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  1. 10. Eden Hazard

  2. The Board

  3. 10. Eden Hazard

  4. 9. Álvaro Morata

  5. Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd

    Tactics. Teams are pinning back our wingbacks while closely marking our midfielders. It's pretty much leaves us with No midfield, no wide outball, a front 3 that can barely get on the ball and a back three that has no passing options to play. We're slow and there's no movement because the players aren't getting the space they did last season. Especially our wingbacks. Last season they regularly had acres of space in front of them.
  6. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Only 2 ways i see us catching up 1/ is if Abramovich starts pumping money into the team again. We need to go on a spending spree like City and United have done over the years. 300-400 million, adding 4-6 quality players. Not potential, not good player genuine quality players who can come in and immediately give us a quality injection. 2/ is going down the same path Tottenham did. Putting the team full of youth players and hope they develop. It's risky though. There's no guarantee they'll reach their full potential and even if they do they could end up leaving us for other teams. Then there's the guarantee that if we do this we won't be winning anything for several years as it would take time for the youth players to develop. Right now we're slipping and getting dangerously close to Arsenal abnd Liverpool level.
  7. The Conte Thread

    He really needs to stop playing a back 5. It's just too easy to nullify. They press our midfield and pin our wingbacks back and we're stuck hitting long balls to our front 3. Just change it up.
  8. Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd

    I'd try and suprise Mourinho. 4-2-4. Alonso, Fabregas benched. If Herrera is manmarking Hazard switch Hazard and Pedro. Then tell Hazard to stay as close to the touchline and as high as he possibly can.
  9. The Conte Thread

    I don't think our short corners are that ineffective. Pedro scored from a short corner recently and i can remember several times where Fabregas and Hazard created good opportunities from short corners.
  10. Chelsea 2-1 Everton

    "I think for the game against Everton, it is impossible to recover for [Danny] Drinkwater. [Victor] Moses needs more time and so does [N'Golo] Kante. “But I think this could be a good opportunity to give a chance to the young player like Charly Musonda, also Kenedy, young players who I think deserve the chance. They are working very hard, they are improving and we can see the improvement against Everton which is a tough game. It is important for me, important for the club. We will do this.” No Drinkwater yet.
  11. The Conte Thread

    I honestly don't remember a lot of positive results in the 2015-2016 season. There were a number of games where the performance was good-ish and it looked like we were going to get a positive result only to concede late and leave with 1 or no points.
  12. 10. Eden Hazard

  13. The Conte Thread

    If the players were trying to get Conte sacked then we would have lost the last 2 games. It's not power play that's going on. There's still fight in this team. We just have a small squad hit with injuries that has a lot of average players and the system no longer masks that.
  14. 10. Eden Hazard

    Neymar only scored 4 goals(9 games) in the CL and 13 in la liga (30 games). Yet i'm sure he'll get a lot of votes. Goals are important but also don't underestimate the exposure players get when they play for Real or Barca. It's on a different level then us.
  15. The Conte Thread

    Yeah the back 5 system has been found out. Problem is that i don't think we have got the players to switch to a back four. I don't trust alonso in the left back position. He absolutely needs the cover of an extra CB. I also have my doubts about Luiz in a back four. I don't think the system is the problem. It's the lack of quality. The back 5 system did great last season as teams were struggling to deal with it. The system carried the average players in our team but not anymore. Teams have figured it out. Only answer is to add more quality.