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  1. Tammy Abraham

    Hopefully he can do us a big favour tomorrow. Big opportunity for him against United as with Llorente not ready to return yet, should defo start. Buzzing for him and hoping he can score a goal, even I think United will make easy work of Swansea.
  2. Nemanja Matic

    You mentioned Conte agreeing the offer was too good to turn down so I said that Conte from what I have seen as refuted the sale and clearly not happy with the sale, espec to a rival.
  3. Nemanja Matic

    It was a very good offer but no point in referring it as too good a offer to turn down when we aren't doing anything with the money and the only players we seem to be linked with are average or decent at best. The only thing I have seen Conte say is that "Matic is a big loss". I haven't see anything where he has approved of the transfer at all. Clearly taken out of his hands and if it was his way, Matic would still be here.
  4. Nemanja Matic

    Early days but was brilliant today. Dominated that game, was the catalyst for the first goal, winning the ball back and just had that powerful and dominant swagger about him. Still don't understand what the board were thinking. Absolute madness. They really look the part and hey guess who helped them out? ...
  5. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    I agree but few weeks ago people were running wild when he scored a couple against Arsenal with some even saying he deserves to be starting for us now couple bad games with circumstances against us, people turn on him. Morata was a real difference. Not disputing that but people have to remember the league has just started and generally players are often rusty and need a few games to spur into action. e.g Harry Kane, notoriously bad at this stage of the season.
  6. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    The way people are so quick to turn on a player is amazing. He was poor yesterday but it was not helped by being reduced to 10 men. Morata was not looking exactly the part in pre-season despite being played out of position and I remember people commenting on here then saying after Arsenal game that they don't think he is going to be a success here. Suddenly Morata comes on yesterday and scores a goal and assists now people are all complimenting him and turning on Bats. If we were playing with 11 yesterday for whole game, I am sure he would have improved and probably got a goal. Let the season carry on and see how he bides in. People are way too harsh.
  7. Chelsea - Burnley

    Fuming really. Simply because if Cahill did not do that stupid challenge, we would have definitely won that game. And even more frustrating is a few mins before that Cahill challenge, Alonso got a yellow for a bad tackle and got a yellow. You would think Cahill would learn from that but no he doesn't and messes up the game plan. I feel for Boga the most though. You can see through his social media post yesterday that he was so excited and wanting to grasp this rare opportunity and because of the sending off, he was sacrificed and will prob not start another PL game this season. Feel so bad for him as he has so much to offer this team. So bloody frustrating. Words can't describe my anger. I hope he is given another opportunity because right now he must feel his luck is so against him. Willian, I thought had a good game and Morata looked very good when he came on and had a goal and assist and I am quite sure he has earned his spot in the starting line up against Spurs. The board have really fucked us up though. Selling Matic and selling/loaning all our CM and now we only have 1 out and out CM going into the game against Spurs which serves as a wake up call to the board. How fucking naïve. Doubt Bakayoko is going to be fit in time. Luiz will probably have to put in there and that is not ideal as I think he is crucial to be in the defence against Spurs against Kane. Right now can't see anything but a Spurs win. Our confidence is shot low, squad depth absolutely shit. A lot of us were pessimistic going into the season but losing to Burnley at home in your first game of the season does not show good signs at all. Almost seems like a bad omen. Unthinkable and yes while they were helped with 10 men, to show as little fight as the boys did in first half was unacceptable. That was utterly embarrassing. Next week is big. Losing 2 games in a row would be a huge setback so we need to get our act together and remember who we are playing.
  8. Lewis Baker

    Surprised there is no thread for Baker on the youth team profiles. 2nd year scholar and is a permanent fixture in the U21 side. Excellent with both feet, like Cazorla. Has scored quite a few this season. Highly regarded at the club and a very versatile player. Should be one for the future. A loan move beckons for him soon I reckon. Has improved massively this season and has a made a step up to reserve team football. You will not know which foot he is
  9. Lewis Baker

    While joining a team who for me are going to cruise the league, still a backward step. After having two successful seasons in Holland, you would hope that he would defo be playing in the prem or at least another top tier league. Disappointing for me as even if he does well at Boro, which I am sure he will, he won't have a realistic chance of breaking through on his return until he proves it in the prem. A lot of sources saying it is a 2 year deal.
  10. Grzegorz Krychowiak

    I still think their squad is quite weak. IMO, they need better fullbacks and need a prolific striker.
  11. 24. Gary Cahill

    Yeah but people make it out as he is this complete shit CB who has no value at us when that as such an over exaggeration.
  12. 24. Gary Cahill

    People never praise him when he plays well then just bombard him with 'he is shit' comments when he makes a mistake. Riles me.
  13. Chelsea - Burnley

    Would like to see Rudiger start this. Impressed me in his stint against Arsenal. Very pacey and strong CB. Just don't think Azpi is that offensive going forward but no other option really. Really should of had a replacement RWB ready for this game and for record, Azpi is not offensive enough to play there for a whole season and expect us to win major trophies. We need two attacking LWB and RWB.
  14. Chelsea 1-1 Arsenal

    This season just has a feeling of deja-vu to it as in a repeat of 15/16 season. We come back from winning the title then lost to community shield 1-0 to Arsenal then had a awful PL season. I have already been feeling pessimistic before this game as I am not content about the transfer dealings and lack of squad depth. If Pedro is indeed suspended, we need to get busy this week in so many different departments. Look at Arsenal's offensive options for instance compared to us and this is with Sanchez and Ozil not even playing and they are still going after Lemar. This is what we need to be doing and the board's philosophy is getting really worrying. Luiz and Kante were excellent today I thought though. Big week ahead and Conte needs the board backing because right now with the squad we have, see zero chance of us retaining title yet alone sustaining a title challenge and that is not a knee-jerk reaction. That is my genuine belief.
  15. Chelsea 1-1 Arsenal

    Their not. This is technically a 'friendly' so therefore they are able to play this game but will be suspended against Burnley.
  16. 10. Eden Hazard

    No. We won't sell Hazard at any price this summer. Ronaldo going to Real was always in motion for a while. Barca cannot reject Neymar's transfer as their is a release clause. We are thin as it is. We will not sell our best player at this time, especially as it would take time to get a replacement and with season starting soon, all teams are going to be tight on selling their best players. Can see Hazard possibly leaving next summer but this summer no chance because of the timing and simply because whatever money is thrown at us, we won't be able to get a like for like replacement. They can throw whatever but he will not be leaving. I am sure of it.
  17. Danny Drinkwater

    TBF, Juve played 3-5-2. So always had 3 CM playing.
  18. Danny Drinkwater

    Right now, he prob is better than Drinkwater however in future, Chalobah will easily surpass him imo. I rate Chalobah highly and believe once he plays in the PL regularly he will get into that England team sooner than later.
  19. Danny Drinkwater

    If this is anywhere near to being true which wouldn't surprise me right now with what the club are currently doing, I hope if Conte is interested he is drinking alcohol and not actually drinking)water. Otherwise that is worrying. You see what I did there
  20. Danny Drinkwater

  21. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Well imo the best DM/CM in league is Pogba and Dembele. Pogba did not have his best season last one but still very young and will sure improve. Apart from that he has got all the tools for a CM. Kante is the best at what he does but I don't regard him as the best CM. Dembele I think is fantastic.
  22. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Was magnificent today and has seemed to find his best role even though he does not necessarily want to play their long term. Would be a good signing for us as he has abundance of energy, pace, strength. He is also English, still young and can rotate with Moses or one of our wingers if needed.
  23. 7. N'Golo Kante

    At the club or in general? If at the club, mixed. Kante for his stamina and work rate. Passing, Fabregas but think I will come to love Bagayoko. If you are asking me who I think the best midfielder in the league is, I don't think it is Kante and not Matic too
  24. 7. N'Golo Kante

    I think he is overrated in a sense. That is not taking anything away that he had a brilliant season but sometimes I feel the media exaggerate any tackle he does, but he lacks other qualities. He has improved his range of passing but still feel he is vulnerable against larger players and teams who press us. He does not take control of matches to. He don't have that Verratti style to him. His best assets are his stamina and reading of the game however whereas a team like United have Pogba who was not brilliant last season, I feel once he gets in his stride, he will take United to the next level. Don't think Kante will because he don't possess those technical qualities so agree in a sense.
  25. Nemanja Matic

    WTF? Pogba has everything you want in a CM. Strength, technique, good range of passing and he will add goals. Ander is all round too and has a bit of all. There midfield has more creativity and technical ability than us if Fabregas is not in team.