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  1. 14. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Yes. Who remembers this run he done for our U19 in the Uefa Youth League three years ago. A certain Leroy Sane was playing for the Schalke U19 in this game. The way he has accelerated to the top is amazing. But this run brings back memories of what RLC is capable of.
  2. 30. David Luiz

    Crazy to think that Brazil continue to exclude him from the squad. Must be a non-related football issue. Brazil rarely seem to pick players on merit anyway. Him being left behind is our blessing
  3. Kylian Mbappe

    I can see him going Arsenal but don't see Wenger staying. He is such a talent but don't rate our chances of signing him because I think he will not be sure whether he will get regular games whereas somewhere like Arsenal you would think he will get in the team and might be more of a desired move for him. Wouldn't be surprised to see someone like Bayern go for him too as they need more younger players who can play the inside Forward role as Ribery and Robben are ageing and both injury prone.
  4. Jay Dasilva

    They took him on loan because he was impressive for our U23 and is obviously very talented but after being seen in training, maybe their manager feels he is not ready physically imo. Playing at U23 and then going to play in a big mens league is totally different. Even if Charlton have a game in weekend then in week, he still does not get game time. Maybe the manager feels he is not as good as was expected to be but I feel his height is what will restrain him unfortunately. Really bizarre that he can't get into a struggling League 1 team.
  5. Jay Dasilva

    I have the 2016/2017 handbook. It still has him listed as 5'4. I have not noticed him get bigger. Maybe put on weight but still looks very diminutive imo. There are prob a range of reasons why he is hardly seeing action at Charlton but I am sure the physical/height side of it is a huge factor.
  6. Romelu Lukaku

    I will miss Costa if he goes but I would not be too concerned if we sign Lukaku. He is getting better every single game, improving his all round play, especially his back to goal and scores goals and is 5 years younger than Costa and will be a brilliant long term option. He is only going to get better and I would rather us than another PL team get him. He is a boyhood Chelsea fan too and you would think if he came here with assurances of being no.1 striker, we would be his first choice.
  7. Chelsea 1-0 Man United

    Spurs are hardest opponents we could have got Outplayed us for both games this season and it was only their lack of finishing cut at the Bridge that turned the game our way. Don't know prognosis of Kane but if he is out that is a big bonus but Poch is a really good manager who gets best out of his team. They hardly lost a game in his absence so not going to be complacent. Can't wait. Glad that our players came out with no serious injury with their UFC style approach and can look forward ti Saturday and have Wembley on the way!
  8. Chelsea 1-0 Man United

    Another win against Thugchester United. Good. f**king thugs the lot of them. Kicking Hazard all over the place. How Rojo did not get at least a yellow I don't know and that stamp was awful. Credit Hazard for not making anything of it. Anyway, Kante and Hazard brilliant. Moses as well was very good tonight. Mourinho so bitter. Avoided a handshake by walking straight on the pitch. Although I appreciate what he done for us I can't lie in saying it feels great to get another one over Mourinho. His comments only just spur us on. I know Costa has proven that he has bad games before and still managed to score like Wolves and Swansea etc but when he is like he is tonight with performance and antics, just take him off. Going down for pathetic shit and going back to old ways.
  9. Chelsea 1-0 Man United

    Fucking thugs these guys!
  10. Chelsea 1-0 Man United

    We have an extra man. They are going to park the bus. We will need him on imo sooner than later to break down their defence. He will get a lot of time on the ball because of their situation.
  11. Jay Dasilva

    Was very impressive for our youth teams and U21s but my biggest concern was always about his diminutive size. I have seen him struggle against really powerful wingers. I wonder if this is to do with why he is struggling to get any game time for a struggling Charlton team in League 1. Some have labelled him as next Ashley Cole because of his style of play but I don't see him making it here long term because of his size unfortunately. He has a lot of talent but that is not enough. Really you would expect him to be getting into Charlton's team easily but has not worked out at all.
  12. Chelsea 1-0 Man United

    Probably will be Fellaini up front Brilliant. Martial was the one who I was most scared about and now he is out makes brilliant reading coupled with fact they had a game on Thursday, I expect nothing but a win. Give Mourinho another beating.
  13. Lewis Baker

    Surprised there is no thread for Baker on the youth team profiles. 2nd year scholar and is a permanent fixture in the U21 side. Excellent with both feet, like Cazorla. Has scored quite a few this season. Highly regarded at the club and a very versatile player. Should be one for the future. A loan move beckons for him soon I reckon. Has improved massively this season and has a made a step up to reserve team football. You will not know which foot he is
  14. Tammy Abraham

    Another goal. This guy is a serious talent. Already into double figures at age of 18 in a very difficult league. Goal after goal. Always been a big fan of his. Deserved his long overdue England U21 call up.
  15. Hull v Chelsea

    Look whose laughing now
  16. I was banned for three weeks recently which is why I have not been active recently. The ban only finished yesterday. What happened was that in one the youth player's section, which had been left in the Matthew Harding Thread for months on end, I had been requesting for months for it to be moved to the correct player's section and no one ever moved it till last month when my request was finally listened to and Jason moved it. In my last comment I referred to the mods as clowns which was not said in any rude purpose. It was simple banter and sarcasm from my side. Special Juan decides to ban me for it because I was being a nusiance and had a bad attitude. Now, what pisses me off is that the only people being a nusiance was the mods because they are the ones who took so long to move it. Jason replied to me and told me to stop being a "whiny little bitch" which I had no problem with. Actually found it quite funny Anyway, Jason a respected mod, does not see anything offensive about my post and moves on. SJ who is the only person who has a real issue with me, decides over a week later to ban me. This is unfair. One it was a ridiculous reason and he is using his personal hatred towards me to try get rid off me. It is weird he is the only mod who has a real issue with me and consistently looks to ban me. This is exactly how he was with DidierForever. I know he was a nusiance but even DF himself used to complain about Special Juan. SJ had an issue with him and took it with him personally. I mean for example I remember when DF was mentioning how because of SJ being a mod and so on, he inboxed him asking him a question and was ignored. Yes, SJ did not like him but as a mod you have the duty of being fair with everyone and doing your role properly which means replying when people ask you questions. When you look at the nature I was banned form the reason was utterly pathetic. I have missed 3 weeks of being in discussions about my favourite team because of a prejudiced mod who dislikes me and is on a personal mission to get rid off me. I have seen enough of SJ in particular of where he used his power as mod unfairly. Why is it him I only seem to have a real problem with? I constantly tried to get in contact with the forum administrators during the ban and got no reply at all for why I am writing this here. It is a shame because I actually love this froum but while mods like this are in charge, I just will not put up with staying on this forum knowing one person is intent on getting rid off me. I try to be a valuable member of this forum all the time by contributing with good debatable points and opinions and I think others would agree but it seems like mods actions can not be reviewed and I just don't want to be part of that if that is the case. You can't seem to appeal bans, suspensions or whatever. Anyway, like I said have sent messages to the forum admins during the ban and got no correspondence whatsoever again which irritated me. For those who actually value my posts, thanks and nice to have great interaction but just feel this feedback had to be given because I have had enough with the standards of people or a certain mod in particular.
  17. Riyad Mahrez

    Stop getting excited. This transfer is 100% not going to happen. LOL.
  18. Chelsea v West Ham

    TBH, we are facing West Ham at the best possible time. Cresswell is out for a few months and it looks unlikely they will get a replacement before the game but you never know. Payet will play but you have to wonder is he at 100% after the Euros. So I doubt I he will be at his top condition for the match. Hopefully Kante can do a job on him. And like a lot of other teams, they still need to strengthen and so do we but I am hopeful that with our firepower, we should beat them.
  19. 22. Willian

    Lamela? LOL. Willian is much better than Lamela. Sterling has not performed since joining City and I think at this current time majority of City fans would take Willian over Sterling. Willian is better than him. Sane has tremendous potential but he would not get in ahead of Willian right now. People need to stop living in this fantasy world.
  20. 22. Willian

    You are pathetic. There is one thing not rating him but calling him a fraud is ridiculous. So many small minded fans it is sad. Another player who thinks pre-season is the way to judge a player. You probably think Moses is a world class player.
  21. Werder Bremen 2-4 Chelsea

    People will slate Willian and say he is one dimensional and does same thing. He just put in two terrific balls which should have been converted. Ivanovic should have scored that and he was not offside. Costa was.
  22. Werder Bremen 2-4 Chelsea

    Terrific play from Willian there. Unlucky to not reach Costa.
  23. Werder Bremen 2-4 Chelsea

    Oscar disappoints me but really liking the improvement I am seeing in him. I hope Conte is spurring him on and not taking any of this laid back shit. Great goal.
  24. Tammy Abraham

    WOW. Palmer and now Abraham scoring on their debuts for their loan teams. This is a great level for him at Championship, considering he is only 18. Great start!
  25. Kasey Palmer

    And he scores with his first touch in professional football. Makes it Huddersfield 2-1 Brentford. What a way to introduce yourself. And these clowns of mods still can't seem to figure out why this should be in the player's thread