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  1. 10. Eden Hazard

  2. 10. Eden Hazard

    No, the over reliance on Hazard is a consequence of our regression not the reason. We over rely on him because there's noone else to step in and take some of the burden. The reason is lack of investment in quality players over the years while the few times when we have invested big they just haven't panned out as we hoped. You mean against championship sides in the cup and the likes of Malmo and Dynamo Kiev. Piss poor opposition.
  3. 10. Eden Hazard

  4. 10. Eden Hazard

    Sure i don't expect us to get a 100 million. With only a year left and Hazard making it clear he wants to go to Real Madrid our position is very weak. Real madrid's interest in them has been mainly media rumours. Similar to the rumours that Hazard's on their transferlist. And no bids have been made for any of them. Again your logic of "no bids , no interest" is flawed imo.
  5. 10. Eden Hazard

    We made it clear we didn't want to sell him at all. Hazard stated in an interview he wanted out and we told him we weren't gonna let him go. Matt Law pretty much said something similar that we weren't gonna let him leave for any money. And even if we were willing to sell him, apart from PSG, who are essentially run by a group of rich oil sheiks, no club in the world would have been able to afford what we would have asked for Hazard. The fact we're still looking for a 100 million when he will only have a year on his contract says a lot about how much money we would have wanted in the summer when he still had 2 years left. Also by your logic of "no bids made so no interest" Real Madrid also haven't made a bid for Neymar either... Why would a club make an offer if they know it's just gonna get rejected anyway ?
  6. 10. Eden Hazard

    What a load of BS. He wanted out last summer, we said no, when he had 2 years left on his contract. You can't then turn around a year later and demand he sign a new contract to give us a better position. The club knew when they made that decision his contract would only have a year left in the summer. If we wanted the maximum we should have sold last summer. Our position is on the club not Hazard.
  7. 10. Eden Hazard

    I haven't found any quotes from Hazard saying he'll reveal anything on wednesday. It's just the time the interview/ short documentary of Hazard will be coming out. Media is just speculating.
  8. 10. Eden Hazard

    10 goals and 10 assists. Directly involved in half the goals we've scored....but he's THE fucking problem ?! XD You fuckers crack me up. Hazard carries this team. If he plays well, the team plays well. If he doesn't play well, the team doesn't play well. It's been like that for a while now. There just isn't anyone else he can look to to share the burden. Our most succesfull years ,after the old guard era, was when we had Costa and Fabregas. Why ? because Costa took some of the burden by scoring 20 goals. Because Fabregas took some of the creative burden. People here expect Hazard to be some 1 man army. Always playing great in nearly every single game. The consistency you demand doesn't exist. It simply doesn't exist. No one is that consistent maybe if you only watch the highlights of the other teams. C ronaldo had months where he looked like shit, Neymar went several months without scoring a single goal at Barcelona, Messi had periods where he looked like he was going out for an evening stroll. They're human beings. Form fluctuates. They have periods where things go great and periods where things aren't going great. When Hazard has his period where things don't go great, we crumble and you people fucking crucify him for it every single fucking time.
  9. Bournemouth 4-0 Chelsea

    Emerson starts
  10. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

  11. Victor Moses

    No one wants Moses at the wages he's making here.
  12. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    Great game from him. That type of performance is what we are lacking from the fullbacks previously. Has to be our starting left back now.
  13. 10. Eden Hazard

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2267629/Eden-Hazard-ball-boy-row-new-footage-supports-Belgian-claim-kicked-ball.html#v-2116967826001 First video in the article, he kicked the ball not the fat cunt laying on top of it.
  14. Chelsea 2-1 Spurs

    https://www.efl.com/carabao-cup/about-the-carabao-cup/carabao-cup-rules--regulations/ "14.5 In the Semi-Final ties, if the aggregate score is level at the end of the second game no extra time shall be played and the tie shall be decided by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with procedures as approved by IFAB." Away goal doesn't count extra.
  15. Chelsea 2-1 Spurs

    There's no extra time anymore to limit fatigue. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1002845/Carabao-Cup-rule-changes-extra-time-league-cup
  16. 10. Eden Hazard

    Very good teammates huh let's see shall we. RW :In the 7 years that Hazard has been here only Mata has ever been close to Hazard's quality and he only played with Mata in his first year, second year Mata was 4th choice and left mid season. That's the closest Hazard has ever gotten to another superstar sharing the load. The rest he's had to play with average players such as Moses, Willian, Oscar, Schurrle and Pedro. ST :He's had to play with Torres for his first 2 years and his last 2 years with Morata. He played with Costa for 3 years. Not a coincidence that those 2 PL titles were won in the only three years he actually had a proper striker to play with. LB: Then there's also the left backs he's had to play with. A past his prime A Cole, a right footed Azpi and Alonso.
  17. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    And look where that got us. Sacrificing long term for short term isn't a smart bet. We won 2 titles but everytime it felt like we went 1 step forward to then take 3 steps back. Nearly every single top team knows how to play out from the back and how to press. Conte and Mourinho were both incapable of implementing this. Funny how you're forgetting that Liverpool reached the CL final with overrated attacking possession football. Also attacking possession football is a pretty wide scope. Plenty of different ways to play attacking possession football. It's not as one dimensional as you're making it sound. Each their opinion but i like the progression we've made this season and i really don't miss the shit on a stick football we saw under Conte and Mourinho.
  18. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I already said why it's silly. We brought Sarri in to play attacking possession football. He's trying to implement that and now you want him to divert from that to be more pragmatic. Even if it's little tweaks every step away from attacking possession football will slow down the process of getting there. Also what "little " tweaks are you talking about because the most popular "little" tweak among our fan base is putting Kante on the 6 instead of Jorginho. That's not a little tweak, that's not a little step. That is an enormous step away from possession football and towards more pragmatic football. "Why force your style " Euhm because we brought him in precisely because of his style... "basically playing the kind of football we saw under Mourinho/Conte at its worst." Ridiculous statement. Mourinho barely attempted to play out from the back and Conte tried but once teams figured us out and pressed us he was completely clueless on how to solve it. Comparing that to the way we press, keep possession and play out from the back (even under immense pressure) under Sarri. A lot of work goes into that. The final third is where things go wrong and that is largely down to the lack of a proper striker and the lack of a quality RW (and fullbacks that aren't good going forward) "Is he ever gonna get all his players" Not in 1 transferwindow. It is going to take time. Piece by piece, brick by brick. The players that don't adapt need to be replaced. This was always going to be a long term process. "A six-point lead on Arsenal and United with 16 games to go is nothing. " Nothing ? 6 points is a nice cushion and we're only 1 point behind Tottenham. And again all without a proper striker.
  19. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Your point is silly. We brought Sarri in to move us towards attacking possession football. He's 6 months in the job and now you want him to adapt because some of our players can't adapt to it ? Basically asking him to be pragmatic ? No no no The players that can't adapt or are too limited need to go. On a general side note : i honestly don't get this forum at times. Reading some of the nonsense on here you'd think we'd be a couple of points off relegation. We're 4 th ! 6 points ahead of Arsenal, United and 1 point behind Tottenham. And doing all that without a proper striker. Chill the F out people.
  20. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Football isn't simple. Plenty of complexity in it that the average football fan will never know about. When patterns of play and movements are synced it looks smooth and simple but in reality it takes a lot of time and effort to get it right. United are a better team then what we saw from them under Mourinho. They are just experiencing a resurgence due to Mourinho no longer being there to create a negative atmposhere. Same thing happened with us after he got sacked.
  21. Kurt Zouma

    Few shit games ? The guy went through a lenghty period where he was giving the ball away in dangerous areas nearly every game. Christensen only has himself to blame. He was making far too many mistakes. You can get away with a couple of mistakes but he just looked completely overwhelmed. The fact that Gary Cahill replacing him actually significantly improved our defense speaks volumes about how awful he was. On Zouma. The injury came at a bad time. By the time he was 100 % again we had already moved into a direction where we needed CB's that could play out from the back. Zouma simply wasn't/isn't that kind of CB.
  22. Spurs 1-0 Chelsea

    While we can play quicker at times i do disagree. I think we regularly get our fullbacks in space and good positions but it doesn't come to anything because they lack the pace and abillity to exploit it. Overlapping runs are all about pace and timing. Creating that temporary 2 on 1 situation where the defending fullback has to make a decision "do i track the overlapping run or stay with the player on the ball". Problem is neither Azpi or Alonso have got the pace to force that decision. and when they get into 1 on 1 situations they just don't have the ability to beat their marker. They either pass back or cross the ball in from a position where defenders are happy to let them cross from. A proper striker is definitely the priority but having proper fullbacks is important too. Like "vybskartel" said it will help open up the central areas more.
  23. Your expectations just aren't realistic. You expect Hazard to be at the top of his game for every single game, that just isn't possible. Form fluctuates. Again, he has 8 goals and 9 assists, by far our most productive player, why are you talking about him like it's his fault we're dropping points ? We lack a striker that gets 20 goals/season. That's not something Hazard alone can make up for. The rest of the team needs to step up or we need to buy a striker. Willian comparison is laughable. Wilian had a purple patch in freeckicks and was average when the rest of the team were poor. He "lead" us to a couple of points off relegation. That's what Willian "shining" got us. The PPoty last year was clearly a gesture from the group but he wasn't even close to our best player last year. Nothing to do with wearing pink glasses. You just need to be a bit more realistic. Expecting Hazard to just magically save us every single game, just isn't gonna happen. Other players are going to have to step up. This is still a team sport. 8 goals and 9 assists this season. Highest productivity in PL. Directly involved in 17 out of our 35 goals scored. That's the present for you.
  24. He has 8 goals and 9 assists in 14 starts and 3 sub ins and 2 game winning goals in the league cup (in about 60 minutes). Like wtf are you complaining about. He's doing his job, maybe the rest can start pitching in a little. Or the board reinforce the squad a bit. And it's pretty clear where he stands on th contract situation.
  25. 10. Eden Hazard

    I compared them because you act like we don't have fickle fans. Like i said Madrid fans are definitely worse but that doesn't mean we don't have fickle fans of our own. Modern day fans are just fickle in general. I think you misunderstood me. The "take a look ..." part wasn't directed at Clockwork and Sideshow. I quoted them because they were talking about the club needing to show ambition to which i replied " we had 7 years to show ambition ...". I was referring to, in the last few pages, Hazard being called a little cunt, told to fuck off, belittling him in favour of Salah. You can say it's because people are coming to terms with the fact he's leaving but it still proofs people are fickle because they wouldn't talk about him that way if he was still in the form he was in at the beginning of the season.