (performance wise). Don't get me wrong the freekick and the assist were sublime but apart from those 2 moments he didn't really do much else all game. Scored a penalty that wasn't one and dived to win the first penalty. Kinda mental actually that he gets such plaudits when he barely did anything for 88 minutes. He does deserve praise but the praise he's getting is way over the top. Pundits calling it "one of the best performance they've ever seen from him". "Best player on the pitch" Lol Neymar disappears plenty. He went several months without scoring a goal ffs. In a league where the difference between the top teams is that big that's just ridiculous. It also helps that he's got a team of all highly technically skilled players to play with.