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  1. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    We just were the better team. Wolves had something to play for. If Wolves won, they would have been confirmed to get at least Europa League next season. If Arsenal win FA Cup and Wolves fail to win Europa, Wolves will not be playing any European footy next season at all.
  2. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    The way Mourinho and his staff celebrated getting in Europa
  3. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    It was a 5-2 win, not 5-3. Yes they had the Europa to deal with, however this game came after the international break so not as if they had just played us on the back of Europa game. We were the better team on the day, fair and square. Wolves losing this game was a turning point for them though. This is where they picked up their act and got a great win at the Etihad 2/3 weeks later.
  4. Liverpool 5-3 Chelsea

    Goalkeeping and defending just not good enough. Harsh to blame Kepa but a taller keeper saves that. He has been beaten by two many of those long rangers this season. His positioning for TAA free-kick was poor. Basically gave TAA a free shot of goal. Positives was that Pulisic put on a world class show when he came on. My worry was we left him out based on Sunday's win/performance but we have seen trying to do the same thing can backfire. Pulisic just had to start. CHO also was very lively when he came on too. All to the last day then. All to play for!
  5. Liverpool 5-3 Chelsea

    Lamps should have switched to a 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 straight at half time and taken off one of CB. What did he think was going to change by continuing the same shape.
  6. Man Utd 1-3 Chelsea

    Your own fans are often the player's harshest critics. Been used to this for ages. From hero to villain and villain to hero is always a common theme.
  7. 24. Reece James

    Yep. Watch how people jump on the bandwagon for James and Mount again
  8. Man Utd 1-3 Chelsea

    Wow. What a dominant performance. Not a bad thing to say about any player. Mount put in a tremendous shift. Remember all the slack he got from here in past few weeks/months? Good to see him back amongst the goals too. Lamps tactically outsmarted OGS today. James put in a dominant performance too. Giroud will get majority of MOTM but for me Kovacic is my MOTM. He was sensational. Was just whizzing and gliding through that midfield effortlessly. Love watching him. Such a top player. Bring on Arsenal in another final again Attention switches to Liverpool now. Two big games left. If we can put same effort we did today, no reason we can't beat Liverpool to and qualify for UCL.
  9. 9. Tammy Abraham

    I will be very surprised if Ziyech is on £100k a week. Him being Ajax POTS and been one of their top players in domestic and Europe, and likely to be a key player here, he defo would be requesting more than that. Kepa came on what £190k p/w. Ziyech came for a much smaller fee, so you would think he would demand much higher wages. That is the kind of wages we give to our young players who have broke through. For the players who are more experienced like Ziyech, I would think the starting point is £150k p/w. That means he would be on less wages than Hudson-Odoi and roughly on same wages as Reece James. Pulisic is on about £150k p/w too. If that is Ziyech wages, then he is really generous
  10. Chelsea 1-0 Norwich

    RLC looks shaky for me. Not surprised though. I prefer him right now as impact player. Thanks God for that goal as my nerves would have been all over the place if we went into H/T 0-0. Just need to get a second. Noriwch two FB will defo gain PL interest. Aarons gets more headline but Lewis is very talented.
  11. Chelsea 1-0 Norwich

    Would like to see Abraham start again. Norwich will attack and when we are on the break, Abraham will be a better option for the counter etc. Then start Giroud for Untied. Also Abraham got 2 goals in the reverse fixture.
  12. Chelsea 1-0 Norwich

    At the beginning of the season after we lost Hazard and received a transfer ban, sold Luiz (despite his flaws to a rival) and relying on a youthful team, i would have laughed off anyone saying we would be third, regardless of how inconsistent teams around of has been. I expected a tumultuous season. I was not confident about this season at all and envisaged a top 6 battle not top 4. I thought Arsenal signing Luiz would help them big time as I stiill think he is the best CB at the club there. Signing Pepe who despite the huge fee, was a needed transfer for Arsenal and then signing Tierney and Ceballos on loan, I did not see us finishing above them. Spurs too, signing Ndombele and Lo Celso and keeping Eriksen at the time, I thought they would definitely finish above us too. So when you consider that we have had a few payers who were playing in the Championship last season, we have integrated in to our team and other youngsters too and considering a couple key players have struggled with injuries this season such as Kante and Pulsic, I will consider it a top achievement if we lock down top 4, considering who we have finished above.
  13. The English Football Thread

    Pogba is big. Matic is big. Bissaka is very strong. Maguire powerful. Shaw powerful. Even their attack are well built. They defo aren't able to get bullied easily.
  14. The English Football Thread

    United are well suited to not being opened up like we do, because they have a domineering physical team which is suited to the league and won't be bullied. Our team is lightweight in comparison and when we play more physical teams, does sometimes looks like men against boys.
  15. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Family rivalry. They are cousins.
  16. 24. Reece James

    It is pathetic. The general conception at the beginning of the season was that we are a team in transition. Many saw reaching the UCL as a very optimistic bonus, however that is now looking a reality. There has been stages throughout the season where Mount was considered our best prospect, then Abraham, then James but the minute they have dip in form, the stark contrast in opinions is amazing. No patience for the young ones at all. They have all had strong moments in the season and moments where they have faded out, however I think that was expected but a a whole, the experience gained will continue to make them better players and some of the comments, I think some of our critics will be looking at themselves in shame in the long run.
  17. Dominic Solanke

    Thank you! I hope those goals kickstart his career and he can reach the heights Abraham did. Done us a massive favour today
  18. Kai Havertz

    Before yesterday, Giroud started the last 2 league games and generally has been favoured over Abraham. I did expect Giroud to start yesterday myself and Abraham come in on Tuesday but I don't think FL is scared to rock the boat as Abraham has been benched quite frequently recently. He took Mount off at H/T yesterday and in the cup game and also has bought Werner and Ziyech where Mount and Abraham will know they have serious competition.
  19. The English Football Thread

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53357841 LOL. Laughable and embarrassing. Not surprised with VAR anymore. From when Lo Celso managed to stay on the pitch at the Bridge after the challenge he did and managed to stay on, you cant be surprised with the ludicrous decisions they make.
  20. Said Benrahma

    Also Mahrez, who is a very similar player albeit the left footed version. He himself was s standout Championship player and made the step up to the PL very well.
  21. Crystal Palace 2-3 Chelsea

    My heart has not stopped pounding. Wow. How we got away with that I don't know.
  22. 9. Tammy Abraham

    Just seen this post in the Shed End Forum below and sums up perfectly. I think people need to remember he has had a really good season and he will find his scoring touch again. The same people who wrote off Pulisic are now writing off Abraham. " Folk need to calm right down. Tammy is 22 years old for f**ksake. It’s his first year in our first team. He was on fire in the first half of the season and he’s badly out of form now. If anyone didn’t see this coming from a young striker they were kidding themselves on. This is some of the same people who were saying we should get rid of Giroud in January because he was finished and are now saying he’s the definitive number 1 striker. He’s still young and has time to improve. Having said that, his new contract should be nowhere near the £170k that he’s rumoured to be looking for. This is what happens when we were all screaming play the kids for years. They’re not going to all come in to the team and perform for the full season. Their form will go up and down, that’s part and parcel of blooding them in to the team. Thankfully, I’m sure Frank and Jody in particular are fully aware of."
  23. Chelsea 3-0 Watford

    Boss Barkley! Deserved that goal. Put in a really good shift.
  24. Chelsea 3-0 Watford

    Barkley has bossed the game!
  25. West Ham 3-2 Chelsea

    Rudiger is such an idiot. Why did he kick that out for a corner. We are so bad on set pieces. It is as if Rudiger sympathized with West Ham and said have another shot at a corner.