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  1. Tammy Abraham

    Best move for him. Swansea play the best football out of all the clubs wanting him. Also assuming Llorente stays, he will compete with him and sometimes even partner him. Llorente is not mobile enough to start every game so Tammy will defo start a lot of games and with Clement being manager and former Chelsea coach, must be an additional bonus for Tammy. Hope all goes well down there but as soon as I heard Swansea was interested I thought this would be his best option.
  2. Dani Alves

    On paper he is playing in a position he likes more here but in reality playing as a fullback in Guardiola's system, you virtually are a wing back. I think he would be guaranteed starter for almost every game at City because they need fullbacks. If he comes here, contrary to what people may think, he will still be rotated. I think he defo would have a larger role to play at City, assuming that they will not press for Walker if they get Alves.
  3. General Transfer Talk

    No way are we going to get that amount for Diego now. Especially with recent revelations. His value will defo have decreased because of the fact he revealed he is not wanted and there is bad blood now between Costa and our manager so we will be selling him for a lot cheaper than we could off unless he decides to go China which is highly unlikely now. Think he will go for around £30m eventually tbh.
  4. Dani Alves

    But he won't be a guaranteed starter. He has only played a few games at WB and been very good but so was Moses and he was a revelation but slowly started to fade. He still had a very good season though but was less effective towards the end of the season. Chamberlain could easily be the same and Conte would not simply make him a guaranteed starter. Unless it is someone who is proven in that position over a long period, that is the only way Moses will be dropped indefinitely. Can't see us making a move for Chamberlain. Even though he would stand a bigger chance of winning trophies, he does not want to play WB so don't see it at all.
  5. Dani Alves

    He has performed brilliantly for Arsenal there however that is not a position he wants to play. He wants to play CM. He would be happy to do the odd shift there but if any team buys him and plans on playing him RWB, he won't go. That is why Liverpool are trying to prize him away because they probably will give him the chance to play in his favoured position.
  6. Lewis Baker

    Surprised there is no thread for Baker on the youth team profiles. 2nd year scholar and is a permanent fixture in the U21 side. Excellent with both feet, like Cazorla. Has scored quite a few this season. Highly regarded at the club and a very versatile player. Should be one for the future. A loan move beckons for him soon I reckon. Has improved massively this season and has a made a step up to reserve team football. You will not know which foot he is
  7. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    Good point. I remember going to the Burnley game last season which we beat them 3-0 and I was thinking it would be obvious Fabregas was going to play. He never and I was thinking this might be a long day with Matic and Kante but I was proved wrong. That was one of our performances of the season and could of gone into double figures. The likes of Fabregas and Luiz were not even in the team so you are right, that logic has been proven wrong already as we have been clinical against a lot of teams with Matic and Kante in the team. Everton, 5-0..., United 4-0.... These are just a small sample of teams who set out to defend against us but we beat convincingly.
  8. Romelu Lukaku

    He has improved his heading. Last season he scored 6 headed goals which is more than most PL strikers. Some excellent headers there too. Really? Watched the video above and saw some really impressive goals. Let's start off with his fantastic free kick against Palace last season at Goodison Park. His goal against City at Etihad in the 1-1 game last season was a very good goal. Completely outpace and outmuscled Clichy and finished expertly. His goal at Leicester was again another example of him showing great pace strength and finishing with aplomb. His finish in the game against Southampton in the 3-0 victory was a brilliant finish with his weaker foot. Then in their game against Bournemouth where he scored 4 goals, his first was a brilliant goal. The clip speaks for itself. His fourth and final goal was another excellent goal and another example of him using brute strength and pace and finishing calmly. His goal against Sunderland was another fine goal. Outmuscled the player from outside the area and continues to run into the box and calmly finishes. Impressive goal. Then his goal at WHL in the 2-1 loss to Spurs was a very good goal. Completely outmuscles Vertonghen and finishes excellently with his weaker foot. His header against Leicester in the 4-2 victory against Leicester was a very good goal. Brilliant cross and brilliant movement and header from Lukaku. I was also impressed with his penultimate goal against Burnley. The desire, complete strength to knock off Michael Keane and composure was really impressive. So I think it would be harsh to say his goals were average. Some really good ones. Also some very different style of goals too. Headers, ones where he anticipates defenders mistakes and latches on to it. Others are ones where he is running at the defender and muscling them off and the odd free kick. A lot of goals there were not even made by team mates as well which is impressive, he completely created those goals for himself.
  9. Ruben Neves

    Seems like he stagnated last season. He only made 6 league starts and was on the subs bench for 23 matches. Warning sign for me there.
  10. 33. Fikayo Tomori

    He won't play there. He needs a full season at the Championship. The only way he goes Dortmung is if it is with a view to a permanent transfer. He is not ready to be playing regular basis for a team like Dortmund yet which is why I think he will probably go on loan to a team in the Championship.
  11. Willy Caballero

    Agreed Pizy. As a backup keeper I am fine with it. He is a decent keeper and considering we got £10m for Begovic and getting Caballero on a free, not bad business and like Pizy said, there is not a clear margin between the two.
  12. General Transfer Talk

    I don't think the previous keepers prices makes any relevance as the value in the market is increasing every season. Because of the TV money, the prices are fluctuating. For instance DDG will be worth more this season than last season. Just way it is. However £30m for a keeper is too much considering Sunderland were relegated. Sunderland are losing a talent but I would be delighted with that deal if I was a Sunderland fan/manager/board whoever. They have reliable back up in Mannone. Surely there were other good keepers Everton could of got for half that price. However because of the TV money and the potential Lukaku deal, prob does not bother Koeman.
  13. Romelu Lukaku

    He defo improved his technique this season. Look at his goals against Southampton (A), WBA (H), Hull away. Three brilliant goals that I would never typically associate with him. His first touch will never be great but in terms of technique and striking the ball he defo improved on that this season which proved to be important, especially against the lower teams in the table who would sit and defend.
  14. Romelu Lukaku

    This clearly shows you have not watched him this season. If you actually watched him you wouldn't of said he scored 2 headed goals. He has scored 6 but another thing you have been blindsided too. Not surprised really when you describe him as 'fat'. Couldn't make it up.
  15. Romelu Lukaku

    Some of the bullshit I read about him is beyond ridiculous. I actually saw a poster say earlier that he is "fat". One of the most stupidest comments I have seen. The guy is clearly a physical athlete. Another claiming, Conte does not want Lukaku. LOL After what Conte done here, I am quite sure he will have control over majority of transfers if not all. Same way Luiz, Alonso was not his buy right and panic buy? Ok, OK. I mean he has his flaws and can be frustrating but like really, look at the positives. The guy is 24 goals and has done more at his age than most of the top strikers around have not done when they were of the same age. Just look at where Costa was when he was 24 and where Lukaku is. Also this 'big game' theory is such a cop out. He scores against big teams but has his games where he is poor. Like Skipper said, Everton this season, away from home have been really defensive and it would be hard for any striker to draw out chances with the way they have set up. Kane has only one goal in open play against the 'big teams' this season IIRC. Does that not make him a top striker? It is just a overused criticism to have at a player people don't like. Judge him in his 'big games' record when he plays for a big team because I am sure in few years time, you will look at his record against top teams and his CV will look impressive. Anyway, every season, he has scored goals against top teams. Just a cop out, like I said. Anyway, it seems United have had a bid rejected for Morata and will turn attention towards Belotti if that fails which basically confirms Lukaku is on his way to us surely? People need to start getting behind him and appreciate a player who actually has a huge desire to play here and won't have theatrics around him every season. he is a big fan from a young age and wants to be here. Hope like Luiz, people are forced to eat humble pie by the end of the season and admit they were proved wrong. He has pace, power, scores goals with his left, right and head. Ultimately a very complete striker bar few technical deficiencies, he will score goals like his records show. Also as well as being a short term investment, this is a long term investment as he still as years at the top level. People will soon appreciate that one of our rivals don't have him and we do.
  16. 10. Eden Hazard

    All depends really. Hazard hopefully will come back to London and be treated by the CFC staff who are some of the best around. 6-8 weeks is what Sky Sports HQ are reporting. Hopefully he gets the best treatment possible and maybe can be available for start of the season. Really gutting and has put a damp on the weekend however that would be best scenario and maybe is able to take part in community shield game against Arsenal so he builds up match sharpness before opening day of PL. Fingers crossed. Can only hope for best outcome.
  17. Virgil Van Dijk

    They are banned from signing U18 players. Not first team players.
  18. Virgil Van Dijk

    Where did you hear that from?
  19. Corentin Tolisso

    Contrary to what people thought, seems Bakayoko is very underrated in terms of using the ball. The video posted on his thread opened my eyes to how similar he is to Yaya Toure when running with the ball.
  20. Tiemoué Bakayoko

  21. Tammy Abraham

    My only worry about him joining Newcastle is that he will be used as rotation rather than a guaranteed starter. Benitez is known for his rotation for years. He has Gayle, Mitrovic, Perez who all will share game time. Gayle is there no.1 striker and while he can be used with Abraham, I am not sure how often Benitez will play two pure no.9 together in games. Anyway, like article says, he will have been assured about the game time he gets. Just alarmed because Benitez will rotate. Whereas if he went Brighton, I think he would walk into the team. However he prob sees Newcastle as having more ambition and me myself, seen Newcastle being able to create more chances than Brighton next season as they have that extra pulling power to attract more stop stars.
  22. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    He really impressed me against Tottenham and Man City but was rather average against Juventus but trust Conte with any signings he makes after the success of his signings in his first season with us. I know Youtube can deceive people into a perception of players but judging by this clip here, he looks a lot better on the ball than I thought and almost has that Yaya Toure style about him when he is on the ball and running at an opponent. A big presence and looks really athletic as well which hopefully will not leave us vulnerable in terms of losing possession cheaply and still is only 22 and improving.
  23. Dominic Solanke

    He was actually 18 in his season on loan at Vitesse. Just turned 18. So yeah not as bad as making people out but you still think with how highly rated he was, he would have set the league alight a bit more.
  24. 7. N'Golo Kante

    I don't buy that. I accept he may have religious commitments however he is representing Chelsea FC on the day and that is all that matters for me. Xhaka was probably in the same criteria regarding fasting and he was fantastic. He has been brilliant this season but in terms of games away from the Bridge against big teams, bar Liverpool, he has failed to impose himself against more technical players and he ends up chasing shadows. We need to improve in that area next season and gain more control next season otherwise there will be similar games to this.
  25. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    That is my worry too. We get outplayed all over the pitch because their technical dominance is greater than ours and sometimes it is actually scary. City, when we lost 3-1 we were outplayed all over the pitch at times as well but luck went on our side. I get he has had great season but their are big games, especially away from home where he looks out of hid depth because the lack of technical qualities compared to other players. I am not underestimating what he brings to the pitch as winning the ball back but there are games where if we continue to be outplayed like this, we are going to really be put to the sword. We need a player who can shield the ball, pass, have vision of whole pitch. A player similar to Verratti or Nainngolan although both seem it will be difficult to obtain, especially Verratti. This has happened in way too many big games as well which does worry me.